Chapter 753 - A Request

MGA: Chapter 753 - A Request


When the bloodline entered his body, Jiang Wushang immediately let out a painful cry. It was a very powerful cry, even more unpleasant than a pig wailing to death.

But, that couldn’t be blamed on him. After the Imperial Bloodline entered his body, everyone could tell that change was occurring throughout his entire body, both internally and externally.

That was, however, good change. Not only was the Royal on his forehead not dim and lacking light, it instead became extremely bright. In the end, it started changing, from Royal to Imperial.

As that word transformed, Jiang Wushang’s entire demeanor transformed completely as well. Even this aura started to rapidly soar.

Such a change lasted for a good while before it gradually faded away. When Jiang Wushang’s body stopped changing, his aura had risen two levels in succession. It was actually the same as Zhang Tianyi’s—the eighth level of the Heaven realm.

“Brother Wushang, congratulations on obtaining the Imperial Bloodline! From now on, it seems that it’ll be my turn to try and catch up to you. Haha!” Zhang Tianyi walked up and congratulated Jiang Wushang.

“Brother Wushang, congratulations, congratulations!” Su Rou and Su Mei also went up to congratulate.

“The Imperial Bloodline… You must be the only person in the Eastern Sea Region who has it! But, I wonder whether this is fortune or misfortune. If this were to be known, you will definitely receive great resources from the academy.

“At the same time, however, you will also become a figure that will be hunted down by clans that possess Inherited Bloodlines in the Eastern Sea Region since they always desire your Imperial Bloodline.

“So, regarding the matter of you obtaining the Imperial Bloodline in the Millennium Ancient City, it’s best to give it a long consideration. To announce it or to keep it a secret requires detailed contemplation.” Even Lan Xi walked over. But, she did not congratulate him; instead, she gave him a reminder.

Jiang Wushang’s brows furrowed after hearing Lan Xi’s words because that was indeed something that had its advantages and disadvantages.

“Since there are people willing to channel resources into you, it should be, naturally, taken advantage of. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be a waste of a chance?

“In addition, the Four Seas Academy is not a fool. Unless absolutely necessary, there is no need for them to announce that there is a disciple with an Imperial Bloodline in their academy, because it will only attract hatred to itself.

“Thus, I feel that so long as the Four Seas Academy has a slight bit of intelligence, they would secretly develop my Brother Wushang.

“Besides, even if this is known, as long as he safely cultivates inside the Four Seas Academy, which clan would come to the Four Seas Academy and look for trouble?” Just at that moment, Chu Feng spoke. His words dissolved the worry in Jiang Wushang’s heart, and gave him a direction he could choose.

“Brother Wushang, has your body gotten used to it? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” In comparison to the future matters though, Chu Feng was more concerned about Jiang Wushang’s current state.

“There is nothing wrong, I feel very good. I haven’t felt this good ever before.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, I will never forget the great favour and kindness you have given to me! No matter what you want me to do or be, I—”

“If you’re a brother, don’t say words like these, otherwise I’ll get mad!” Before letting Jiang Wushang finish his words, Chu Feng cut him off. The reason he helped Jiang Wushang was because of their brotherly feelings, not because he begged him to.

“Junior Chu Feng, from what you’ve said, he should show his cards to the Four Seas Academy? But what should be said to them?” Zhang Tianyi went up and asked.

“That’s quite easy. You just need to slightly change the truth, and all of us will say the same thing. But, it means that this matter must be spoken to the higher-ups of the Four Seas Academy.” Chu Feng looked at Jiang Wushang, and asked, “Do you feel that your instructor is trustable?”

“Yes. My instructor treats me very well. He is absolutely worth my trust,” replied Jiang Wushang.

“Then great. Just tell this to your instructor immediately after leaving this place. Also, regarding Wang Long and the others, we must also find an excuse.”

Afterwards, Chu Feng weaved a fake story—which was a slight distortion of how Jiang Wushang obtained the Imperial Bloodline within the Millennium Ancient City, and how Wang Long and the others were met with “misfortune”—cleansing them of their relation to the highest degree.

As Lan Xi looked at how Chu Feng, who was nearly the youngest here, carefully arranged everything and became their backbones, a complicated expression emerged from her eyes. Chu Feng was very impressive, she discovered. Putting aside his strength, his thoughts were far above hers as well.

She would also not forget what the middle-aged man said just now: Within Chu Feng’s body, there was something even more powerful than the Imperial Bloodline.

After, Chu Feng and the others left. When they returned to the palace full of Monstrous Beast corpses, they saw that the closed exit was now open.

However, as they left the core of the Millennium Ancient City and returned to the ruined ancient city, they discovered the large door opened by the Spirit Formation key didn’t seem to have any intention of closing. Rather, it appeared it was going to remain eternally open.

That coincided with Chu Feng’s predictions. He had already thought it wouldn’t close, so that was why he planned to have Jiang Wushang speak of him obtaining the Imperial Bloodline—because he knew it couldn’t be hidden.

Chu Feng had also included everything that happened inside within his already woven lies.

When Chu Feng and the others left the Millennium Ancient City and after telling the Four Seas Academy their prepared deception, the higher-ups of the Four Seas Academy were shocked. They instantly organized a group of top-ranked elders to enter the Millennium Ancient City for a thorough investigation.

At that moment, within the palace full of Monstrous Beast corpses, near a hundred powerful Four Seas Academy elders were dumbfounded by the enormous bodies that filled the palace.

The head of the elders was the head of the Ten Divine Instructors, Taikou.

“Lord Taikou, those disciples said the Monstrous Beasts here were killed by a single Consciousness. Do you think that is true?” said an elder, whose strength was one of the strongest, after some inspection. He was asking Taikou for guidance.

Although he, and a few other elders with him, had the highest status and strength in the Four Seas Academy, they could only lower their heads when they stood before Taikou. The final say on all matters was Taikou’s decision.

“The core of this Millennium Ancient City has been sealed away for many years, but because of those children, it’s been opened. It is no longer significant what exactly happened here. What is important, however, is that those children who have survived must be carefully developed.

“Also, this is all classified information! Other than the Lord Academy Head, do not mention this to anyone else. If I learn that someone leaks this information, I will execute them, no exceptions!” Taikou said, emphasizing every single word. His tone was full of might that forced all to obey him.

“Yes sir!” Which elder would dare to go against Taikou’s orders? All of them unhesitantly replied, and firmly remembered they could not spread any related information. Otherwise, they would most definitely die very miserably.

Chu Feng and the others knew not much about the events occurring within the Millennium Ancient City. And, in the days that passed, they too were completely exhausted. So, they all returned to their respective residential areas. Since the Four Seas Academy wasn’t their home, as a disciple of the Four Seas Academy, some rules had to be followed. For example, they could not loiter too long in others’ territories. Thus, they had to return to their own residences.

As for Chu Feng, who held Taikou’s badge and was most free in moving about, he didn’t have any place to rest. So, he headed towards Taikou’s residence.

He did so for no other reason but to thank the senior he met by chance. And, he also had a request.