Chapter 751 - Imperial Bloodline

MGA: Chapter 751 - Imperial Bloodline

“Why did you come in? Didn’t I say to wait for me outside?” Chu Feng was a bit displeased when he saw Jiang Wushang and the others walk towards him.

He was unable to determine whether or not there were dangers hidden from view, which was why he entered first—to explore a bit. He was afraid there’d be dangers, and that those dangers would injure Jiang Wushang and the others.

“Chu Feng, don’t be angry! We entered exactly because we feared it’s dangerous inside. We don’t want you to do the most dangerous things every time.” Su Mei sweetly smiled. She walked up to Chu Feng and coyly hugged Chu Feng’s arm.

“Yeah! Big Brother Chu Feng, you said it too! As brothers, we share both fortune and misfortune. We can’t hide behind your back when there are dangers, then jump right before you when there are harvests,” Jiang Wushang too explained quickly, as if afraid Chu Feng would get angry.

Chu Feng really had no way of being angry when he faced them. He knew what they were thinking: they were afraid he would stumble upon a fatal situation. They were holding close to the thought of sharing their lives with Chu Feng—to live and die together.

In his lifetime, it was Chu Feng’s luck to be able to have such good brothers and lovers. How could he possibly be angry?

“Brother Wushang, that person has no Source Energy. The skeleton is completely empty; I cannot estimate where he came from, nor what cultivation he had while alive.

“However, inside the formation atop its head, there contains the unknown. From what you see, is that person the possessor of the Imperial Bloodline? Or, is there pressure of the Imperial Bloodline within the formation atop its head?” Chu Feng asked Jiang Wushang.

Jiang Wushang was a possessor of a Royal Bloodline. He had a natural reaction to Imperial Bloodlines. To be more precise, it was the Imperial Bloodline that continually oppressed him, like a king oppressing his citizens.

“It’s him. He is definitely the possessor of the Imperial Bloodline. Within the formation, there is no doubt that it’s the Imperial Bloodline. I am certain.”

Jiang Wushang’s current visage was very complex. On one hand, there were insuppressible excitement and emotion. On the other hand, there were uncontrollable fear and terror. All of those originated from the Imperial Bloodline.

To him, it was something he dreamt of obtaining.

However, to him, it was simultaneously supreme, and unable to be desecrated.

For the Imperial Bloodline, if he didn’t succeed, then he would die. Either stride into the skies with a single step, or he would utter his last words now. But, even with death as the price of failure, he was willing to give it a try.

“As I thought, you aim for this Imperial Bloodline.” Lan Xi learnt of their goal after hearing their words. Shortly after, she reminded solemnly, “Chu Feng, I must warn you that the Imperial Bloodline isn’t a product of the Eastern Sea Region. From what I’ve heard, it only appears in the Holy Land of Martialism.

“Similarly to the strength of the Holy Land of Martialism, the Imperial Bloodline is extremely powerful. More accurately speaking, it is not something we are able to touch upon. At least, with our strengths, we absolutely cannot touch it.

“After all, this is very possibly the powerful existence that slaughtered an entire species of Monstrous Beasts. Even if he’s already been dead for several thousand years, ‘a hunger-ridden camel is still larger than a horse’, let alone a cultivation expert that possesses an Imperial Bloodline.”

“Senior Lan Xi, thank you for your consideration. But, I’m thinking that touching it or not isn’t something we can choose now,” Chu Feng said with faint smile.

At first, Lan Xi was still very confused by Chu Feng’s words. But, when the formation laid by a Royal-cloak World Spiritist started to unceasingly rise up and down, all the while emitting blinding light, Lan Xi’s complexion finally shifted.

“Now, everyone out!” Chu Feng said.

But, it seemed to be too late. In the instant the words came out of his mouth, the formation had been thoroughly activated. A radiating gaseous mass surged out of the formation.

The gaseous mass was quite odd. It seemed akin to a boundless mountain range that forced its way towards them.

It also seemed akin to a meteor so large it was indescribable as it crashed down from the sky, about to cast everything into ruin.

Yet, it seemed akin to an enormous wave that touched upon the skies, that covered the heavens and the earth, that engulfed everything.

But the howls… the howls were like beasts from the Ancient Era that had never existed before, all about to rip them into pieces.

That pressure was representing all powerful things possible. Indeed, it was inestimably powerful.

Before such mighty strength, where would Jiang Wushang and the others find the chance to escape? All of them were bound by the pressure. They stood on the spot, trembling, their ability to move stripped away.

This was particularly so for Jiang Wushang. At that moment, his forehead was drenched with sweat, his visage pale. Royal had already appeared on his forehead, but in comparison to what it was usually, the word symbolizing the Royal Bloodline was dim.

Where would one even find any of its former glory? It was like a towering king became an incomparably ordinary commoner; it was very lowly.

Very soon, Jiang Wushang knelt onto the ground with a whoosh and kowtowed at the golden gaseous mass that was heading his way.

As he knelt, he even said, “Royal Bloodline possessor, Jiang Wushang, has been insolent! I have been presumptuous to offend the might of the Imperial Bloodline! I deserve a thousand deaths, I deserve a thousand deaths!”

*whoosh* Shortly following that, Lan Xi also knelt onto the ground, and also said the same words as Jiang Wushang, “Royal Bloodline Possessor, Lan Xi, has been insolent! I have been presumptuous to offend the might of the Imperial Bloodline! I deserve a thousand deaths, I deserve a thousand deaths!”

Chu Feng tightly furrowed his brows when he saw that, thinking, “So Lan Xi also had a Royal Bloodline. No wonder she was rather informed in the matters of the Imperial Bloodline.”

In a situation such as that, Chu Feng also discovered that the Imperial Bloodline had an enormous influence towards those who had a Royal Bloodline—it controlled them deep down in their souls.

But, at the same time, he also wanted to know whether the power within his body was the power of a bloodline.

At that very instant, everyone was in a ruined state due to the oppression of the gaseous mass. But even as they lost control of their emotions, Chu Feng remained as tranquil as he was since the beginning. Not only were the six lightnings in this body unmoving—still in dormant—even the three in his blood were not affected at all.

That meant his body simply wasn’t affected by the Imperial Bloodline. More precisely, the lightning in his body wasn’t affected by the Imperial Bloodline.

*ta* Upon realizing such a thing, Chu Feng quickly took several steps ahead, walking up to Jiang Wushang and the others. Moreover, with a thought, he spread out his own pressure, veiling it over the others.

Indeed, pressure, not a Spirit Formation. He did so because he felt in a situation like the current one, his unique pressure would perhaps be of greater assistance to them.

“This… What happened to me?” As expected, when Chu Feng’s pressure shrouded over the crowd, Jiang Wushang’s and Lan Xi’s body trembled. They immediately regained clarity within their awarenesses, and they expressed confusion over their actions of kneeling on the ground.

“Chu Feng!” But at that moment, Su Rou and Su Me cried out simultaneously.

Such a shout caught both Jiang Wushang’s and Lan Xi’s attention. They quickly traced Su Rou’s and Su Mei’s gaze, and raised their heads. Only then did they discover an extremely terrifying gaseous mass pouring towards them.

The quivering Royal Bloodline in his body clearly told Jiang Wushang that the horrifying golden gaseous mass was the Imperial Bloodline he painstakingly searched for and dreamt for.

However, at that moment, the Imperial Bloodline’s effect on them was negligible. The reason for that was because there stood a person before them. It was that person who blocked all of the bloodline’s effect, and that person was none other than Chu Feng.

“Big Brother Chu Feng!” Suddenly, Jiang Wushang’s expression greatly changed as he hysterically shouted.

The Royal Bloodline in his body told him that the Imperial Bloodline was enraged. It was enraged by Chu Feng’s actions, and it was going to punish Chu Feng for that. It was going to attack Chu Feng with the power of the Imperial Bloodline. A calamity had crashed into Chu Feng, and he was now standing on the border of life and death.