Chapter 750 - The Remains of the Throne

MGA: Chapter 750 - The Remains of the Throne

With Chu Feng and Eggy joining hands, it was but an instant’s work. Over a thousand Monstrous Beasts were now dead.

Those who were killed by Chu Feng had either their heads lopped off, or their limbs separated. Despite their massive bodies, they were unable to stop Chu Feng’s fierce slashes.

Those who were killed by Eggy, on the other hand, were a sight unbearable to see. As the black-coloured shockwaves swept past the area, their blood of flesh had mashed together, becoming piles and piles of sharp-red meat pastes.

After personally witnessing Chu Feng and Eggy’s slaughter, then looking at the many enormous Monstrous Beast corpses lying on the palace’s floor, Su Rou and the others couldn’t help deeply inhaling. They were completely convinced by Chu Feng’s strength.

“Hah, Chu Feng, I was indeed correct! After consuming these Monstrous Beasts’ Source Energy, in addition to the amount I’ve already accumulated in my body, I have successfully become a rank two Martial Lord! Haha, not bad, not bad. Truly not bad!”

After absorbing all the Source Energy of the Monstrous Beasts, the peculiar Eggy’s cultivation had entered the realm of rank two Martial Lords. Although such a result was already expected, Eggy was still very joyous. On her perfectly beautiful face, there was a smile that could enchanting anything.

“In the end, you still caught up to me. Right now, we are both rank two Martial Lords. I am fine with facing a rank four Martial Lord, but I’m afraid I cannot defeat a rank five Martial Lord. How about you? What level has your fighting ability reached?” Chu Feng asked curiously. He knew his fighting capabilities were already overwhelming, but he also knew that Eggy’s were still superior to his own. So, he really wanted to know what degree Eggy’s had reached.

After all, there were skies beyond skies, and people beyond people. Chu Feng knew that truth very well, so even though he knew that his fighting ability was relatively superior to others, on the other side of the world, there were many existences that had fighting powers much higher than his.

“About that… It’s not interesting if I say it. When you meet an opponent you cannot defeat, won’t you know when I reveal my hand then?”

Eggy charmingly smiled, and as she spoke, she even winked with her beautiful big eyes at Chu Feng naughtily. In the end, she didn’t give Chu Feng any answer. With her hands behind her back, she strode with her snow-white legs, and before several gazes, she walked back into the World Spirit Gate without any care of others, returning to Chu Feng’s World Spirit Space.

Seeing the odd Eggy disappear, everyone on scene looked at each other. On their faces, and in their hearts, there were inexpressible emotions. After seeing the strength of an Asura Spirit World World Spirit, they had a deeper understanding of the saying “there’s a person beyond every person”.

The aura Eggy exuded and the strength she exhibited was something they had never seen before. It was a type of power that did not belong to this world, but was absolutely so powerful there was no need to doubt her.

“It’s time to open the entrance to this place. I hope everything here is the final obstacle, otherwise, I’m afraid we will truly be unable to progress.” Although Chu Feng killed quite a few Monstrous Beasts, in reality, a large portion of them were dealt with by Eggy. At that moment, his face was drenched with sweat; it could be seen he used quite a bit of strength.

In reality, if it weren’t for Eggy’s help, Chu Feng would not have much luck whilst facing so many Monstrous Beasts. Even if he could kill all of them, it was likely he would have to pay an enormous price. At least, at that time, he too would be a mesh of flesh and blood.

So, Chu Feng truly hoped the Monstrous Beasts just now were the final barrier guarding this place, because if there were any more that came, with Chu Feng’s strength, he would truly be unable to fight against it. This would mean everything he did up until now was for naught.

*hmm* As he spoke, Chu Feng suddenly. Then, his palms dropped down and slammed the floor. At the same time, he channeled his boundless Spirit power unrestrainedly into the formation of blood on the surface of the floor.

“Open!” Suddenly, Chu Feng shouted. Then, he abruptly raised his arms. The blood outline of the formation that was attached to the ground actually detached as it slowly rose.

*rumble rumble rumble*

At that instant, the entire palace started to violently shake again. And, under the shining of blood, the formation kept on condensing and changing. Eventually, it converged and became a Spirit Formation Gate.

The gate was different from all the ones Chu Feng had seen before. It stood in midair, and surrounding it were blood-red symbols. Its shape was odd, yet perfect in a way.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, is this truly the entrance?” At that instant, the Spirit Formation that enveloped Jiang Wushang and the others had been dissolved. They gazed at the Spirit Formation Gate hanging in midair, but were a bit hesitant.

The Spirit Formation Gate was indeed very peculiar. On the surface, it didn’t seem like an entrance that led to a remains. Rather, it seemed more like a door of death that led to an underground city.

“Honestly speaking, I’m not sure either. But, whether it is or not, we’ll know with an investigation.

“Wait here for news, I’ll return soon.” As Chu Feng spoke, he put strength into his legs, and his entire body had leaped up. Like a sharp sword, he shot straight into the Spirit Formation Gate in the air.

*whoosh* After entering the gate, it was as if Chu Feng entered a tunnel of space and time. He felt as if his memories were disturbed as well, but that odd feeling lasted for but a second before vanishing.

When everything returned to normal, Chu Feng was deep within a large palace.

That palace was made by the bones of countless Monstrous Beasts. Judging by the shape of the bones, Chu Feng recognized that they were the bones of mysterious Monstrous Beasts.

However, the skeleton that structured the palace was clearly even more enormous than the Monstrous Beasts Chu Feng killed. One can thus imagine what kind of strength it possessed when it was alive.

However, no matter how powerful it was, it was dead now. Not only was its Source Energy stripped away, even the remaining skeleton was used as an ornament.

In the center of the palace, there was a vast Spirit Formation. It shot radiance in all directions, lighting up the entire palace with incomparable brightness.

It was a formation made by the power of a Royal-cloak’s Spirit Formation. At present, it was still perfectly working, and there seemed to be a formless power sealed within.

Underneath that formation, there was a throne. On the throne, there sat a person. He wore a set of armour, giving others a sovereign feeling. Regretfully, its life was no more, only leaving behind a skeleton.

As for the armour worn on his body, though its style appeared to be unordinarily domineering, looking at it now, it was no different from useless metal. It was not only no treasure, it had rusted and was full of imperfections.

“Heavens! Is that the mysterious person that eradicated the Monstrous Beast species?” Suddenly, an incomparably astonished and trembling voice rang out.

Turning his head, Jiang Wushang and the others had walked in. But, not a single one of their faces lacked shocked expressions. There was even a bit of fear there.