Chapter 749 - Annihilating the Monstrous Beasts

MGA: Chapter 749 - Annihilating the Monstrous Beasts

*rumble rumble rumble*

Over a thousand enormous, horrifically powerful Monstrous Beasts surged forth all together. That level of might was not as simple as shaking the earth. It was as though space itself were about to be shattered. If the palace wasn’t reinforced with Spirit Formations, likely it would have disappeared like a sliver of smoke from all the shaking.

“Chu Feng, open the Spirit Formation and let me out! I can’t let you put your life on the line against them. If you don’t open the Spirit Formation, I will force it open!” Lan Xi hysterically shouted.

She didn’t think Chu Feng, and Eggy, who was such a weak World Spirit, would be able to stop those Monstrous Beasts. In her eyes, they were most certainly going to die. Since they were going to die anyway, she was willing to die with Chu Feng on the battlefield—not inside the Spirit Formation.

“You?” However, after hearing Lan Xi’s words, Eggy, with her prideful eyes, glanced at Lan Xi with her disdainful gaze, and said, “Forget about it. Although those Monstrous Beasts aren’t very strong, they aren’t something you can win against. What’s wrong with staying in there and waiting? There’s no point of coming out and making a mess.”

“What do you mean?!” When a World Spirit, a lowly rank one Martial Lord, dared to speak to her in such a manner, Lan Xi was quite furious. She questioned Eggy with an attitude of “who do you think you are”.

Eggy wasn’t angry by Lan Xi’s tone. Rather, she sweetly smiled, and said, stressing every single syllable, “I. Said. You. Are. Too. Weak!!”



“You, a mere rank one Martial Lord, dare to speak to me like this?”

When she heard that, Lan Xi gnashed her teeth from anger. In her beautiful eyes, two visible pillars of flames were simply going to shoot out. She had the appearance of “you die or I die” when facing Eggy.

*whoosh* However, though Eggy still wore a smile on her face, she no longer paid attention to Lan Xi. She looked like she was too lazy to even bother.

Moreover, when Eggy turned around, endless dark gas poured out from her body. Akin to an erupting volcano, it burst into the air. As the gas surged, it instantly covered the entirety of the palace’s ceiling.

It looked like black clouds, but they were definitely not as simple as black clouds. The gaseous mass was even blacker than ink, and the aura it emanated was very peculiar as well. More importantly, the power seeping from within simply made one’s heart tremble and caused chills to run down their spine.

Horrifying—extremely horrifying might. Powerful—indescribably powerful. Might that no one had seen before, yet so abnormally tremendous.

*boom boom boom boom boom*

After the black gas covered the ceiling, there were countless more masses of black gas that swirled down like a hurricane in a conical shape.

On the areas that the black-coloured gases pounded the surface of the ground, a terrifying black-coloured shockwave would arise. So long as a Monstrous Beast was struck by the shockwave, it would, without exception, cry out in misery. Then, their flesh and blood would be devastatingly mashed together, and after only a blink, become a pile of meat paste.

All of that happened in only an instant, but several hundred Monstrous Beasts had already died—died by the black-coloured hurricanes. The seemingly horrid Monstrous Beast army was completely destroyed by Eggy’s power alone.

“My gods, isn’t she a bit too powerful? Who is this girl?” Jiang Wushang widened his mouth in shock. He found out that Eggy’s fighting strength was even more terrifying than Chu Feng’s. Not to mention rank three Martial Lord Monstrous Beasts, even rank fours before her would be the same as useless filler—lacking any power to fight against her.

“How is this possible? Could she, could she be an Asura World Spirit, from the legends?” Jiang Wushang was not alone in his astonishment. Lan Xi, who was arguing against Eggy before, had a face completely pale from fright. She was thoroughly stunned by Eggy’s power.

The powerful strength Eggy displayed forced her to think of the legendary World Spirit, the World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World that really did only appear in the legends. That was the only reason that could justify her strength.

But a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World was truly like a legend. At least, currently in the Eastern Sea Region, she had never heard of a World Spiritist who could get into contact with an Asura World Spirit and have one follow them.

“No wonder. No wonder Chu Feng had so much confidence, and no wonder that World Spirit was so haughty. So, it was me who had eyes but could not see.” After the feeling of shock passed, Lan Xi bitterly laughed. She felt idiotic when she recalled her argument against Eggy just before.

At the same time, when she looked at Chu Feng again, there were complicated emotions in her eyes. Chu Feng, who was already very powerful in her heart, rose another rank due to Eggy’s existence. She couldn’t help but sigh and say, “You… Are you truly the genius of our generation?“

“A World Spirit of the Asura Spirit World. Yes, that must be it, that must be it.

“Haha, as expected of Big Brother Chu Feng! You’re actually able to make a contract with a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World! You must know that the World Spirit I made a contract with was only a World Spirit from the Beast Spirit World…” Jiang Wushang was elated when he heard Lan Xi’s words.

Although they were both World Spirits, there was a difference in strength due to their origins. Actually, World Spirits from the Beast Spirit World weren’t weak, but in comparison to the World Spirits from the Asura Spirit World, they were on two completely different levels.

If it were a normal person, they would definitely envy Chu Feng greatly because recorded history stated that World Spiritists able to make a contract with an Asura Spirit World World Spirit were very outstanding, well-known people of their generation.

But, Jiang Wushang felt no envy. Instead, he was very happy because Chu Feng was his brother. The stronger Chu Feng became, the happier he became.

It was not only Jiang Wushang who felt like that. Su Rou and Su Mei, as well as Zhang Tianyi, were the same. They all felt happy for Chu Feng to be able to have such a powerful World Spirit.

“Eggy, you are really as overwhelming as usual. But now, it’s best to finish this quick.”

Chu Feng once again saw Eggy’s terrifying fighting power. In all honesty, even he admired the unique power Eggy had.

However, at that moment, he only wanted to finish the battle as soon as possible. So, he brandished the Dragon Marking Sword in his hand, and while using beautiful and fine Dragon Marking Sword Techniques, he threw himself into the army of Monstrous Beasts.

*whoosh whoosh* The Dragon Marking Sword in Chu Feng’s hand was simply akin to a sharp weapon that nothing could stop—not only did the tip stop at nothing, the edge did not either. Monstrous Beasts that clashed with the Dragon Marking Sword would be sliced open like tofu. Although, in terms of total killing strength, Chu Feng was not as ferocious as Eggy, he was still unstoppable.

Lan Xi and the other had already seen Eggy’s power in a single instant. Now, Chu Feng’s strength made them shocked, once again. They even thought that without Eggy, judging by Chu Feng’s terrifying fighting strength, he could perhaps truly defeat all the Monstrous Beasts on his own.

If Lan Xi hadn’t admired Chu Feng yet—when she learned of his contract with a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World—then now, she felt nothing but deep respect for him.

With strong power, Chu Feng let her know that even though the World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World was powerful, Chu Feng was absolutely worthy to be her master.