Chapter 748 - The Queen Steps Onto the Stage

MGA: Chapter 748 - The Queen Steps Onto the Stage

“What? This…” Lan Xi’s brows knitted slightly upon Chu Feng’s words. She was quite intelligent; she already understood the meaning behind Chu Feng’s words.

Chu Feng had the strength to kill Wang Long and the others—this was something undoubtable. But, as Chu Feng said, there must exist a reason for killing. If one killed another for no reason at all, either they were a madman, or a demon. They would not be understood by others, and they would even be spat upon, insulted, hated.

For example, if Chu Feng immediately killed Wang Long and the others before entering the core of the Millennium Ancient City, Lan Xi would definitely feel that Chu Feng was too cruel, perhaps even reckless. She would despise Chu Feng’s actions in her heart, and not only would his image receive a huge blow, he could possibly even become an enemy in Lan Xi’s heart.

However, Chu Feng first baited Wang Long to initiate his attack, and after he revealed his vile side, Chu Feng made his move again, to kill. That was completely reasonable, and completely deserved. Everyone could understand that, and would even feel that Chu Feng did the right thing.

But, Lan Xi also thus understood that Chu Feng was not as simple as he appeared. Not only in terms of cultivation, but also in his ways of handling matters.

Chu Feng had thought of removing Wang Long since a very long time ago. However, to be able to hold himself back, and even implicitly lure Wang Long, control him, and make him step into the trap… Chu Feng’s methods really did make Lan Xi both frightened and shocked. She deeply realized how terrifying Chu Feng was.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, what should we do now? Look! Those Monstrous Beasts looks like they will awaken soon,” Jiang Wushang said with a face of terror.

At that very instant, the vast palace’s doors remained shut, and all about the palace, there were over a thousand Martial Lord–level Monstrous Beasts. Chu Feng and the others had already seen their strengths before. If one was already so strong, it could not imagined how horrifying over a thousand was.

And now, the dormant Monstrous Beasts started to gradually open their eyes. What should they do?

“Although this is not an altar, there is still a way of resolving this situation.” As the others were in panic, Chu Feng remained as calm as he was before, as though everything turned out the same as his predictions.

“How?” asked Jiang Wushang and the others simultaneously.

“Kill all these Monstrous Beasts and thoroughly activate this formation of blood. Then, an exit should appear,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“What? Kill all these Monstrous Beasts? How is it possible?!” When they heard that, not to mention the shock on Jiang Wushang’s and the others’ faces, even Lan Xi, as a rank four Martial Lord, widened her mouth from complete astonishment. She, who had exchanged blows with the Monstrous Beast before, knew very well how powerful it was.

And in all honesty, if she hadn’t fought it together with Wang Long and was on her own, she might not have been able to defeat the Monstrous Beast. Although she was a rank four Martial Lord, and the Monstrous Beast a rank three Martial Lord, the Monstrous Beast had fighting strength so powerful it could fight those above its rank.

And now, all around them were over a thousand of those unfathomable Monstrous Beasts. Although they were not all rank three Martial Lords, a large portion of them were. Most importantly, she even discovered several rank four Martial Lord Monstrous Beasts within their ranks.

Hence, from her perspective, to wish to kill all the Monstrous Beasts was nearly an impossible feat.

*hmm* But just at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly extended his arm and laid a mighty Spirit Formation. It enveloped Lan Xi, Su Rou, Su Mei, Jiang Wushang, and Zhang Tianyi.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing?” When they saw that, Lan Xi and the others were taken by surprise. She could feel that the Spirit Formation Chu Feng laid was not a simple one—it was extremely powerful, sufficient to protect all of them.

But at that very instant, though Chu Feng laid such a formation and it veiled over all of them, he himself was outside. That made them realize a bad situation.

“What am I doing? Naturally, I’m going to take care of these Monstrous Beasts.” As Chu Feng spoke, an imposing armament appeared within his palm—the Incomplete Royal Armament, the Dragon Marking Sword.

“Don’t! Let me out! I can’t let you fight against so many Monstrous Beasts on your own!” Lan Xi shouted.

“Alone? No, I am not fighting alone,” Chu Feng said with a calm smile.

Just as they were ridden with confusion, puzzled as to what Chu Feng’s words meant, a Spirit Formation Gate suddenly opened—it was a World Spirit Gate.

After that gate opened, a young lady, who was so beautiful it made even Su Rou and Su Mei lose their brilliance, walked out from within.

It was Eggy. Even though through the years, Chu Feng had shed some of his youthfulness, Eggy still had the appearance of a young lady.

But even though Eggy’s age seemed to stagnate at the stage of a young lady, her looks were very sweet and amiable, her figure was still very spicy. Rather than saying she was a cute young lady, it’d be better to say she was a beautiful queen.

“It’s her?” Although Lan Xi and the others didn’t recognize Eggy, Zhang Tianyi had seen her before. He knew she was an odd but very powerful World Spirit. After Eggy appeared, Zhang Tianyi’s worry did diminish by quite a bit because Chu Feng had told him Eggy was much stronger.

However, Lan Xi didn’t share the same thoughts. As a rank four Martial Lord, and also a World Spiritist, she could see that even though Eggy was a World Spirit, a very powerful one at that, but she was only a rank one Martial Lord.

Honestly speaking, even the World Spirits she had herself had superior cultivation than Eggy, and judging by Chu Feng’s appearance, he seemed to have only one. Involuntarily, it made her feel that Chu Feng was forcing it—preparing a fight to the death.

Yawn~~~” As Eggy, with her snow-white and slender legs, walked one step at a time out of the World Spirit Gate, she ignored Lan Xi and Zhang Tianyi and the others. She stuck out her proud figure, bent her soft waist, and slowly widened her arms. She lazily stretched, and yawned.

After doing those very casual but alluring actions, Eggy grinned, showing her devastatingly bewitching smile. “So many high-quality Monstrous Beasts... Looking at the Source Energy already accumulated in my body, if I refine them all, perhaps I can make a breakthrough to a rank two Martial Lord~”

*wuao~~~* Just at that moment, a furious howl suddenly resounded. One of the mysterious Monstrous Beasts in deep sleep had awoken.

*wuao~~~~~* Quickly following, over a thousand more furious howls rang out in succession. All of the Monstrous Beasts in the palace were awakened.

After the Monstrous Beasts were roused, they uniformly cast their blood-red eyes in the direction of Chu Feng and the others. Then, they took steps that shook the entire palace. Within the rumbling, they all madly dashed towards Chu Feng and the others.

At that moment, even though Lan Xi and the others were hiding within the Spirit Formation, they couldn’t help backing away. They leaned on each other, their eyes full of worry and fear.

They were able to clearly feel how horrifying those Monstrous Beasts were. Despite being within the Spirit Formation, they could still feel an indescribable dreadful aura wrapping around them, giving them no room to escape.