Chapter 747 - The Reason for Murder

MGA: Chapter 747 - The Reason for Murder

With droplets of blood in air, Wang Long’s head was detached from his body, and it fell onto the ground.

When they saw that scene, almost everyone was dumbfounded. Even though they all knew it was very likely Chu Feng would kill Wang Long, they didn’t expect him to be so direct, and also so cruel. He was truly decisive in killing without the slightest bit of mercy.

And as she saw the head that Chu Feng forcefully cut off and was still rolling on the ground, Lan Xi lightly knitted her brows. She opened her mouth, as if to talk, but then stopped herself. In the end, she didn’t say anything else because she too knew that Wang Long deserved that.

*bang, bang, bang* But just at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly waved his hand. Three muffled explosions rang out. Wang Yue as well as two other disciples from the Four Seas Academy exploded and died, becoming three bright red mists of blood.

Chu Feng struck again; three people died. He did indeed do what he said he would do. Of the people who wanted him dead before, now only Lan Yanzhi remained. All others were killed by him

At that instant, Lan Yanzhi was standing on the spot with a blank expression. Her face was pale-white from fear, and her body trembling. When Chu Feng could even kill Wang Yue instantly with the raise of his hand, then by her cultivation, it was even easier if Chu Feng wanted to kill her.

At that moment, Lan Yanzhi felt heavy, heavy regret. All her guts were completely destroyed from fright. She felt that though she escaped a calamity, she was still definitely going to die.

However, to her surprise, Chu Feng didn’t kill Lan Yanzhi immediately. Instead, he looked at Lan Xi and said, “Senior Lan Xi, I feel that you should personally do this one yourself.”

“Chu Feng—no, Wuqing.

“Wuqing, can you give me face, and give Yanzhi a chance? I’m begging you, don’t kill her. Even if she was in the wrong before, she is still my sister. I beg you, spare her life.” Lan Xi had clearly not understood Chu Feng’s intentions. She thought Chu Feng still harboured grudges from Lan Yanzhi’s stance before, and now, she was pleading for Lan Yanzhi.

“Senior Lan Xi, are you truly foolish, are merely acting like so? You are begging, for her?

“Do you not understand why you were drugged by Wang Long?

“Do you not remember what I reminded you before? Didn’t I tell you not to carelessly eat things that others give you, and that you should still put up your guard even around people closest to you?” Chu Feng fiercely asked.

When she heard those words, Lan Xi’s pupils suddenly shrank. At the same time, her expression completely changed. She had recalled something. Shortly after, she pointed at Lan Yanzhi and said, “It was you? You sold me out?!”

“Other than her, who else could it be? She was already teamed up with Wang Long. At first, when she disappeared for a night, she was, in reality, doing the deed with Wang Long.

“They were planning how to entrap you that night, and incidentally, I heard it. So, that’s why I gave you such a reminder on the next day when I saw you. But, it was useless as you didn’t heed my advice. If I hadn’t stumbled upon what they were doing with you, your body wouldn’t have remained pure. And, the one who harmed you is none other than the sister you treat as treasure,” Chu Feng continued to say. He spoke of everything that Lan Yanzhi did to Lan Xi.

When she heard all of that, Lan Xi suddenly realized it. She couldn’t help thinking back at the many scenes before. Back then, Chu Feng had indeed reminded her, but she didn’t understand what Chu Feng meant. Now, reflecting on what had happened, she now knew that the person Chu Feng wanted her to be careful around was her own younger sister, Lan Yanzhi.

But even though Chu Feng had already spoken the truth, Lan Xi still felt it to be unbelievable. She raised her trembling hand due to rage, pointed it at Lan Yanzhi, and asked with gnashing teeth, “Yanzhi, did you truly work together with that Wang Long and planned to trap me? Speak! Is this true, or is this not?!”

At that instant, Lan Yanzhi wanted to defend herself, but after seeing Chu Feng’s fierce gaze, her heart trembled. She dared not conceal anything more. Quickly kneeling onto the ground, her face full of regret, she said in tears, “Sister, I was wrong! Please forgive me! Wang Long forced me to, if I didn’t, he would have killed me!”

“You…” Seeing Lan Yanzhi’s reaction, Lan Xi almost fainted away from anger because the answer she gave was very clear—all of what Chu Feng said was true.

“Junior Wuqing, leave me some face. Don’t kill her.” Lan Xi closed her eyes, and took several deep breaths before speaking those words.

After hearing Lan Xi’s words, Lan Yanzhi hiddenly celebrated in her heart. She assumed that her elder sister was truly preparing to spare her for the sake of their sisters’ relationship. But, when she heard the following words, she was completely stupefied.

“Let me take care of her myself.” Suddenly, Lan Xi widened her eyes, and simultaneously, two rays of cold bloodlust shot out. A hand full of Martial power struck out, and after a boom, Lan Yanzhi burst into pieces.

With only one strike, she killed Lan Yanzhi. Surely, Lan Yanzhi didn’t feel any pain before she died.

But Lan Xi was different. In her heart, she definitely felt great pain. Chu Feng saw, in the instant she killed Lan Yanzhi, a tear sliding from the corner of Lan Xi’s eye.

But no matter how it was, Chu Feng was very satisfied with Lan Xi’s action. He knew what Lan Xi did just now was very correct.

Lan Xi too was no ordinary person. Even though she was in great sorrow, she quickly organized her emotions and said to Chu Feng, “Should I be calling you Wuqing, or Chu Feng?”

“Actually, I’m called Chu Feng, but I hope you can keep a secret for me in the future.” As Chu Feng smiled, he turned his face back to its original appearance. Although, in comparison to Wuqing’s look, it seemed rather young, there was greater handsomeness in between his brows.

“If you showed your current appearance to the public back then in the Misty Peak, I’m sure the ‘storm’ that has been risen now in the Eastern Sea Region would be even more enormous.” Lan Xi sweetly smiled, then added, “Don’t worry. You’ve done me a favour. I will help you hide everything that happened today.”

“Thank you, Senior Lan Xi.” Chu Feng respectfully clasped his fists.

“No, if someone’s thanking, it should be me.” Lan Xi bitterly chuckled. When she thought of Lan Yanzhi, she felt herself to be extremely idiotic. Then, she took a glance at the surface of the palace’s ground. Instantly, her expression changed. She quickly said to Chu Feng, “Junior Chu Feng, why can’t their blood be gathered on that formation?”

“She’s right! Their blood can’t even flow into the outlines of the formation! What do we do now?” When they heard her words, the faces of Su Rou and the others also changed greatly. They discovered with shock that the blood flowing out of Wang Long and the others, though flowed upon the ground of the palace, was unable to seek into the outlines of the formation.

On the other hand, the blood from the mysterious Monstrous Beast kept on flowing. At that moment, the blood outline of the formation on the ground was about to be completed.

But as he looked at that, there wasn’t the slightest trace of change in Chu Feng’s emotions. Instead, he looked as if everything was expected, and said with a faint smile, “No need to panic, this is expected.”

“Chu Feng, what do you mean?” Lan Xi had confusion filled her face. She was a bit muddled.

“I’m saying that this isn’t any altar. As long as that Monstrous Beast dies, this formation will be activated. It cannot be stopped,” explained Chu Feng.

“Then since this isn’t an altar, why did you say it was before?” Lan Xi was still puzzled.

The smile on Chu Feng’s face became even wider when he heard Lan Xi’s question. He said with a light smile, “If I didn’t say that, how could Wang Long and the others attack me so soon, and how could I find a sufficient reason before you to kill them?”