Chapter 746 - A Woman's Softheartedness

MGA: Chapter 746 - A Woman's Softheartedness

Putting aside the person whose name was well known throughout the Eastern Sea Region, Lady Piaomiao, and also putting aside his mysterious, unknown master, Lady Qiushui alone of the Lovers Terrace was simply not someone his Wang family could afford to offend.

In terms of strength, he was inferior to Wuqing. Thus, he should be afraid.

In terms of background, he was even more inferior to Wuqing. Thus, he truly had no choice but to be afraid.

If he could rely on his clan to threaten Chu Feng before, then now, he was forced to worry whether his own clan would be affected because of his idiotic actions.

At that instant, Wang Long truly felt a myriad of regrets, as though the end of time were approaching. He never would have even imagined that the guy he looked down upon would be the existence that he deeply feared—no, at present, the existence that countless people in the Eastern Sea Region’s younger generation feared, Wuqing.

He regretted. Incomparable regret. So much that his intestines greened—it died—from regret. If he knew beforehand that Chu Feng was Wuqing, then even if someone lent him a hundred guts he wouldn’t dare treat him the way he did, let alone making him an enemy. He simply didn’t have the courage to say a single word of opposition.

“Chu Feng, yo-you’re Wuqing?!” In reality, Wang Long was not the only one shocked by Chu Feng’s current appearance. Even Lan Xi was the same because she instantly recognized who Chu Feng’s current appearance represented.

And as he faced Lan Xi’s stunned gaze, Chu Feng faintly smiled and said, “Senior Lan Xi, it is indeed me. On the Misty Peak, we have met.”

“Heavens! He’s the genius whose name shocked the Eastern Sea Region, who defeated the three great geniuses of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, and is named to be the person who will surpass Murong Xun, Wuqing?!”

“This… How has it come to this?!”

After Chu Feng confirmed his identity, almost everyone was stupefied because they had heard the accomplishments of Wuqing. They knew he was an existence in the peak of the younger generation, one that possessed quite a bit of influence.

And they, before, actually mocked and humiliated an existence like that. They even wanted to kill him. Only in that moment did they realize how foolish they had been. They were simply as foolish as they could possibly be.

Currently, it was not only Wang Long who felt endless regret. Even Wang Yu, Lan Yanzhi, and the others felt the same.

No matter what, they never would have thought the person they looked down on, the person that had a false imposing atmosphere, the person they thought only dared to be arrogance with Taikou’s protection, would be Wuqing, whose name was known throughout the Eastern Sea Region. They had truly offended someone they could not have offended.

In comparison to their surprise and fear, however, Su Rou and the others were surprised and joyed. They too had heard of Wuqing’s achievements, and they had even praised that Wuqing in front of Chu Feng. When they thought back at that, they couldn’t even help themselves from smiling.

They also didn’t expect the person who even they admired, Wuqing, was the person closest to them, Chu Feng.

“Brother Wuqing, a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding! It’s all a misunderstanding!

“We’ve met each other on the Misty Peak, so you should know what kind of person I, Wang Long, am.

“You really, really shouldn’t have concealed your identity! If I knew it was you, how would I have treated you like this?” At that instant, Wang Long’s former arrogance and bravery was no more, and now, he was extremely shamelessly bootlicking Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng, who had already seen Wang Long’s true side, was not moved by his current performance. Rather, he said, “Of course I know what kind of person you are. When you drugged Lan Xi and prepared to do that thing with her in the depths of the forest, don’t forget who took her away from underneath you.”

“Wang Long, it was you?!” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Lan Xi’s face immediately changed. An overflowing fury and bloodlust bursted out of her body. A single word was crisply written on her face: rage.

Although Lan Xi had blurry memories of that time, she knew she was drugged. Even though she didn’t know too clearly what happened, she knew her clothes were ripped away by one person and she nearly lost her body. Luckily, another person appeared and saved her. Only because of that did she avoid such a disaster.

In her daze, she also remembered because her body was in great agony, and she was too hungry, she started involuntarily asking the person who saved her for that.

But the person did not give her what she desired. At that time, she did hate him for not saving a dying person. Yet now, she was very grateful towards that person. Because of that person’s uprightness, he protected the thing she viewed with most importance—her body.

However, she never would have thought that the person who wanted to do that sort of thing to her was Wang Long, and the person who saved her was Chu Feng.

Initially, she still had some sympathy for Wang Long. After all, he was a disciple that was with her for many years. But now, she wished she could kill Wang Long herself, to tear his corpse into a million pieces.

Wang Long was slightly taken aback by Lan Xi’s interrogation, but at that moment, where would he find the heart to explain to her? Not only did he ignore her, with a quick thought, he shamelessly smiled and said to Chu Feng, “Hehe, Brother Wuqing, I’ll be honest: I did indeed drug Lan Xi. However, the strength of that drug was very powerful! Since you saved her, and since she is standing here unharmed, I’m sure that the two of you must have had that sort of relationship, right?

“Brother Wuqing, since you’ve done it already, you must admit that Lan Xi has quite some grace to her! There are even no words to describe her figure and the feeling you get from touching her! Even though you have quite a noble position, Lan Xi is still the unblemished Big Miss of the Lan clan!

“And, to be able to have done such a great thing, it is also your luck. Heh, although I inadvertently set up such a situation, I have still helped you complete such a thing. You should be thanking me! Due to all of that, you should also let me go.”

“Wang Long, you are shameless!” When she heard those words, Lan Xi gritted her teeth from anger. Originally, she thought, judging by Wang Long’s nature, he would try and justify himself, but she didn’t expect in order to survive, he admitted to doing it. Not only did he admit it, he even took credit for it.

In reality, even Chu Feng didn’t know what to say about that. Wang Long actually started to joke around. Chu Feng truly felt Wang Long was quite despicable and shameless, but also, he was quite pitiful.

*whoosh* Suddenly, Chu Feng grabbed the front of Wang Long’s clothes, and after raising him up, like throwing a sandbag, he threw Wang Long towards Lan Xi, and said, “Senior Lan Xi, you take care of this person.”

“Junior Lan Xi, have mercy, Junior Lan Xi, have mercy! Out of consideration of the many years I’ve liked you, out of consideration of the many things I’ve done for you, please spare me! Please give me one more chance! I’m begging you!”

After Wang Long landed on the ground, ignoring his own injuries, he hurriedly did his best to climb up and started to kowtow towards Lan Xi. At that very instant, in order to survive, he really didn’t care about anything. If he could do it, he would do it.


And as she faced Wang Long who acted like that, no matter how much more anger there was in Lan Xi’s heart, she had some hesitation. Because, in the few years she’d been in the Four Seas Academy, Wang Long did treat her fairly well, and had also done a fair bit for her.

*whoosh* But just as Lan Xi hesitated, Chu Feng suddenly came down from the air and stepped on Wang Long’s back, pushing him onto the ground. At the same time, a hand had gripped Wang Long’s hair, and Chu Feng said to Lan Xi, “If you don’t do it, I’ll help you.”

“Nooo—” Lan Xi suddenly stretched her hand when she felt Chu Feng’s bloodlust and grabbed his arm. She wanted to save Wang Long.

Chu Feng couldn’t help be taken aback by Lan Xi’s action, but then, he very helplessly shook his head, and sighed. “A woman’s softheartedness.”

After speaking, Chu Feng abruptly flung away Lan Xi’s hands, and suddenly slashed down with his other free arm. With a puchi, with the spray of blood into the air, Wang Long’s head had been forcefully chopped by Chu Feng.