Chapter 745 - Wang Long Wetting His Pants from Fright

MGA: Chapter 745 - Wang Long Wetting His Pants from Fright

“Heavens! This…” Everyone was stupefied when such a scene appeared before their eyes.

Chu Feng slapped Wang Long, a rank four Martial Lord, to the ground. That was really a bit too powerful.

Before, they had took guesses on Chu Feng’s level of cultivation. At most, they thought he would only be at the peak of the Heaven realm. No matter what, they didn’t think Chu Feng would reach that level of strength, to be able to even defeat a rank four Martial Lord.

One must say that the strength Chu Feng currently showed deeply shocked the crowd, especially so towards Lan Yanzhi—who was incomparably arrogant before—as well as Wang Yue and the others. At that instant, there was no longer contempt on their faces, only endless fear replacing it. They had truly become aware of how terrifying and powerful Chu Feng was.

The young man’s arrogance was not a false appearance. He truly had the strength to defeat Wang Long.

“A rank two Martial Lord?

“I didn’t expect him to be a rank two Martial Lord. He’s reached this realm already at such an age?

“But, even as a rank two Martial Lord, he shouldn’t be able to defeat Wang Long. His fighting ability is really too peculiar.” Many people were unable to determine Chu Feng’s cultivation. But, Lan Xi could.

When Chu Feng made his move, she saw through his cultivation. Him being a rank two Martial Lord deeply stunned her, but what stunned her even more was as a rank two Martial Lord, Chu Feng actually beat a rank four Martial Lord onto the ground. It didn’t even seem like he exhausted any strength.



As they were all astounded by Chu Feng’s power, another cry rang out. They discovered with shock that Chu Feng had attacked Wang Long again. His foot was fiercely stepping upon Wang Long’s chest. Wang Long, such an imposing rank four Martial Lord, lacked any power to fight back.

In reality, if they had fought normally, even if Wang Long couldn’t defeat Chu Feng, he could still put up a fight. At least, he could clash against him for a while.

But now, he could not. He was really too careless just now. He simply didn’t put Chu Feng in his eyes, which led him to taking a huge blow.

Although Chu Feng’s slap seemed simple on the surface, it was combined with a Spirit Formation technique. When Wang Long was struck, not only was he injured, over half of his cultivation was sealed. At that moment, he no longer had any strength to fight against Chu Feng. He was, without a doubt, in a state that allowed Chu Feng to do whatever he wished to.

And Chu Feng wanted exactly that effect. Thus, he would naturally not have mercy. First, he kicked like a cannon, shattering all of Wang Long’s bones throughout his body. Sounds such as crackle crackle rang out incessantly, then Chu Feng added a few more slaps, beating Wang Long to the point he looked nothing like before. His head now looked like a pig’s.

When everyone saw such a scene, their souls were shaken. If it were before, there would be absolutely no one who’d believe Wang Long, one of the three great geniuses of the Four Seas Academy, would be so brutally beaten by a person like Chu Feng.

But, at that very instant, even if they didn’t want to believe it they couldn’t. After all, such a fact was shown so clearly before their eyes.

However, even though Wang Long’s strength was inadequate, nor was his character any good, he still had some courage. In his heart, he felt endlessly furious as he was beaten by Chu Feng because he knew that the person who saved Lan Xi and destroyed his perfect occasion was Chu Feng.

So, he just roared, “Beat me! If you have the guts, beat me to death! If you beat me to death, don’t even think of walking out of the Four Seas Academy alive! Even if you walk out of the Four Seas Academy, you shouldn’t even think of living. Even if you run to the ends of the world, my Wang clan will still find you and rip your corpse into a myriad of pieces!

“Not only you, your companions will all die too! Hell, you dare to touch me, Wang Long? Who do you think you are?”

When Wang Long spoke, everyone sank into silence because they all felt that Wang Long was dead. They had all seen Chu Feng’s towering airs and courage. He most definitely did not lack the bravery to kill Wang Long. At that moment, Wang Long not only refused to give in, he even forced such arrogance upon Chu Feng. He was simply looking to die.

However, something the crowd didn’t expect was after hearing Wang Long’s words, Chu Feng actually stopped his descending fist.

That scene unavoidably took everyone aback. Quickly after, Wang Long and the others couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief because regardless how Wang Long spoke arrogantly before, at that very instant, Chu Feng had indeed stopped attacking. So, involuntarily, they all felt that Chu Feng was afraid.

As long as he thought that Chu Feng feared the influence Wang Long had from his clan, Wang Yue, who came from the same clan, was a bit proud because it meant his Wang family more or less had some deterring power.

However, when the next scene occurred, they knew they were wrong. Absolutely wrong.

Chu Feng slowly stood up, smiled, looked at Wang Long, and said, “Who am I? Do you want to know who am I?”

*bathump bathump* When he heard those words, Wang Long felt his heartbeat quicken by several beats. From the bottom of his heart, an extremely uneasy feeling stemmed and surged forth. He was suddenly aware again that the Chu Feng before his eyes seemed to be not as simple as he appeared on the surface.

But despite the uneasiness, Wang Long still tightly furrowed his brows, and said with restlessness, “Wha-what do you mean?”

“I’m sure you will recognize me.” Chu Feng lightly smiled, then with a thought, his visage transformed and he instantly turned into the appearance of “Wuqing”. He then lightly smiled and said, “What, do you still have the confidence to make me vanish like a sliver of dust with a thought of your own?”

“Yo-yo-yo-you’re Wuqing?!” After seeing Chu Feng’s current complexion, Wang Long’s pupils abruptly contracted. His expression also instantly changed greatly, even his body started violently quivering. His arrogance from before was no more, and replacing it was infinite terror. Even though his face was completely unrecognizable, one could still see how much fear was in his eyes.

Wuqing. Wang Long knew that person very well. The exceptional genius who defeated the three great geniuses from the Immortal Execution Archipelago in the Misty Peak, one who collected over a thousand Martial Markings, and the one who was named to be the one to surpass Murong Xun.

No matter how much powerful Chu Feng was, he would at most be slightly afraid of him because deep in his heart, he didn’t think that Chu Feng would dare to truly kill him. Putting aside the Four Seas Academy, the power of his Wang clan was quite huge.

If something happened to him, who was the next-in-line in the Wang clan, even if the Wang clan used all of its clan’s strength, they would avenge him. So, no matter who it was, they would still have to give it a long consideration before killing him. That was the reason why Wang Long still dared to act so arrogantly in his state.

But when it was Wuqing, it was completely different. He, who had personally experienced the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, had deep respect and fear towards this person called Wuqing. He knew how overwhelming powerful of an existence he was. He not only had dominating strength, his courage was exceeding. One could even call him fearless of both the heavens and the earth.

The most important thing, however, was that Wuqing had a unfathomably powerful and mysterious master behind his back, and other than that mysterious master, there was also the expert Lady Qiushui, who was a Martial King, protecting him.

Before entering the Millennium Ancient City, he even received new news: When Wuqing left the Misty Peak, there were several famous people at the peak of the Martial Lord realm who aimed to rob Wuqing, but were all killed by Lady Piaomiao.

Lady Piaomiao never often killed, nor would she ever kill another for outsiders of the Misty Peak. Her actions was announcing to the world that she, the guardian of the Misty Peak, one of the peak characters of the Eastern Sea Region, also prepared to protect the genius, Wuqing.