Chapter 744 - How You Will All End

MGA: Chapter 744 - How You Will All End

“Wang Long, what are you thinking of doing?” Feeling the atmosphere heading in a bad direction, Lan Xi leaped and landed in front of Chu Feng. She wanted to protect Chu Feng.

“Do what? We are imprisoned in this place. If we wish to survive, there must be sacrifices. This Chu Feng is not a person of the Four Seas Academy. If someone must die, he will die first. Say, am I correct or not?” Wang Long shouted. As he spoke, he shot a glance at the people in the corner of the palace.

“Yes! Senior Wang Long is correct! Since sacrifices are unavoidable, naturally, we must face our swords against the outsider. If there are people who must die, then this Chu Feng must die first!” After Wang Long spoke, Wang Yue, Liu Zhenbiao, and the others naturally agreed with him. They longed for Wang Long to kill Chu Feng. And, as they spoke, they neared Wang Long, clearly expressing their stance on supporting him.

“All of you…” When they saw that, not to mention Su Rou and the others, even Lan Xi’s complexion changed slightly. Those who had eyes could tell that Wang Long and the others were all thinking the same thing—all of them wanted to put Chu Feng to death since a long time ago.

In a situation like that, no matter what she said, they would be useless words because even her younger sister stood on Wang Long’s side. At that very instant, she truly felt she was facing an impossible battle. She was both furious, yet also felt powerless.

“Lan Xi, thank you for your good intentions, but let me personally take care of this matter.” However, just as Lan Xi lacked any idea on what to do, Chu Feng gradually walked out and dragged Lan Xi, who was standing in front of him, behind him.

“Chu Feng, you…” When she saw Chu Feng not only fearless, but even wearing a smile on his face, Lan Xi’s complexion was full of confusion. She was more worried that Chu Feng was looking for his own death.

As if he knew what Lan Xi was thinking, Chu Feng’s smile involuntarily became even stronger. Only then did he look at Wang Long and the others. After he swept his gaze over Wang Long, Wang Yue, Liu Zhenbiao, as well as Lan Yanzhi and the others, he said, “Do you know how the people who wish me to die end up as?”

“Oh? From your tone, could it be you want to do something to us?” said Wang Long disdainfully, his tone full of ridicule.

“Hahaha, truly naive. You want to fight against my Big Brother Wang Long? Not that I’m looking down on you, but you are still not qualified.” When Wang Long’s words were spoken, Wang Yue and the others madly laughed, mocking Chu Feng’s overestimation of his strength.

“Hmph. Without Taikou here, who do you think you are? You are no more than low-class trash. You aren’t even qualified to enter the Four Seas Academy, yet you dare to challenge us?” Liu Zhenbiao even pointed at Chu Feng and mocked him more. With Wang Long behind his back, he too was full of confidence.

*whoosh* However, just as Liu Zhenbiao finished speaking, Chu Feng’s figure flashed slightly, then he instantly disappeared.

“Ah—” Before anyone had the chance to react, a cry rang out behind them. Looking over, they were all dumbfounded as their expressions changed greatly. All of them subconsciously back away as their eyes were full of fear and terror.

Not to mention Wang Yue and the others, even Lan Xi was frightened by that scene. Shock filled her roundly widened eyes.

It was because at that very instant, Chu Feng was standing in front of Liu Zhenbiao. However, in Chu Feng’s hand was a bloody head. Looking at it carefully, one would recognize that the head belonged to none other than Liu Zhenbiao.

Looking back at Liu Zhenbiao’s body, though it still stood there, it lacked a head. And, in his neck area, large amounts of blood was spraying out.

Without much thinking, they could all think what had happened. As they were all taunting Chu Feng, he abruptly attacked and immediately took down Liu Zhenbiao’s head.

However, one must know that regardless how weak Liu Zhenbiao was, he was still a Heaven realm expert. Furthermore, none of their cultivations were weak; Wang Long especially was a rank four Martial Lord. Chu Feng was actually able to kill Liu Zhenbiao right beneath the eyes of a rank four Martial Lord. Wasn’t that a bit too powerful?

What realm was that guy in? That was the question that everyone was trying to answer in their hearts.

As he faced the crowd’s shocked and fearful gazes, Chu Feng’s visage was unchanged. He slightly raised the head in his head, and said, “This is how you will all end up as.”

“What? You!”

Chu Feng’s words terrified Wang Yue and the others. All of them hurriedly kept on backing away, creating some distance between themselves and Chu Feng.

They could tell that Chu Feng was not aiming to only kill of Liu Zhenbiao. He was aiming to kill all of them!

“A damn Chu Feng. You dare to kill a disciple of the Four Seas Academy? I see that you’ve truly tired of living.” But when compared to others’ cowardice, Lan Yanzhi was quite arrogant. She actually pointed at Chu Feng and started to curse at him.

“Haha, what a joke!” Chu Feng, unexpectedly, laughed when he heard Lan Yanzhi’s curses. Then, he shot a fierce gaze at her, and said, “All of you have always wanted to kill me, Chu Feng, so you cannot blame me for killing all of you. The Four Seas Academy? Those who dare to harm me, even if it’s the son of god, I will still kill them!”

“You…” As she saw Chu Feng’s fierce gaze and chilling tone, Lan Yanzhi’s former airs instantly vanished because she discovered that he was a person who feared not the heavens nor the earth. It was as if he truly had the ability to kill all of them.

“Big Brother Wang Long, quickly kill him! Avenge Liu Zhenbiao!” As she panicked, Lan Yanzhi could only cast her gaze asking for help at Wang Long.

“Hmph. Look at all of your useless appearances. You’ve been frightened by this brat’s two, three words?

“For trash like him, I don’t even need to use my hands. With a thought, I can make him vanish like a sliver of smoke.” As Wang Long spoke, he willed and a boundless pressure bursted out of his body, and swept towards Chu Feng.

At that instant, the faces of Lan Yanzhi and the others who were panicking couldn’t help turning into joy. At such a distance, they were able to feel how powerful the pressure Wang Long released was. The strength of a rank four Martial Lord was indeed not to be underestimated. It was simply not something they could compare to. The pressure alone was indeed able to crush Chu Feng into dust.

In reality, it was not only Lan Yanzhi and the others who had a reaction. Even Lan Xi’s face changed greatly because she too felt how terrifying the pressure was. At that moment, she also released her pressure, aiming to save Chu Feng’s life.

But it was useless as it was too late. Wang Long was really too close to Chu Feng, and he also knew Lan Xi would make her move. So, when he made his own move, it was a killing strike. Just as Lan Xi’s pressure surged out, Wang Long’s pressure had already arrived and collided onto Chu Feng’s body.

But just as everything felt Chu Feng was undoubtedly going to die, they saw a smile on his face. Suddenly, he moved. He avoided retreating, and even went straight towards the pressure.

What made everyone most shocked was as he dashed into the pressure, and not only was he not the slightest bit injured, there wasn’t even any change on his face. The pressure was unable to even restrict his speed.

Finally, before the eyes of the crowd, Chu Feng arrived in front of Wang Long. Then, he extended his palm and abruptly waved it down. Within the strong gale, he aimed his palm at Wang Long’s face.

As he faced Chu Feng’s attack, Wang Long was caught off guard. With a bam, the expert, a rank four martial Lord, fiercely took a slap from Chu Feng. He was thrown into the air before falling right back down.