Chapter 743 - Blood Altar

MGA: Chapter 743 - Blood Altar

That Monstrous Beast was too strong. Even though it only had the cultivation of a rank three Martial Lord, it suppressed the rank four Martial Lords, Wang Long and Lan Xi.

At that instant, everyone was dumbfounded. There were even many people who were extremely terrified, because the battle between Martial Lords was not something they could participate in. Even a single remnant of the attacks would be sufficient to kill them.

At present, the only person who could still remain calm was Chu Feng. After bringing Su Rou and the others into the palace, they didn’t enter any deeper. They stood on the sidelines, with arms crossed before their chests, silently watching the scene in front of their eyes.

“A special guardian?” That was the identity Chu Feng gave that Monstrous Beast. He discovered that the Monstrous Beast was not simple. Its eyes were blood-red, containing not only fury, but also some peculiarity, as if it had been brainwashed.

Moreover, even though it had extremely powerful strength, allowing it to even fight those above its level, the power inside its body was very feeble. Judging from the information he obtained from various areas, Chu Feng concluded that the Monstrous Beast was brainwashed. Rather than saying it was an impressive Monstrous Beast, it would be more accurate to call it a bloodthirsty Fierce Beast that killed on sight.

Something that could not be denied, however, was the fact that it was a Monstrous Beast. Moreover, within the Monstrous Beast’s body, what flowed was still blood of nobility. But it was all useless as it was brainwashed and sealed for a very long period of time, which was the reason why it still survived up until now without eating or drinking. Sadly, it had already fallen to become a tool for slaughter. Instead of saying it was a body of life, it would be better to say it was a tool that anyone could wield.

So, Chu Feng made some conjectures: that Monstrous Beast was very possibly the true master of the Millennium Ancient City. But now, it was a guarding tool of others.



Suddenly, another deafening explosion rang out. Quickly following, that horrifying Monstrous Beast also let out a cry. After its body swayed a few times, it fell onto the ground with a boom.

It died. The horrifying Monstrous Beast with an enormous body and overwhelming strength was killed by the combined strength of Wang Long and Lan Xi. But, at that instant, their foreheads were full of sweat and they were huffing heavily. Clearly, they had exhausted quite a bit of strength as well.

“Powerful. After all, it is a Monstrous Beast that lacks intelligence. If it had intelligence and could use the various skills from its bloodline, its fighting ability would have increased by several times. Perhaps even Wang Long and Lan Xi together wouldn’t have been able to defeat it.

“And this is the true master of the Millennium Ancient City? It seems that it is truly a group of powerful species. But regretfully, no matter how much more powerful it was, that is all in the past.” Chu Feng sighed in his heart.

“I didn’t think you would still dare to enter… Did those two brats not transfer my words onto you?” Suddenly, an icy-cold voice rang out.

It was Wang Long. At that moment, Wang Long discovered Chu Feng and the others. With his gaze full of bloodlust, he was staring at Chu Feng. Moreover, there was a smile worn on his mouth. It was the pride he got from defeating the Monstrous Beast, and also the joy he got after seeing Chu Feng. In this place, it was the perfect chance to kill Chu Feng and wash away his humiliation.


When they heard those words, Liu Zhenbiao, Wang Yue, and the others understood Wang Long’s intentions. As they looked at Chu Feng, their eyes were full of schadenfreude and gratification. They all felt that a calamity was going to soon strike upon Chu Feng.

At that instant, other than Lan Xi whose brows were tightly knitted and full of worry, the people within the crowd had smiles on their faces, as if they were expecting the entertaining scene of Wang Long beating Chu Feng.

*rumble rumble rumble*

But, before even allowing Chu Feng to return any words, the palace suddenly started to violently tremble. Moreover, at the end of the palace, rows of blood-red marks appeared and were endlessly spreading open.

“That is?”

It was a formation. At that moment, the formation was being activated, and the thing that was activating the formation was the blood of the Monstrous Beast. As the blood flowed on the surface of the ground, it was drawing red-coloured outlines of a formation.

At the same time, the entrance of the palace had closed. Radiance shone everywhere, and in the end, around the palace, over a thousand Monstrous Beasts appeared.

“Heavens! What is happening?”

At that instant, everyone panicked because almost every single one of those Monstrous Beasts had the cultivation in the Martial Lord realm. Of those beasts, there were at least a hundred that had the cultivation of rank three Martial Lords, and from their outer appearances, it could be seen that they were the same species as the ones Wang Long and Lan Xi killed before.

A single Monstrous Beast was already so powerful, yet now, over a thousand had appeared. How could they not be terrified by that? Not to mention others, even Wang Long and Lan Xi had dead faces as they felt that a disaster was coming their way.

“Chu Feng.” At that instant, Su Rou and the others were afraid as well. They couldn’t help walking to Chu Feng’s side.

“No need to fear. This is likely an altar.” At that very instant, within the entire vast palace, only Chu Feng was as calm as he was before.

“Altar?” Everyone in the palace revealed confused gazes. They didn’t understand Chu Feng’s meaning too well.

“These Monstrous Beasts have their eyes closed. They are not only in deep sleep, they have been sealed. Right now, the seals have yet to be opened. But, if this Monstrous Beast’s blood finishes drawing the outline of the formation on the ground of this palace, all of those Monstrous Beasts will awake. At that time, we will all be hit with a calamity,” Chu Feng explained.

“I see. Then that is too simple.” Wang Long came to a realization after hearing those words. With a thought, a layer of Spirit Formation was laid. He aimed to seal off the path of the flowing blood in order to prevent it from continue drawing the formation.

*bzzz* However, the blood simply continued on with no obstructions. Within the steaming white smoke, it instantly destroyed Wang Long’s purple-coloured Spirit Formation. He could not stop the flowing of the blood.

“This… How is this possible?” Wang Long was dumbstruck upon seeing such a scene. He felt disbelief. His Spirit Formation could even block the Monstrous Beast’s attack. Yet now, why was it even unable to stop blood?

In reality, not only did he feel disbelief. Almost everyone felt shock and confusion as well.

“Foolish.” But in comparison to the astonishment of others, Chu Feng disdainfully smiled in expectation.

“Hell, who are you calling foolish?” Wang Long was furious when he heard that. He pointed at Chu Feng and shouted angrily.

“Who? Listen up, I am calling you foolish!” Chu Feng looked at Wang Long. Every single word and phrase was merciless. It was straightforwardly slapping his face.

“I’ll kill you!” At that instant, Wang Long was thoroughly enraged. He, who had planned to take care of Chu Feng, was about to attack him as he spoke.

“Wang Long, stop. If you kill him, we will all die.” However, before letting him make his move, Lan Xi suddenly stood out and stopped Wang Long’s attempt to strike. Then, she said to Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, what exactly is happening here? Do you know the method of fixing this situation?”

“As I said, this is an altar. The blood of the Monstrous Beast is only a catalyst. The catalyst has been activated, so how could it possibly be stopped so easily?

“If one wishes to stop it from flowing, they must exchange blood with blood. Using the blood of humans to fill in the formation outline on the ground of the palace so the Monstrous Beast’s blood has no path it can go. Moreover, the region the human blood occupies must be larger than the region the Monstrous Beast’s blood occupies. Otherwise, the formation will still be activated,” Chu Feng said.

“What? Using the blood of humans? And the region it occupies must surpass the region the Monstrous Beast’s blood occupies? Doesn’t that mean it wants us to kill each other?” Many people were stunned when they heard that, because the formation on the ground was really too big. If one were to use human blood to fill it in, a single death would absolutely not be sufficient. Over half of the people there must die in order for it to work.

“Heh, if it is like so, then it cannot be more simpler.” But as a large portion of the people there were astounded, while being at a complete loss on what to do, Wang Long’s mouth curled up to form a hint of a cold smile. At the same time, he cast his gaze full of bloodlust towards Chu Feng.

He, however, didn’t notice that the smile on Chu Feng’s face was much, much more colder than his own.