Chapter 742 - Horrifying Monstrous Beast

MGA: Chapter 742 - Horrifying Monstrous Beast

Seeing that Wang Long had entered, Wang Yue and the others closely followed him into the Millennium Ancient City.

Lan Yanzhi followed particularly closely. She ignored her sister, because she didn’t dare to do anything otherwise. She didn’t even dare to look at Lan Xi now because there was a hint of guilt in her heart. She was very afraid of looking straight into her sister’s eyes—afraid that Lan Xi would see her heart.

As they confronted Wang Long who had the eyes of a tiger and was staring at them with wicked gazes, Su Rou and Su Mei, naturally, did not dare to stop him. They quickly cleared the path, afraid of Wang Long’s potential malicious intents.

However, just as Wang Long walked up to the entrance, he suddenly turned his gaze around, and said to Jiang Wushang and Zhang Tianyi with a sneer, “Tell this to that brat Chu Feng in my place: you better not follow. Otherwise, after entering, there will be no return.”

After leaving those words behind in a very arrogant manner, Wang Long roared with mad laughter again, as if he were laughing at how powerless Chu Feng and the others were. However, it seemed more as if he were venting the frustration in his heart.

Within the laughter, Wang Long and the others entered the concealed portion of the ancient city and as they kept moving toward, they kept increasing the distance between them.

“You’ve seen how Wang Long acts. He now has the intent to kill. Not to mention entering, even if you stay in the ancient city, when he sees you again, I’m guessing he will still attack. Heed my words and don’t follow. Even more so, don’t let Chu Feng come in. Otherwise, even I cannot protect you.”

Lan Xi didn’t know that the door was opened by Jiang Wushang and the others, but she knew what that place—the core of the Millennium Ancient City—represented. So, she too didn’t hesitate. After sincerely reminding Jiang Wushang and the others, she followed Wang Long and the others’ footsteps and entered. She didn’t want to miss such a rare opportunity either.

However, just as they went through the door, a figure came over like light, arriving onto the plaza.

When they saw that person, no matter if it was Jiang Wushang or Zhang Tianyi, or Su Rou or Su Mei, they were elated. All the worry and depression on their faces completely disappeared and replacing them was infinite joy—because that person was precisely Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng! You’re uninjured! This is really great!” After seeing Chu Feng, Su Rou and Su Mei both leaped into Chu Feng’s embrace. It could be seen how worried they were about Chu Feng’s safety. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have had such a strong reaction after seeing Chu Feng’s safe and sound.

As for Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang, they were like that as well. They were no idiots; rather, they were very smart, so they understood Chu Feng had taken quite a risk by opening the eighth Formation Aperture even without Chu Feng himself saying so. Thus, they were very worried as well.

“Senior Zhang, Brother Wushang, who wounded you two?”

As Chu Feng stroked the two beauties in his embrace, he looked at his two brothers Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang. When he saw that there were a few external injuries on their bodies, and even traces of blood on the corners of their mouth, his brows instantly slanted inwards. In his eyes surged bone-piercing coldness and overflowing fury.

“It was Wang Long. Not only did he strike at us, he even told us to not enter, otherwise we would never return,” Zhang Tianyi said.

As for Jiang Wushang, he was silent. What he worried the most was actually this: After successfully finding matters related to the Imperial Bloodline, yet others become the first to investigate it. Most importantly, they didn’t have any power to fight against these people.

After hearing Zhang Tianyi’s words, Chu Feng didn’t say much, nor were there too many changes in his expression. As if everything was within his expectations, he said, “Let’s go in.”

“Big Brother Chu Feng, don’t!” However, just at that moment, Jiang Wushang walked over. He stood in front of Chu Feng and said, “Big Brother Chu Feng, I know you are thinking for my sake, and doing everything for my sake.

“But, I can’t let you enter. Wang Long now has killing intent, and if we enter, he will definitely kill us. I don’t want this to affect everyone because of my own selfishness. I… I’ve already decided I don’t want this Imperial Bloodline.”

When he spoke those words, Jiang Wushang’s expression was very painful because to him, the Imperial Bloodline was really too important. However, he clearly understood how many dangers there were inside the core of the Millennium Ancient City. He couldn’t affect Chu Feng and the others because of his own business, so he had no choice but to give it up. It was an extremely painful action that couldn’t be helped at all.

“Brother Wushang, you wouldn’t think that your Big Brother Chu Feng, I, would fear that Wang Long, right?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, you mean?” Jiang Wushang and the others were first taken aback when their heard that, and at the same time, their gazes surged with some shock because from Chu Feng’s words, they had already made a few guesses.

“Hoh.” As he faced the crowd’s gazes, Chu Feng didn’t directly respond, saying instead, “Didn’t all of you want to know what level my current cultivation resides at? When we catch that Wang Long, I’ll let you know.”

After speaking, Chu Feng turned around gracefully with his clothes fluttering, and walked straight into the Spirit Formation door.

Seeing that, Su Rou and the others all looked at each other, then their mouths curved into a hint of a faint smile. Even though Chu Feng didn’t make himself completely clear, they all knew Chu Feng likely had the absolute confidence to win.

In less than a half year of time, the young man who left the continent of the Nine Provinces with them indeed grew to an extremely terrifying level.

So, Su Rou and the others didn’t ask any more questions. They followed Chu Feng, through the Spirit Formation door, and entered the core of the Millennium Ancient City.

Although the core was extremely large, with the speeds of Chu Feng and the others, it simply wasn’t much. Moreover, immediately after passing through the Spirit Formation door, there was a vast and grand pathway. Going straight along the pathway was a mighty and imposing palace.

That palace was not to be underestimated. It could be said to be the grandest structure within the Millennium Ancient City. So long as they weren’t a fool, one could instantly tell that this was the most crucial location.

At that instant, the palace’s doors were already opened, clear evidence that Wang Long, Lan Xi, and the others had already entered. Naturally, Chu Feng and the others could not dally either, otherwise, if Wang Long and the others had the advantage of being first, that would not be good.


*boom rumble rumble*

However, before even stepping into the palace, from it rang the roars of beasts and deafening explosions.

Simultaneously, dense smoke with powerful shockwaves also bursted out of the palace.

“Scatter.” Chu Feng waved his hand when he saw that, dispelling the incoming waves. After entering, they looked inside. Not to mention Su Rou and the others, even Chu Feng’s expression couldn’t help freezing as he felt shock and surprise.

The interior of the palace was very vast. Wang Long and Lan Xi was inside, but Wang Yue, Lan Yanzhi, and the others were running towards Chu Feng’s direction with faces full of fear.

When they saw Chu Feng, they were frightened atop of their already existing fright. They were forced to change directions as they ran towards a corner of the palace.

The reason they acted like that was because in the end of the palace, there was currently a Monstrous Beast that had a huge body with overwhelming strength.

The Monstrous Beast was over ten meters tall and dozens of meters long. Before it, humans were simply as minuscule as ants. Moreover, its eyes were blood-red. Raging flames surrounded its body as it was making ferocious attacks.

When the attack came out, it shocked the heavens and the earth, and a single roar shook the world. The Monstrous Beast’s might was powerful, and its strength was fierce. It was simply something Chu Feng had never seen before, and definitely the most ferocious beast Chu Feng had ever seen.

Before it, Wang Long and Lan Xi were currently combining their strengths and fighting it. But even the two rank four Martial Lords felt quite the pressure when facing that Monstrous Beast.