Chapter 741 - One Step Ahead

MGA: Chapter 741 - One Step Ahead

As they were faced with Zhang Tianyi and the others’ blockade, the expressions of Liu Zhenbiao and the others changed slightly. They all stopped moving, and didn’t dare to continue going forward.

After all, Zhang Tianyi’s group had much higher cultivation levels. If Liu Zhenbiao’s group were to force it, they would obviously pay quite a price.

So, immediately, Liu Zhenbiao and the others all cast their gazes towards Wang Yue. He was in the eighth level of the Heaven realm, a genius who was the disciple of the vice–academy head.

But, in reality, Wang Yue too stopped moving forward. He wasn’t afraid of Zhang Tianyi and the others. Rather, from the bottom of his heart, he didn’t put Zhang Tianyi and the others in his heart.

He did not need to fear Zhang Tianyi, but there was one person he had no choice but to fear—Chu Feng.

Especially after seeing Chu Feng’s domineering attitude, he knew that Chu Feng was not a simple person. He was a very cunning man, a person who did not fear the heavens nor the earth.

If it were a normal situation, perhaps he wouldn’t care; at present, however, he had Taikou’s protection. Thus, he absolutely could not offend him. Otherwise, judging by Chu Feng’s character, he would definitely drag him to death. Wang Yue was truly afraid.

“Forbidden from passing? Based on what?!” But just at that moment, Lan Yanzhi stood out. Her gaze fierce, her tone overbearing. She did not have the slightest bit of fear when facing Zhang Tianyi and the others. Rather, there was a hint of disdain.

At first, Liu Zhenbiao and the others were confused why Lan Yanzhi acted like that, but very soon, they understood. Back then, when Chu Feng forced the Wang brothers to kneel, Lan Yanzhi was not there. So, she hadn’t see what Chu Feng could do. She didn’t know how terrifying the young boy was.

That was why she acted as arrogant as usual. She didn’t put Zhang Tianyi and the others in her eyes, and most definitely, she didn’t put Chu Feng in her eyes either.

“Based on what? Based on the fact that we opened this place, thus we are qualified to disallow all of you from entering,” Zhang Tianyi loudly shouted.

“This…” When those words were spoken, the crowd was speechless because Zhang Tianyi did speak the truth. They too had also personally seen Jiang Wushang open the Spirit Formation door with the Spirit Formation key.

“Go to hell! Are you so shameless? This place was opened by you? Why not say instead that this is your home!

“Don’t forget this place belongs to everyone. This is the land of the Four Seas Academy. As a disciple of the Four Seas Academy, if I want to enter, I will enter. No one is qualified to stop me, nor are any of you qualified to stop me even if you wish to.” Lan Yanzhi was incomparably arrogant. As she spoke, she even rushed directly towards Su Rou, with the airs of a “if a god is blocking me, I kill a god; if a buddha is blocking my way, I kill a buddha”.

However, just as Lan Yanzhi wanted to push Su Rou aside, a surprising scene occurred.

As Su Rou’s skirt fluttered, she arrived in front of Lan Yanzhi like a fairy. Then, she waved her pure-white hand, and with a bang, a powerful slap landed on Lan Yanzhi’s face. Only after Lan Yanzhi spun around once did she come to her senses.

“Yo-You dare to hit me?!” Lan Yanzhi’s eyes glared with fury and she gnashed her teeth.

“If you dare to take one more step, I’ll let you know how I will truly hit you.” Su Rou’s expression was calm, but within her beautiful eyes, two chilling rays of coldness shot out, and it was as if it could freeze everything.

*ta* At that moment, Lan Yanzhi involuntarily stepped back. She was actually afraid. Even though she didn’t know why, she was indeed afraid.

Looking at Lan Yanzhi’s astonished expression and her being at a loss, Su Mei was on the side, sweetly smiling. Although her elder sister had always kept a low-profile after coming to the Four Seas Academy, making her seem like a very good target for bullying, Su Mei knew what type of person her sister was. Su Rou kept her calm and was sharp. When she lacked the strength, she would choose to endure, but when she had sufficient strength, she would not lower herself to any single person, especially when facing her enemies. It would not be too excessive to call her vicious; she was absolutely not as warm and kind as she appeared on the surface.

“Haha, the Millennium Ancient City has opened? I have truly walked onto great fortune!” However, just at that moment, a voice suddenly rang out from nearby.

When they looked over, the faces of Jiang Wushang and the others couldn’t help changing because they instantly recognize who the person coming was—it was none other than Wang Long.

“Big Brother Wang Long, you’ve come at the perfect moment! This bitch dares to hit me! Quickly, help me give her a good lesson!” When she saw Wang Long, Lan Yanzhi immediately rejoiced. She acted as though she saw her savior and instantly asked him for help.

“If you tell me, Wang Long, to love such a beauty, I can; but to tell me to hit her? How can I possible bear doing that?”

However, something that Lan Yanzhi never would have expected was Wang Long not only lacked any intention to assist her in her vengeance, it was unknown what sort of emotions he had in his eyes as he looked at Su Rou and Su Mei. There even hung a trace of a vile smile on the corners of his mouth, and as he spoke, he even shot a coquettish glance at them.

Wang Long’s actions made Lan Yanzhi’s face pale from anger. She was close to turning mad.

When all’s said and done, she and Wang Long were people who’d had that sort of a relationship for quite a while. She even helped Wang Long harm her own sister. Yet, at present, Wang Long actually treated her in such a way. It was impossible for her to accept that.

“But… Beauties can be let go; men, on the other hand, have no need for that.

“Go die.” Suddenly, Wang Long’s expression turned cold. A hint of viciousness surged past, then, with a thought, boundless pressure bursted out of his body, which shot towards Jiang Wushang and Zhang Tianyi.

“Crap.” At that instant, Zhang Tianyi’s and Jiang Wushang’s face changed greatly. Although it was only pressure, it was of a rank four Martial Lord’s.

They were able to feel what sort of terrifying power was contained within the pressure. It was simply not power that they could resist. Wang Long truly wanted to put them to death.

*hmm* However, just as Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang undoubtedly thought they were about to die, two bursts of pressure descended from the sky. They surged over, and like a barrier, stopped in front of Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang.

*boom boom*

The bursts of pressure interweaved together, and instantly, frenzied shockwaves came into existence. Although the newly arrived bursts of pressure successfully stopped Wang Long’s attack, due to their overwhelming strength, Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang still received the brunt of the remnants. They were forced several meters back, but luckily, they were only slightly injured and were fine.

“Lan Xi?” After the clash, everyone finally discovered who saved Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang—it was Lan Xi.

At that moment, Lan Xi’s complexion was a bit pale. Her body also appeared very weak, and her expression was unsightly as well. At that instant, however, she was indeed standing on the plaza. Her skirt fluttered, her gaze cold, and she stood not too far away from Wang Long.

“Wang Long, the pressure just now was enough to kill the two of them. Were you going to kill disciples from the same academy?” Lan Xi fiercely reprimanded.

“Kill them? If I truly wanted to kill them, would they still be living?” When he saw Lan Xi, Wang Long coldly snorted and didn’t say anything else. He knew the drug in Lan Xi’s body had faded away. No matter why that was, at least at that moment, he no longer had any chances of performing unlawful actions.

Besides, in comparison to Lan Xi, the city before their eyes was more attracting to him. So, he waved his big sleeve, then led the crowd straight into the Spirit Formation door.