Chapter 740 - Forbidden from Passing

MGA: Chapter 740 - Forbidden from Passing

Just as Chu Feng arrived at the Millennium Ancient City, he saw a person. Her expression dispirited, her face full of depression, as if she had received a large blow, but also as if she was full of worries.

Chu Feng immediately recognized that person—Lan Xi’s younger sister, Lan Yanzhi.

She sat there, and after seeing Chu Feng, she was slightly taken aback. But then, she quickly lowered her head back down. She still had a downcast expression on her face, lacking the slightest bit of change.

When he saw Lan Yanzhi who acted in such a way, Chu Feng only coldly chuckled. He knew why Lan Yanzhi was acting in such a manner. It was definitely because she feared Lan Xi’s punishment if it were discovered that she was the one who had helped set up such a scheme.

Chu Feng would not extend his sympathies to people like her because she should definitely reap what she sowed. Thus, Chu Feng did not console her, and with a leap, he went towards the resting area of Jiang Wushang and the others.

On the road, Chu Feng spread out his Spirit power. Not only did he discover that Lan Xi had yet to return, even Wang Long hadn’t yet. But, Chu Feng, who had sufficient confidence in the Concealment Formation he laid, didn’t worry that Wang Long would find Lan Xi. So, without doing anything else, he entered the palace.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, you’ve returned! How is it?” At that instant, within the slightly ruined palace, Su Rou and the others were chatting. When they saw Chu Feng, Jiang Wushang and the others surrounded him.

“Brother Wushang, take this.” As Chu Feng spoke, he took out the Spirit Formation and gave it to Jiang Wushang.

“Heavens! Big Brother Chu Feng, you’ve succeeded?” After seeing the Spirit Formation key, Jiang Wushang was incomparably excited. He, also a World Spiritist, knew what the key represented.

“Only half is done. I still need you to help me with the other half,” said Chu Feng.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, what should I do? Don’t hesitate to instruct me,” Jiang Wushang said sincerely.

“Within the Millennium Ancient City, there is a Concealment Formation. It has hid the core of the Millennium Ancient City. I suspect that the hidden portion is very likely related to the Imperial Bloodline.

“Right now, I have already opened seven Formation Aperture that surround the outside of the city. There is still one more within the ancient city itself. However, there are still a few troubles to open this Formation Aperture.

“Simply speaking, when I open the eighth Formation Aperture, a door will appear inside the ancient city. At that time, Brother Wushang, take this key and just open the door.

“But, be careful. Because I am unable to be certain whether there exists danger on the other side of that door, after opening it, unless absolutely necessary, do not enter. For as long as possible, wait for me,” Chu Feng reminded.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, I understand.” Jiang Wushang was incomparably moved. Even his body was trembling. He was not afraid, but excited. When a person reached a certain degree of excitement, they would act like this.

“Little Rou, Little Mei, Senior Zhang, stay with Brother Wushang,” Chu Feng said to Su Rou and the others.

“Chu Feng, you must be careful,” Su Rou said worriedly in reminder.

“Don’t worry, I have my own plans.” Chu Feng confidently smiled, as though everything were in his control. Then, he said to Jiang Wushang, “Remember, unless absolutely necessary, do not enter. Wait for me.”

“Mm.” Jiang Wushang and the others nodded.

*whoosh* At the same time, Chu Feng had already drifted away like the wind. No one knew where the eighth Formation Aperture was—only Chu Feng knew.

“Let’s go.” After Chu Feng left, Jiang Wushang and the others also left the palace. They all leapt up one after the other, and stood atop the highest structure within the Millennium Ancient City, awaiting the appearance of the gate.

Simultaneously, Chu Feng had already entered the eighth Formation Aperture. That was different from all the previous ones. It was not as difficult as the ones before. After Chu Feng entered, he already saw the exit.

But, the exit was closed, and the entrance was now closed as well. It did indeed correspond to Eggy’s guesses. At that moment, Chu Feng was locked in there. The only one who could save Chu Feng were Jiang Wushang and the others.

At that moment, Chu Feng was neither panicked nor worried. He came up to the exit, sat cross-legged, and said indifferently, “Brother Wushang, it’s up to you.”


As Chu Feng spoke those words, within the Millennium Ancient City, above a round plaza, a golden radiance suddenly rose into the sky. At the same time, the earth also made rumbling sounds; the entire Millennium Ancient City started shaking.

Countless shattered rocks rolled around, and countless small structures collapsed. Even cracks appeared on the ground, as if there were an earthquake.

“What is happening?” At that moment, the sky was about to turn dark. Other than Lan Xi and Wang Long, everyone else was within the ancient city. So, such a change from the ancient city attracted everyone’s attention.

However, they didn’t understand what was happening. Other than Jiang Wushang and others, not only was there no one who dared to rashly near the column of light, they even went farther away from it, fearing they would be harmed.

Then, in the end, when the pillar of radiance gradually returned where it came from, an enormous outline also appeared. It was a huge door. A thirty-meter tall, ten-meter wide huge door dazzling in golden brilliance. A Spirit Formation door that was both vast and grandiose.

Moreover, in the center of the door, there was a keyhole. The size and shape of it was nearly identical to the key in Jiang Wushang’s hand. It was obvious that the key was prepared for that keyhole.

“He succeeded! Big Brother Chu Feng is truly too great. I didn’t think he would activate this door so easily.” Seeing the formation of the door, Jiang Wushang simply didn’t believe his own eyes. It was akin to a dream; his joyous emotions was inexpressible.

“Brother Wushang, quickly open the door!” Su Rou urgently reminded. She was extremely intelligent—when Chu Feng needed Jiang Wushang’s help and didn’t open the door himself, she knew that Chu Feng was possibly in danger. And, the way to save Chu Feng was to open the door.

“Mm.” Jiang Wushang didn’t hesitate any longer as well. He quickly took the Spirit Formation key, and with Zhang Tianyi and others by his side, he rushed up to the huge door.

“What is happening? What is that thing? I-It’s a Spirit Formation door!”

“Look at the thing in Jiang Wushang’s hand! It’s a key! He’s opening that door!”

At the same time, the others inside the ancient city, after seeing the door form, all hurried over—just in time to see Jiang Wushang opening the door.

And, when they saw that, they were dumbfounded because they couldn’t understand why such a grand Spirit Formation door appeared at that place, nor why Jiang Wushang had the key to open it.

Jiang Wushang didn’t bother caring about their stunned expressions because the thing he was worried about at that moment was not the views of others, but whether the door could be successfully opened.

*hmm* However, all worries were unneeded. When the Spirit Formation key was inserted into the keyhole, before Jiang Wushang had any chance to do anything else, the center of the door started twisting. In the end, the keyhole disappeared, and what appeared before Jiang Wushang and the others was an empty door. On the other side of the door was an extremely grand city.

The style of the city’s structures was very similar to the Millennium Ancient City’s. Moreover, they too emanated an antique aura. In comparison to the Millennium Ancient City’s degree of ruin and deterioration, however, the buildings of the city were relatively complete, even rather new.

“Heavens! Could that be the core of the Millennium Ancient City?”

At that instant, everyone came to their senses. So, as it seemed, the rumours were true: a portion of the Millennium Ancient City was truly hidden, and what the door led towards was none other than that concealed core portion.

“Quick! Quickly go! There are definitely heavenly great opportunities within the disappeared section of the Millennium Ancient City! We cannot miss it!” Suddenly, someone shouted. It was Wang Long’s younger brother, Wang Yue. Moreover, as he shouted, he had leaped forward madly. Akin to an arrow that had just left its bow, he shot towards the entrance of the huge door.

Following Wang Yue’s shout, Liu Zhenbiao and the others also acted as if they were mad. Without any more words, they started dashing towards the door. Even Lan Yanzhi, who had a face full of depression before, was no exception.

But when he saw such a scene, Jiang Wushang tightly furrowed his brows because within the door, it contained matters relating to the Imperial Bloodline. Furthermore, that area was discovered by Chu Feng. How could he allow others to be the first ones to enter?

Just as Jiang Wushang pondered over such a predicament, Zhang Tianyi, Su Rou, and Su Mei separated and stopped in front of the entrance of the door. They said simultaneously, “You are all forbidden from passing!”