Chapter 739 - My Thoughts Exactly

MGA: Chapter 739 - My Thoughts Exactly

Even if it were a man with greater willpower, they would still have a reaction when they met that sort of thing. So, in such a situation, Chu Feng was already heated with desire.

If it were before, perhaps Chu Feng wouldn’t care at all, and would have already pulled down his pants and went up. After all, that was one way of helping Lan Xi cure the poison. It was equal to helping her.

But now, he was different. Chu Feng was no longer the young and frivolous child. He knew, at present, Lan Xi was not clear-minded. And, he understood that he didn’t like Lan Xi, and Lan Xi didn’t like him.

In a situation like this, doing that thing was a very irresponsible action. Especially after experiencing the matter with Yan Ruyu, he understood such a point much more deeply. If, because of a rash action, he did something he shouldn’t have done, it would possibly destroy a person’s life.

This was precisely “eat a setback, grow a wisdom”. Although, at first, his rash action had indirectly saved Yan Ruyu, if the Forbidden Mysterious Technique she cultivated didn’t contain a demon, then admittedly, Chu Feng was in the wrong.

So, Chu Feng now understood very clearly he could not have that sort of a relationship with Lan Xi. No matter how much she enticed, he could not because Lan Xi’s actions were due to the drug—not by her own will. Even she herself didn’t know what she was doing. All of it was by her natural drugged instincts. However, Chu Feng was different—he was clear-headed. Therefore, he had to maintain reason.

“Lan Xi, sorry.” Finally, Chu Feng grinded his teeth, and he slammed forth his palm; it fell upon her forehead.

When the palm collided, Lan Xi’s expression froze and her body quivered. Then, she closed her eyes and lost consciousness. She lay peacefully, having been knocked out.

After Lan Xi fainted away, it was a lot more convenient for Chu Feng to cure her. After a while of treating, Lan Xi finally calmed down, and Chu Feng too finally relaxed.

At that moment, Chu Feng had already taken out a blanket made of a special material and laid it on Lan Xi’s body, covering her bare and enticing figure.

But Lan Xi’s pink, little face was still incomparably attracting. One must say, she had quite a good appearance. No wonder Wang Long acted so madly.

Sadly, no matter how much more beautiful Lan Xi became, she wasn’t Chu Feng’s cup of tea. It could even be said that purely in terms of appearances, Lan Xi was still a bit inferior to Su Rou and Su Mei. As for Zi Ling, she was not even comparable.

Actually, in the end, Chu Feng did have quite high requirements for the quality of women. Most importantly, both sides must feel the same towards the other.

Seeing Lan Xi’s situation stable down, and that she would naturally awaken in a short while, Chu Feng chose to leave.

Putting aside the fact that Chu Feng still had to go open the seventh Formation Aperture, Chu Feng wasn’t sure what would happen if Lan Xi reawakened. So, he decided to just leave, becoming a nameless hero and act as if nothing had ever happened.

When he left, Chu Feng did not remove the Concealment Formation because he feared Wang Long would come again, or Lan Xi would encounter a Fierce Beast. Such a situation would not be too good. After all, at present, she lacked any awareness.

Chu Feng lowered the strength of his Spirit Formation so after Lan Xi awakened, she wouldn’t be unable to break open the Spirit Formation. Being stuck here would also be very troublesome.

Only after doing everything and discovering no problems did Chu Feng leave…

Chu Feng’s was very fast. Even though the seventh Formation Aperture was quite a distance away, as it was at the other end of the forest, and the later Formation Apertures were more difficult to break, before the sky darkened, Chu Feng still succeeded.

“I’ve finally obtained the seventh Spirit Formation key!” After walking out of the seventh Formation Aperture, Chu Feng raised his head and looked at the sky. He saw that though the sun had already fallen, the sky hadn’t turned completely black; it wasn’t too late. At least, the fifth day had yet to depart.

Looking at the seventh Spirit Formation key in his hand, Chu Feng felt joy that rose from the bottom of his heart because now, it was finally time to break open the last Formation Aperture. As long as the last one was broken through, he would be able to find the hidden part of the ancient city.

“Chu Feng, quickly take out the six other keys,” reminded Eggy.

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded, then took out the six other Spirit Formation keys.

According to Eggy’s analysis of the entire formation, when breaking open the eighth Formation Aperture—by solving the maze—a door should appear within the Millennium Ancient City, and that door was the entrance to the concealed part of the ancient city.

However, the door was sealed. Which was why after opening every Formation Aperture, Chu Feng got a Spirit Formation key. Those keys were crucial to opening the door.

However, from what Eggy knew, there was a Concealment Formation that was very similar to the one Chu Feng was opening now.

Eight Formation Apertures, but only seven Spirit Formation keys. The seven keys could be coalesced into one, forming a single key. This was crucial in opening the final door.

Upon entering the eighth Formation Aperture, although the large golden door would still appear in the end of the maze, if one did not use the Spirit Formation key to open the door that appeared outside the eighth Formation Aperture, within the Millennium Ancient City, the eighth Formation Aperture would be an unsolvable puzzle. Even those who had solved the prior ones would be imprisoned inside.

So, Chu Feng had to give it a test to see whether the seven Spirit Formation keys he had could be combined into one.

If they could, it proved that the formation was the same as the one Eggy knew of. Then, before Chu Feng entered the eighth Formation Aperture, he would have to hand the Spirit Formation key to another person and have that person open the door. Otherwise, it was impossible for he himself to open the formation.

If the seven keys were unable to be combined, then it would be even simpler. It would mean that Eggy’s worries were redundant, that the Concealment Formation at this place was not as complicated as they had imagined, and that Chu Feng could just go open the eighth Formation Aperture and it would be fine.

Without dallying, Chu Feng took out the seven Spirit Formation keys. With the flash of radiance, they joined together to form a single key. It made the key even brighter, so much it shone with brilliance. But, at the same time, the Spirit Formation power it contained was stronger.

“They truly joined together! That means, Eggy, your guess was correct! When opening the eighth Formation Aperture, the door will appear, and only by using this Spirit Formation key to open the door will the eighth Formation Aperture be thoroughly opened.

“Eggy, I must say that you’ve truly helped me hugely. Otherwise, I would’ve definitely went and directly opened the eighth Formation Aperture. If I did that, not only would I have been imprisoned inside, I would have even died.” After combining the seven keys into one, he knew that Eggy’s guesses were correct. At the same time, he expressed his deep admiration for her knowledge. Eggy had helped him once again.

“Heh, of course my abilities are impressive.

“But regardless of my level of strength, am I not still sealed inside your World Spirit Space, and forced to listen to your dispatches? And do things for you? In the end, the powerful one is still you!” Eggy said humbly, but she couldn’t stop smiling. It could be seen that she quite liked Chu Feng’s praises, but other than feeling happy, she said again, “Let’s go. Let us go see what is hidden inside this Millennium Ancient City.”

“My thoughts exactly.” Chu Feng nodded, lightly smiled, then flew back towards the Millennium Ancient City.