Chapter 738 - Infinite Enticement

MGA: Chapter 738 - Infinite Enticement

Chu Feng arrived in the area almost at the same instant Wang Long went wild. He emerged outside the Spirit Formation, and landed before Lan Yanzhi.

“Ah! Who are you?” Lan Yanzhi shrieked in fright after seeing Chu Feng.

She asked this question because currently, Chu Feng had intentionally put on a disguise in order to avoid any unnecessary troubles. What he wore was black-coloured clothing. He also wore a conical hat on his head, so Lan Yanzhi simply couldn’t recognize who he was.

“Scram, bitch!” When he saw Lan Yanzhi, Chu Feng became instantly enraged. Especially when he recalled how well Lan Xi treated her yet how she harmed Lan Xi, Chu Feng reached the extremities of anger. A slap landed on Lan Yanzhi’s face, which immediately turned her unconscious.

Then, Chu Feng threw out a fist. With a bang, the Concealment Formation shattered from his strike.

At that moment, Wang Long was madly and enjoyably tearing Lan Xi’s skirt. The sudden change made him to be stunned. His complexion changed greatly after seeing Chu Feng, and he shouted furiously, “Who are you?”

Chu Feng was already in a rage. But when he saw Lan Xi bare naked with her pure-white skin revealed, he didn’t even bother wasting his breath as he immediately, without saying a word, he went up, and punched Wang Long.

When Chu Feng threw that punch, the ground and mountains trembled. His strength was simply unstoppable.

“Damn, who is disturbing me? You are looking to die!” Wang Long also had a stomach full of fire. His perfect occasion was destroyed by someone, which caused him to become quite annoyed. However, when that person started attacking without saying anything, it was unacceptable.

So, he too said nothing. He clenched one of his hands, channeling Martial power into it, and faced the incoming fist with his own.

*boom* The two fists collided. Instantly, a deafening explosion burst out. As the berserk shockwaves brought about chaos, Wang Long was forced a few steps back. He felt his right hand go numb with faint signs of pain, With a face full of astonishment, he muttered astoundedly, “This… How is this possible?!”

Wang Long was extremely shocked. When his hand collided with Chu Feng’s, he discovered his opponent's strength—a rank two Martial Lord. His opponent was only a rank two Martial Lord.

Wang Long himself was a rank four Martial Lord! He, a rank four Martial Lord, was forced back by a rank two Martial Lord. That simply made him feel disbelief. He could not even understand it.

Wang Long was no fool. He subconsciously knew that his opponent was not simple.

Yet, as he looked at the alluring body that lacked any clothes and kept on twisting about, and as he heard Lan Xi who kept on making bewitching cries, he didn’t care all that much.

With the flip of his palm, he took out a Mastered Elite Armament. He waved his arm, then after a chilling glint of the armament, he pounced towards Chu Feng again. He swore he would take down Lan Xi. With his present mindset, if a man came, he would kill this man. If a buddha came, he would kill this buddha! No one should even think of stopping him.

“Scram.” However, even if it was Wang Long’s Elite Armament, Chu Feng still did not fear in the slightest. He threw out a palm, then boundless Martial power moved as he so desired. Along with his thoughts, it became a large hammer. The hammer was sent out and it collided with the Mastered Elite Armament in Wang Long’s hand. With a bang, it forced Wang Long back again.

Although Wang Long was a rank four Martial Lord, there was still a difference in fighting ability even within the same realm. Wang Long appeared to have just shortly entered the realm of rank four Martial Lords; his foundation was unstable. His fighting ability was also extremely low, so he simply didn’t have the strength to return attacks at Chu Feng.

At that instant, Chu Feng truly wanted to fiercely give Wang Long a lesson. He even prepared to slaughter him this very instant. Not only to avenge Lan Xi, but to also to remove future weeds for himself, preventing Wang Long from harming Su Rou and the others when he leaves the Four Seas Academy.

But, as he looked at Lan Xi, Chu Feng had no choice but to immediately make a decision. Lan Xi was poisoned, and it was an extremely powerful poison. If he didn’t cure her soon, it was likely she would arrive at the border between life and death.

“I will temporary spare your filthy life.” Chu Feng pointed at Wang Long and furiously shouted, then he carried Lan Xi, and jumped up. After a few leaps, he disappeared from Wang Long’s range of vision.

“Dammit!” Wang Long watched as Chu Feng ran away with Lan Xi, the person he dreamt of having. He almost had his way with her!

He was truly about to turn insane from his fury. But, when he lowered his head and saw the palm that was bleeding, as well as the now-cracked Mastered Elite Armament, he was forced into contemplation. He tightly furrowed his brows and said in a low voice, “Who exactly was that? Why has such a terrifying person appeared inside the Millennium Ancient City?”

As Wang Long was thinking, attempting to determine who that person was, Chu Feng was carrying Lan Xi and running extremely quickly. He could feel that Lan Xi, who was in his embrace, was scorching with heat. Also, she was very indecent: she put her fair hand deep into Chu Feng’s clothes and rubbed his chest. Clearly, she had reached an uncontrollable state.

“This won’t do. The drug will soon seep into her dantian and her Source Energy. If this goes on, she will die. I can’t delay this further.”

Ever since he was drugged by aphrodisiac, Chu Feng had studied these types of drugs. He knew that the slightly stronger ones would not only ignite one’s lust to the point of losing control, they would even enter their dantian and Source Energy. They were forced to find someone to do the deed between a man and a woman, otherwise they would die from their bodies exploding.

Chu Feng could immediately tell that the one Lan Xi had was an extremely strong one—one that would cause her body to explode if he didn’t quickly find the antidote.

So, Chu Feng didn’t care too much anymore. He quickly stopped moving forward and laid a Concealment Formation on the spot. Then, he quickly laid a Chilling Formation.

After laying those formations, Chu Feng put Lan Xi in them. Then, he activated the formations. He wanted to use the bone-piercing cold to force Lan Xi back to awareness, in order to avoid the drug from moving about and entering her organs.

At the same time, Chu Feng also took out a specialized antidote that cured these types of odd drugs and fed it to Lan Xi.

In reality, Chu Feng prepared that antidote for himself. Although, at present, he took great care in eating things and rarely would he ever be poisoned, he still had past shadows in his heart regarding eating drugged foods and beverages. So, he prepared an antidote precisely because of that. Moreover, it was an antidote of the highest quality. Originally, Chu Feng thought it would be useless, but unexpectedly, it had its role today.

It was still, however, useless as Lan Xi was extremely unwilling to cooperate with him. She twisted her body around, shaking it left and right, and also kept on using her hand to touch everywhere on Chu Feng’s body. But, she was unwilling to take the antidote.

“I want, I want~~~” Lan Xi was losing more and more control. She even started to pull open Chu Feng’s clothes.

“Lan Xi, don’t, don’t. Stay alert, stay alert!” Chu Feng endlessly shouted. He started to force Lan Xi to take the antidote, but unavoidably, he saw Lan Xi’s bare and alluring body. More so unavoidably, his palm came in contact with her smooth skin.

Most devastatingly, Lan Xi’s hand became more and more indecent. She touched here and there, and then touched Chu Feng’s already risen part. The most important thing was that she seemed to know what that was. Other than a faint tremble after she touched that section, she actually grabbed it, and was unwilling to let go. Instead, she started to rub it, as if she wanted to pull it out of Chu Feng’s pants.