Chapter 735 - Kneel Down

MGA: Chapter 735 - Kneel Down

“That’s right! You truly think you can do whatever you wish to in the Four Seas Academy by relying on an outsider?” At the same time, a few other disciples also spoke with malicious intent.

It was a good chance to boot-lick Wang Long. They did not want to miss that chance, and more importantly, if they didn’t speak for Wang Long, they also feared they would receive his punishment.

“Wang Long, since we are from the same academy, we should care for each other. As a senior, you should be an example. How can you strike out like this just because of a bit of food?” Just at that moment, Lan Xi spoke. She already saw what had happened, so she couldn’t bear continue watching.

“This…” When Lan Xi spoke, the people who were berating Jiang Wushang couldn’t help shutting their mouths. They dared not offend Wang Long, but similarly, they dared not offend Lan Xi.

“Lan Xi, your words are incorrect. As a senior, yes, I should take care of my juniors, but at the same time, I should teach them the rules.

“Jiang Wushang does not know the rules. So, I teach him. What is the wrong in that?” retorted Wang Long, but thought, Damn woman, you’re getting more and more excessive. You stand on the opposite side against me in front of so many people? Wait until you get hit with my drug. See how I’ll take care of you then.

At that instant, Wang Long was not truly angry. Instead, he was very happy because the woman he loved openly was soon to become the object beneath him. So long as he thought of it, he couldn’t help feeling refreshed as the thing underneath rose up.

Lan Xi really didn’t know what to say about Wang Long’s views. After all, when any disciple saw them, they had to pay their respects—it was a rule set by the academy head himself. Although she could refuse the salutations of others, if Wang Long wanted to enjoy such a privilege, even she had no right to stop him.

“What are you staring at? Why aren’t you paying your respects to my brother?” Seeing Lan Xi fall silent, Wang Yue hurriedly pointed at Jiang Wushang and yelled.

Although he was unwilling, it was indeed a rule of the Four Seas Academy. So, he could only walk up, bow to Wang Long, and say, “I greet Senior Wang Long.”

“Haha!” Wang Long smugly laughed when he saw Jiang Wushang give in, then he pointed at Jiang Wushang and said, “Remember, in the future, whenever you see me, you must come and pay your respects. These are rules!”

“These are damn rules, huh? How about I teach you some rules!” But just at that moment, a voice suddenly rang out. At the same time, four people walked out of a palace.

There were two men and two women. Zhang Tianyi was near the end, Su Rou and Su Mei were by the sides, and the middle, leading, was Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng? He’s here? When did he return?!” When they saw Chu Feng, the group of disciples comprising of two men and one woman couldn’t help greatly change their expressions. They were not lightly frightened.

The reason why they dared to say all that to Jiang Wushang before was because they knew Chu Feng wasn’t in the Millennium Ancient City. But, they never expected that Chu Feng had returned. That made them quite terrified.

After all, the scene of Taikou beating Qin Yu up yesterday was still clear in their eyes. If even Qin Yu, disciple of the Sentencing Elder, received such a brutal ending because he offended Chu Feng, what would happen to them?

“Don’t worry. With Senior Wang Long here, what are you afraid of?

“Besides, this is the Millennium Ancient City. Taikou isn’t here. If he dares to act arrogantly, judging by Senior Wang Long’s character, he’ll have it coming,” said Liu Zhenbiao secretly via mental messaging.

“That’s true!” After hearing Liu Zhenbiao’s words, the disciples felt it made sense. They couldn’t help but find their courage once more, and stood behind Wang Long with their chests raised.

But who would have thought after seeing Chu Feng, even Wang Long felt cowardly. Although he was not afraid of Chu Feng, he was truly afraid of Taikou. So, without saying anything, he waved his big sleeve, left behind a cold snort, and aimed to leave.

“STOP!” However, just at that moment, Chu Feng explosively shouted.

“What do you want?” Wang Long turned his head around and looked at Chu Feng with a disdainful gaze.

“Didn’t you hear what I said just now?” Chu Feng had an indifferent expression, then he added, “You were just talking about rules, so I’ll teach you some rules right now.”

“Teach me rules? What a joke. You, a person from the outside of the Four Seas Academy, is worthy to teach me rules? On what basis?” Wang Long sneered incessantly.

“On no other but this.” Chu Feng’s complexion remained unchanged, but as he spoke, he took out a badge. It was Taikou’s identity badge.

“This…” After seeing the badge, everyone’s heart involuntarily trembled. It was precisely because of that badge that Qin Yu was so miserably beaten up.

“Did you forget what Senior Taikou said before? No problem, I can tell all of you again.

“Those who see this badge must act as if they see Senior Taikou. Those who see me must pay their respects to me.

“Do you know what is paying respects? It is to kneel and bow.” As he spoke, his face suddenly turned cold. His eyes also shot out two rays of chilliness as he looked at Liu Zhenbiao and the others and said, “All of you, kneel.”


After those words were spoken, the three disciples instantly knelt down without speaking anything more. The one they were afraid of the most was Taikou. At present, Chu Feng immediately took Taikou’s name out, so even if they didn’t want to be afraid, they had no choice.

After all, Taikou even dared to brutally beat up Qin Yu, a disciple with such a special status. If they angered Taikou, it was possible that they would even be killed. He was a living king of hell that didn’t care about laws!

“What are you doing? Are you disobeying Senior Taikou’s order?” Chu Feng pointed at Liu Zhenbiao whose face was full of hesitation.

Although there was quite deep enmity between him and Jiang Wushang and the others, he too was very afraid of Taikou! Moreover, he knew if Taikou wanted to beat him up or kill him, a mere Wang Long was insufficient to save him.

So, despite his unwillingness, he still gradually lowered his knee and in the end, half-knelt on the ground as a salutation to Chu Feng.

At that instant, the only obstinate ones were Wang Long and Wang Yue, the two brothers. Although they were very afraid of Taikou as well, after all, their statuses were different. Moreover, they did not fear Chu Feng himself. So, they were really unable to kneel down at an outsider like Chu Feng.

Seeing Wang Long and Wang Yue’s refusal to knee, Chu Feng had expected it. As he played around with the badge in his hand, he said, “Senior Taikou said he would stay for a few more days in the Four Seas Academy. He told me that after the expedition in the Millennium Ancient City was finished to come to his place and give a report.

“He said to see if there was anyone who dared to challenge his might and disobey the orders he made. And, so long as there were people who dared to disobey, regardless of who, he was most definitely going to skin that person.

“It seems up until now, the number of people who disobeyed his order is two.”

Chu Feng’s words made the Wang brothers’ hearts jump out because they knew, very clearly, that Taikou was a man of his words. Yet, to kneel down at Chu Feng… that was something they could not do. Thus, Wang Long pointed at Chu Feng, and said with a threatening tone, “Chu Feng, one should leave a sparing distance for all matters. Do not be excessive.”

“For handling of all matters, it also depends on the person. For a person like you, there is absolutely no need for that.” Chu Feng also put away his smile. He pointed at Wang Long and Wang Yue, and fierce shouted, “I ask only one thing. Will you kneel, or will you not?”