Chapter 734 - Wang Long Looking for Trouble

MGA: Chapter 734 - Wang Long Looking for Trouble

“Big Brother Chu Feng, you’ve returned! How was it?” As World Spiritist himself, Jiang Wushang immediately felt Chu Feng’s arrival. At that moment, his face was full of joy and he quickly ran over.

“It was quite good. I’ve returned this time to tell all of you that I will have no trouble facing anything in the forest, so there’s no need to worry about me. When I finish the things I plan to do, I’ll return here and open this place.

“Brother Wushang, no need to be concerned. If there truly is an Imperial Bloodline within the Millennium Ancient City, even if I have to flip everything upside down, I will find it for you,” Chu Feng said to Jiang Wushang as he patted his shoulders.

“Haha, then that is really too great! Big Brother Chu Feng, I truly don’t know how to thank you. This is clearly my own matter, yet I need you to run about for me while I can only stay here, wait, and do nothing. I…” There was a bit of shame on Jiang Wushang’s face.

“We are brothers, there is no need to say things like this.” Chu Feng once again patted his shoulders, then looked at the food’s increasing aroma in the distance and said, “I didn’t think you, a grand prince, would have such skills in cooking.”

“Hehe, I always went out for adventuring on my own before, and since I don’t like eating dry rations—only hot things—I inadvertently trained myself. In a bit, give it a try. Perhaps your Brother Wushang’s cooking isn’t as flawless as Sister Su Rou’s, but it’s still not bad!” Jiang Wushang said while scratching his head.

“Haha, then this is just perfect! I’ll throw in a dish for you; roast this as well.” Chu Feng handed the Fierce Beast in his hand to Jiang Wushang.

“Waa, this is quite a rarely seen Fierce Beast! Although its external steel armor is incomparably strong, the meat within is sweet and tasty. It seems that Big Brother Chu Feng is also someone who often hunts for food, huh?” Jiang Wushang immediately recognized that the Fierce Beast was a rare delicacy.

“Heh. I’m good in eating, but less so making.” Chu Feng laughed, then walked into the palace.

Su Rou and Su Mei lived in the same house. Su Mei was still sleeping; she was cute, amiable, and extremely beautiful as she slept. Chu Feng really couldn’t bear waking up that little beauty.

But Su Rou had already awakened. She was currently washing her face and combing. At that moment, her long, wet hair scattered about her shoulders. Sparkling water droplets, with Su Rou’s unique fragrance, slid down her hair. They landed onto her snow-white jade-like skin, giving her a very bewitching appearance.

Chu Feng carefully approached her from behind, and then circled his arms around Su Rou’s soft waist, tightly hugging the beauty in his embrace.

“Shh, be quiet! Little Mei hasn’t woken up yet,” Su Rou said in a low voice. But, as she spoke, she turned around slightly and gently buried her head into Chu Feng as she tightly hugged the man of hers.

At that instant, Chu Feng was not only able to feel Su Rou’s face rubbing in his embrace, he could also feel two bountiful, round, and soft objects tightly stuck on his chest. Unbearably, he felt his entire body heat up, and his little brother beneath also instantly stood upright.

If not out of consideration for Su Mei still sleeping, that food was soon to come, and that there was simply not enough time, Chu Feng really wanted to immediately push her down and enjoy the taste of the exceptional beauty.

As if she felt the change underneath Chu Feng, Su Rou feared Chu Feng would not be able to hold himself back so she quickly left Chu Feng’s embrace, charmingly smiled, then said, “How were the harvests?”

“Better than expected. Within ten days, I should be able to break open this formation. But, after I leave today, I’m afraid I can only return after five days,” Chu Feng said.

“Although it is completely within reason to fight for your brother and I really shouldn’t say anything, as your lover, I still hope you can take care of yourself because in my heart, there are only people who are most important to me. One is my sister, the other is you,” said Su Rou.

“Don’t worry, I have plans. Regardless of how much greater the storm becomes, I have already seen it all. The things in here don’t trouble me. Besides, matters of my brother are matters of my own. I should still go forth even if it were more dangerous,” Chu Feng said after a smile.

“You…” Seeing Chu Feng who acted in such a manner, Su Rou really didn’t know what to say. So, she could only sweetly smile, and no longer said anything in tact.

But, she still felt her heart ache because she knew Chu Feng must have experienced quite a few hardships on his own outside. His current strength did not just appear out of nowhere. It was tempered bit by bit.

And just as Chu Feng was chatting with Su Rou, Jiang Wushang was also speeding up his cooking. He was also very meticulous with it, especially so with the Fierce Beast meat he was roasting. Its aroma wafted about for several meters.

Normally, Jiang Wushang wouldn’t put so much of his heart into making food, but today was different. Ever since entering this place, he felt joy and excitement surge from the bottom of his heart. So much that he couldn’t even sleep.

The reason was obviously because of the discovery of the Imperial Bloodline. Moreover, there also existed the chance to dig it out. To him, that was a wondrous thing that he could not even dream of.

Yet, at present, such an unfathomable dream turned into reality. It was all because of Chu Feng. He was truly thankful, so that was why he put so much into cooking food. He felt it was, as of now, the best sign of gratitude he could give to Chu Feng.

“Oh? I even thought it was some lady who was roasting such an aromatic meat. I didn’t expect it to be you, brat.

“Come, bring me the meat you’re roasting and give me a fresh taste of it.” Suddenly, a very horrid-sounding and arrogant voice came from afar. Upon the raise of his head, he saw it was Wang Long and Wang Yue.

Jiang Wushang looked at Wang Long, and after some hesitation, decided to choose to act deaf and ignore him. This was a delicious food he specially prepared for Chu Feng. How could he let Wang Long take advantage of it?

Besides, Chu Feng was now a person who had Taikou’s protection, and Jiang Wushang himself was a person who had Chu Feng’s protection. As a result, he no longer feared Wang Long as he did before.

“Ah? You ignore me? Are you looking for death?” Wang Long was instantly enraged when he saw that Jiang Wushang did not even look straight at him. In the Four Seas Academy, there was no disciple who dared to ignore him like that.

Suddenly putting strength in his palm, he threw an attack out, turning the rock by Jiang Wushang’s side into fragments.

He didn’t strike Jiang Wushang because he had fears, and the person he feared was naturally Chu Feng. He didn’t strike the food because he also had fears. After a night of working, he was truly hungry now. Right before his eyes, there was such a delicious food; he truly wanted to eat.

“What is happening?”

“Senior Wang Long, what happened?” The explosion of the rock attracted quite some attention. Liu Zhenbiao and the others quickly came over, and even Lan Xi hurried over.

“Hmph. This brat doesn’t know what’s good from bad. After seeing me, not only did he not come up and pay his respects, when I kindly wished to taste his workmanship, he refused. From what I see, he simply does not put me, his senior, in his eyes,” said Wang Long with quite some displeasure.

“Jiang Wushang, you have truly become more and more audacious! You dare to even disrespect Senior Wang Long? Do you not put the rules of the Four Seas Academy in your eyes? Do you realize that you’re a disciple of the Four Seas Academy?” When they heard those words, Liu Zhenbiao, who had been in past conflicts with Jiang Wushang and the others, quickly took the chance to criticize Jiang Wushang.