Chapter 736 - The Unyielding Chu Feng

MGA: Chapter 736 - The Unyielding Chu Feng


Wang Long was truly held in place by that question. He didn’t expect Chu Feng, the young boy, would have such an unyielding attitude. It seemed that Chu Feng was not afraid of him at all.

Chu Feng was not afraid, but Wang Long had to be afraid. He was truly afraid of Taikou! At that instant, a predicament was forced upon him. As he tightly clenched his fists, he was making a very difficult decision.

Finally, looking at the advantages and disadvantages, he had no choice but to endure the humiliation. But, that did not mean he chose to give in. Thus, he grinded his teeth, let out glares from his eyes, and even faintly emanated his bloodlust and powerful aura. He shouted furiously, “Hell, I’ll kneel! But remember: I will have you do the same to me.”

“Wait.” However, just at that moment, Chu Feng suddenly spoke to stop him.

When he heard that, Wang Long secretly celebrated in his heart. He immediately ceased his downward motion and also formed a complacent smile on his mouth. He thought Chu Feng was afraid of his might, so he didn’t dare to go so far.

Who would have thought, however, that Chu Feng would not even look at him. He looked at Jiang Wushang and said, “Brother Wushang, come over.”

At first, Jiang Wushang was a bit confused. He only understood after he walked up to Chu Feng, had his shoulders held by Chu Feng, and was dragged to his side.

Because, Chu Feng then smiled at the Wang brothers and said, “Kneel.”

“You…” At that moment, Wang Long’s fury truly jumped about like lightning. Even his lungs were soon to explode. He initially thought it was his might that made Chu Feng afraid, but no matter what, he didn’t think that not only was Chu Feng unaffected, he became even fiercer than before. Not only did Chu Feng want Wang Long to kneel to him, he also wanted him to kneel to Jiang Wushang.

“You can choose to refuse to kneel, because I, Chu Feng, hate forcing people. But, you bear the consequences.” Chu Feng wore a light smile on his face, but it was a very smug one.

“Chu Feng, you better remember this! I, Wang Long, will return today’s matter several times over!” Wang Long gnashed his teeth, but after finishing speaking, he knelt with a whoosh. Although it was only a half-kneel, he did, in fact, kneel.

And upon seeing his elder brother kneeling, even if Wang Yue did not accept it, he no longer dared to act arrogantly. Thus, he could only do the same as his elder brother: kneel.

Only after seeing this did Chu Feng satisfiedly nod his head. Then, he said to Jiang Wushang, “Brother Wushang, listen. In the Four Seas Academy, if there is anyone who dares to force you to bow or kneel, I’ll have them kneel to you.”

After those words, Chu Feng looked at Wang Long again because his words were for him. Before, Wang Long said every time Jiang Wushang saw him, he would have to go up and pay his respects. And now, the meaning behind Chu Feng’s words was that so long as Jiang Wushang paid his respects to Wang Long, Wang Long would have to kneel back.

“Hmph.” Wang Long was no fool, so he naturally understood what Chu Feng meant. But, he was extremely unwilling to accept that situation. After a cold snort, he rose, and left with quick steps. Today, he no longer felt he had any face remaining, and at the same time, the pillar of enmity was firmly set in stone with Chu Feng and the others. He had decided if there were a chance, he would give Chu Feng a miserable death.

After Wang Long walked away, Liu Zhenbiao and the others hurriedly left as well. They were truly afraid of Chu Feng.

From the scene just now, they had discovered how unyielding Chu Feng could be. Even when Taikou was not there, he was able to force Wang Long to kneel. That was definitely not something that an ordinary person could do.

So, they became more and more aware of how dangerous Chu Feng was. They became aware that Chu Feng was not as simple as he appeared on the surface. He was simply several times more vicious than Zhang Tianyi and the others. As a result, they didn’t dare to stay long at that place. They were really afraid Chu Feng would use that badge again and continue humiliating them.

After they left in succession, Lan Xi who had been watching on the side from the start also deeply looked at Chu Feng before turning around, and was about to leave.

“Senior Lan Xi, wait.” Just at that moment, behind her came Chu Feng’s voice.

“You wouldn’t also want me to pay respects to you, right?” Lan Xi said with a tone of mirth.

“Senior Lan Xi, what are you talking about? I wouldn’t be so arrogant as to have people pay respects to me for no reason. If they don’t offend me, I don’t offend them. If they offend me, I will most definitely return the favour.

“Jiang Wushang is my brother, and the ones here are all people close to me. They are even more important than my own life. Since that Wang Long treated my Brother Wushang in such a manner, I had to fight back for that face,” Chu Feng explained.

“Mm. I saw it all just now. It was indeed Wang Long who was in the wrong. But you are quite courageous; you actually dare to treat Wang Long in such a way in this location.

“Are you not afraid that Wang Long would lose his reason from anger and find a chance here to finish off you and your companions?

“After all, from his status, even Taikou can’t do anything if Wang Long joins up with a few other people and say you were killed by Fierce Beasts,” Lan Xi said with a smile.

“Actually, I feel that this is something Wang Long should be worried about instead,” said Chu Feng very confidently. There was not a trace of fear on his face, and instead, he wore a faint smile that Lan Xi could not understand.

“You are quite daring, though I suppose, in the Eastern Sea Region, there are some times when one should be more resolute.” Lan Xi looked at Chu Feng in a praiseful manner, then shortly after, she turned around again.

“Senior Lan Xi, our breakfast is ready. Would you like to eat together with us?” said Chu Feng in an attempt to have her stay behind.

“No need, I still have business to attend to.” Lan Xi turned her head around and beautifully smiled at him, then leaped up, stepped upon the layers of structures, and once again returned to the apex of the highest palace and looked into the distance of the forest.

“This Lan Xi is indeed different from the others. What a shame, what a shame…” Chu Feng had good impressions of Lan Xi, for the sole reason that she was the only person to speak out for Jiang Wushang when Wang Long was making things difficult for him. According to logic, judging by her status, she should be helping Wang Long instead. But, she did not.

Thus, Chu Feng decided to give her a reminder.

After Su Rou and the others comfortably ate a not so bountiful but extremely appetizing breakfast, Chu Feng prepared to leave to continue opening Formation Apertures.

“Chu Feng, give this to Senior Lan Xi.” Before Chu Feng began moving, Su Rou gave Chu Feng a large, aromatic, and steaming Fierce Beast meat.

Chu Feng looked at Su Rou, then looked at Su Mei, who was by Su Rou’s side and flashed a sweet smile at him, warmth was immediately created in his heart. Only then did he nod and say, “Mm.”

Chu Feng was truly happy. Happy that he met two women who loved him so much. If it were selfish people, perhaps they would have already been angry when he chatted with Lan Xi.

But not only did Su Rou and Su Mei lack any anger, they even stood on Chu Feng’s side in consideration for him, and on their own accord, suggested giving Lan Xi something to eat. He had to admit that they were good sisters who understood the hearts of others.

Chu Feng brought the large Fierce Beast meat and once again came up to the palace Lan Xi was on, then gave it to her.

“Thanks.” Lan Xi did not refuse it. She accepted the Fierce Beast meat, then opened her mouth and started shyly nibbling on it.