Chapter 730 - Exposing the Formation Aperture

MGA: Chapter 730 - Exposing the Formation Aperture

In reality, it was not only Jiang Wushang who felt immense excitement. Even Su Rou, Su Mei, and Zhang Tianyi reacted the same. With their gazes full of shock and admiration, they stared tightly at Chu Feng.

Chu Feng wore a light smile on his face as the gazes gathered on him. He nodded, and said, “It is absolutely true.”

“Haha, Big Brother Chu Feng, you are really too powerful! I truly don’t know what to say anymore.

“Ever since the Millennium Ancient City landed in the hands of the Four Seas Academy, who knows how many experts they’ve sent here to investigate it? Yet, they’ve obtained absolutely nothing.

“On the other hand, you gave it no more than a glance yet saw through it. I really don’t know how I should give you my thanks. You are definitely someone whom I owe a great favour to!” After hearing Chu Feng’s confirmation, Jiang Wushang nearly lost control of his emotions. He actually hugged Chu Feng and roared with laughter.

Chu Feng had no problem understanding Jiang Wushang’s current emotions because to him, an Imperial Bloodline was too important. It could be said to be a goal that he might not be able to touch, even after an entire life of striving for it. At present, however, Chu Feng gave him hope. How could he not be excited?

But even Chu Feng himself could not be sure whether there were things related to the Imperial Bloodline inside the concealed ancient city. So, in an attempt to avoid spoiling the mood, he could only say, “Brother Wushang, I have no problem understanding your current feelings, but to say the truth, even if I can break through this formation, I cannot be certain whether there are things related to the Imperial Bloodline inside.”

“Big Brother Chu Feng, are you unable to feel it?” But after hearing his words, Jiang Wushang looked at Chu Feng in surprise.

“Feel what?” Chu Feng was puzzled.

“The might emanating from the Imperial Bloodline!” said Jiang Wushang.

“The might from the Imperial Bloodline?” After the words were spoken, not to mention Chu Feng, even Su Rou and the others were stunned because they did not feel any might originating from any Imperial Bloodline.

Chu Feng was then the first to react as he said to Jiang Wushang, “Brother Wushang, the Imperial Bloodline might you talk of… Could it be pressure that is enveloping us?”

“Yeah! Big Brother Chu Feng, do you not sense it?” said Jiang Wushang.

“I can feel pressure, but I can’t determine whether it is from a special bloodline.” Chu Feng shook his head.

When he heard that, Jiang Wushang looked towards Su Rou, Zhang Tianyi and the others. They too responded the same as Chu Feng—they shook their heads as well.

At that instant, when Jiang Wushang looked at Chu Feng, his eyes had even more complex emotions as he said, “Actually, it’s normal for them to not be able to sense it. After all, they don’t have any special bloodline power. But you, Big Brother Chu Feng… even you can’t sense the pressure originating from the depths of one’s soul. Which means likely, there are only two possibilities.”

“Brother Wushang, what do you mean?” asked Chu Feng quickly.

“The first possibility is that you are not a person who possess an Inherited Bloodline. As a result, you cannot feel the Imperial Bloodline—the pressure that completely veils over one’s bloodline.

“The second possibility is that you are still, in fact, a possessor of an Inherited Bloodline, but because your bloodline is superior to even the Imperial Bloodline, the pressure emanated from it cannot envelop the foundations of your bloodline and has invisibly been rejected,” said Jiang Wushang.

“I see.” A revelation came to Chu Feng when he absorbed all of that. As it turned out, Jiang Wushang, possessor of a Royal Bloodline, not only felt the pressure everyone else felt after entering this region, he even felt the bloodline pressure that others could not sense—and that bloodline pressure was the Imperial Bloodline.

“It seems I must hurry. No matter if that pressure is from the concealed center of the city or not, I must still try it out,” Chu Feng said with a light smile.

Afterwards, Chu Feng alone left the Millennium Ancient City. He immediately entered the deep parts of the forest because the possibility of a Formation Aperture being there was the greatest.

As for Su Rou and the others, they did not head for the forest to capture Heaven medicines. They rested in the Millennium Ancient City, sitting to await Chu Feng’s return.

Chu Feng ran as he if were flying, his speed immensely quick. Even though his cultivation was restricted, his speed still remained inconceivable. Most definitely, within that region, there was no one whose speed could match his.

But that wasn’t all. Chu Feng left no traces as he stepped upon the grasses. As he shot forth, he not only left no remnants of aura behind, not a single bit of sound was made as well. The reason why he was able to do this was because, in order to sooner reach his destinations, Chu Feng had used the power of the three lightnings. Currently, his cultivation was of a rank two Martial Lord’s, but his strength was even quite a bit more powerful than a rank four Martial Lord.

*ta* Suddenly, Chu Feng stopped moving. He stood on the ground like a javelin, and with his fierce gaze, he swept it across a small space in front of him. An ecstatic expression involuntarily emerged onto his face as he thought, “I didn’t expect to find a Formation Aperture so quickly!”

With the naked eye, there was nothing special about that empty space. Even with Spirit power, nothing out of the place could be discovered. Unless it were a Royal-cloak World Spiritist, it was impossible to see through that land with Spirit power. Yet, Chu Feng had done it.

Chu Feng knew that place was one of the Formation Apertures that hid the Millennium Ancient City. However, even so, the elation on Chu Feng’s face dimmed a fair bit quickly.

It was because he knew that there was a total of eight Formation Aperture. One of them was inside the ancient city, while seven others were all outside. Moreover, to break the eight Formation Aperture, there was a specific order. If the order were disrupted, it would lead to a calamity. Likely everyone inside the forest would die.

The one who laid the Formation Apertures there intentionally set up such a situation. That person set up a situation that could be broken through, but up until now, there was obviously no one who had been able to. One could even say that all of it had yet to be discovered by anyone; Chu Feng was most likely the first person in all of history to do so.

“Heh, no need to be so downcast. You must know that even Martial King–leveled Gold-cloak World Spiritists are unable to discover this place. Only Royal-cloak World Spiritists can, and even if they did, they may not be able to immediately determine the order of the Formation Aperture with a single glimpse as you have done.”

Although Eggy usually entertained herself by watching on the side and was fearless of any significant matters, when Chu Feng’s confidence received a blow, or when he faced setbacks and difficulties, she would be the first to stand out to console Chu Feng, advise him, and solve puzzles for him.

“Mm. There is still time. Not only do I have to break this formation within ten days, I also have to solve the mystery of this place.” Chu Feng smiled. After secretly leaving behind a mark that only he could discover, he leaped forth and started searching again.

Perhaps the gods don’t disappoint those who persevere, or perhaps Chu Feng truly had good luck, before the skies had lit up, Chu Feng found the second Formation Aperture. Moreover, the order of it was first. It was a Formation Aperture that could be immediately opened now.