Chapter 731 - For Brother

MGA: Chapter 731 - For Brother

“Haha, I didn’t think I would find this so quickly! Let me see how mysterious the Formation Aperture left behind by a Royal-cloak World Spiritist is!”

After seeing all the things up until now, Chu Feng was almost completely certain that the person who laid the formation was a Royal-cloak World Spiritist. Furthermore, that person was most likely a Martial King. It was very possibly that it was the powerful existence that possessed an Imperial Bloodline and eradicated the tribe of Monstrous Beasts in the Millennium Ancient City.

Since he said he would do it, he did not dally. After discovering the Formation Aperture, Chu Feng first laid a Concealment Spirit Formation to completely envelop the area. This was in order to avoid any unnecessary troubles in case something were to activate when he was opening the Formation Aperture.

Only after laying a Concealment Spirit Formation did Chu Feng start to lay a Spirit Formation to open the Formation Aperture.

Although that was the work of a Royal-cloak World Spiritist, with the Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng saw through its composition and uncovered its weak points.

Also, the person who laid that formation did so in a specific manner. The creator was only testing the person who would see through the setup, so the strength of the Spirit Formation was not too great. Only the element of concealment was relatively stronger. As a result, it was quite a simple task for Chu Feng to open the Formation Aperture.


Purple-coloured light swirled about the Spirit Formation. After only a blink, violent gales started running amok atop the seemingly ordinary earth. It trembled slightly before, finally, a ray of light rose into the sky. An incomparably domineering and large door then gradually emerged from the ground.

It was golden, but not made by the power of golden Spirit Formations. The golden Spirit Formation was completely different from the golden Spirit Formations Gold-cloak World Spiritists had. It was a fundamental difference. Not only was it beautiful, it was mighty. The Spirit Formation power that was already no longer differentiated by colour was a whole new level of strength—the strength of a Royal-cloak Spirit Formation.

“Heh, luckily I made prior preparations. Otherwise, this would have truly attracted quite a bit of attention.” Seeing the overflowing radiance originating from the huge door made by Royal-cloak Spirit Formation before his eyes, Chu Feng knew it was the entrance to the Formation Aperture.

Entering the doors, he arrived at a corridor. But, after walking just a few steps, Chu Feng discovered three entrances appearing in front.

Chu Feng did not rashly continue because, for some reason, he felt that something was off. And, through the Heaven’s Eyes’ observations, indeed, he found anomalies—it was a maze. If he took one wrong step, he would sink into an unrecoverable state.

Wicked. The creator of this place was truly wicked. Although he did not explicitly lay down traps or leave behind powerful guardians, he invisibly set up overlapping dangers.

Within the dangers, there were countless paths, countless choices. However, if one were to take even a single wrong path, or choose a single wrong door, there would be no return. Only two words awaited those who entered such a situation: absolute death!

Fortunately, Chu Feng had the Heaven’s Eyes and he moved cautiously. He saw through the trap early and also searched for clues toward the road of survival. Even so, however, Chu Feng dared not be careless. He was careful and alert. Every time he had to choose between entrances, he would examine them in detail and double check before entering. Every step was truly frightening.

In such high-stress circumstances, even Chu Feng didn’t know how much time passed. He only knew that he passed through innumerable roads, crossed innumerable doors, but had yet to meet overly fatal perils. That meant up until now, all the paths he chose were correct; his decisions were correct.

Finally, a blinding golden radiance appeared before Chu Feng. It was the exit to the Formation Aperture. Chu Feng quickly walked towards it. Indeed, he once again saw a dazzling large door. But, this door was not the same doors as the fake ones in the maze. It was the true exit.

Moreover, in front of the exit, there was even a key floating in the air. A key three feet long, akin to a dagger.

Chu Feng grasped the key and stepped past the door. He felt his vision blur, then soon after, he returned to the area at which he entered the Formation Aperture.

Looking around himself, other than the already darkened sky, there were pretty much no other changes. The faint wind remained the same, the cries of birds as well. The Spirit Formation key in his hand was clenched just like that within his palm, and even the Opening Formation he laid was still swirling about. But, when he looked again with the Heaven’s Eyes, he discovered that the Formation Aperture had secretly disappeared.

“Chu Feng, you’ve succeeded! You’ve succeeded in breaking a Formation Aperture of a Royal-cloak World Spiritist!

“If this were known, it would definitely create a commotion in the East Sea, and your name would spread through the world as well!

“The designer of this Formation Aperture is meticulous, and even if a Royal-cloak World Spiritist were attempting it, the process may not even be as smooth. Yet, you did it! I must say, this is truly something worthy to be happy about and worthy of congratulations. Your growth in Spirit Formation techniques is even greater than your growth in cultivation.

“For those who have control over Spirit Formation techniques, the most important thing for them is the word ‘wisdom’. No matter if it’s linking with World Spirits to have them willingly sell their own lives for you, or to break formations and lay deathly traps, they require surpassing wisdom. Only with that could one become superior to others and stand in an undefeatable position.

“And you are equipped with precisely that. Putting aside cultivation, regarding Spirit Formation techniques, it’s likely even Gold-cloak World Spiritists in the Martial King realm will be far inferior to you.” Eggy praised Chu Feng endlessly. Ever since entering the Formation Aperture, she did not remind Chu Feng to do anything. Everything was seen through and done by Chu Feng himself, and he also chose the paths on his own.

Or, one could say that she didn’t even have the chance to remind Chu Feng because practically every time she discovered something wrong, Chu Feng too would see the same thing. Not only did his growth make her feel comfort, it was worth her praise.

“A comparison in wisdom? Indeed, the person who laid this Formation Aperture is a wise person. Inside the maze, he might as well didn’t put any reminders in there. On the surface, it looks excessively simple, but in reality, dangers lie on all sides. One would die with a slight bit of carelessness. Luckily, I have the Heaven’s Eyes. Otherwise, with my current Spirit power, I wouldn’t have been able to see anything.”

Chu Feng smiled. Although many minuscule matters were decisions of his own, when all was said and done, the Heaven’s Eyes were the crucial thing that helped him.

“I taught you the Heaven’s Eyes, but the reason why I taught you was because I have good impressions of you. And why do I have good impressions of you? Because of your ability.

“Although I was forced to be sealed in your World Spirit Space and require you becoming strong to restore my own strength, if you did not win my trust, I would never hand everything to you. In the end, it’s still because you’re strong enough.” Eggy’s praise of Chu Feng came from the bottom of her heart. Chu Feng’s growth made her feel joy that came from the very inner parts of herself.

Eggy’s praise not only boosted Chu Feng’s confidence, it also increased his strength and will. After putting away the Spirit Formation key in his hand, Chu Feng did not stop. He ventured deeper forward and continued searching for Formation Apertures.

Unknowingly, the sky had become black. It meant that Chu Feng had spent quite a bit of time breaking the Formation Aperture, and according to the rules of the Four Seas Academy, they were only allowed to stay there for ten days. So, Chu Feng had to hurry it up. Not only did he need to break the formation within ten days, he had to solve the mystery in ten days as well! He had already prepared to throw away sleep and rest. For his brother, he would give it his all!