Chapter 729 - Concealment Formation

MGA: Chapter 729 - Concealment Formation

“Beyond the Millennium Ancient City is an even vaster forest. Within this vast forest, there are not only Heaven medicines and various oddities, there exists also vicious Martial medicines and Fierce Beasts.

“Luckily, however, all the dangerous things move around only within the forest. They dare not enter the Millennium Ancient City.

“So, a word of advice: After entering, if you do not have the strength to fight against Martial Medicines, it’d be best to avoid walking deep into the forest. Also, when resting, it is best to return to the Millennium Ancient City. Don’t loiter about in the forest.

“The duration of this expedition is set to ten days. Ten days later, I will reopen the entrance and let you out,” said the Sentencing Elder, explaining. But soon after, she added, “That’s right. Since this is an expedition, there will be perils. After entering, life and death will be uncertain. If there’s anyone who is afraid, you can choose to stay behind now.

“Are there any cowards?”

“NONE!” replied all the disciples. Only Chu Feng alone looked indifferently.

“Then enter. Gather here in ten days. This is a must.

“If there is someone who does not return here after ten days, we will enter and search. If there is anyone who is found by us still moving around within the forest, or with an intact body, or are uninjured, they will all be punished for violating the rules,” the Sentencing Elder reminded again.

Afterwards, Chu Feng and the others went through the entrance, stepping into the enormous forest.

Just as he passed through the Spirit Formation, Chu Feng felt a giant wave of pressure enveloping his body.

Restrained. He felt the power throughout his body all restrained. It was a very restrictive feeling; Chu Feng was certain that his current fighting ability had greatly shrunk.

And the strangest thing was that he did indeed lose his ability to fly, as if the shape of the space there were different; he simply could not fly.

At that instant, there were already people who were doing some tests. Testing whether the Sentencing Elder’s words were true as they attempted flight. However, the results told them even though they could leap several meters, even higher than that ancient tree over there, they did indeed lose the ability to fly. This was indeed an odd place.

After feeling such a peculiarity, no matter if it was Wang Long, Wang Yue, or Lan Xi, Lan Yanzhi, or Liu Zhenwei and the others, they all quickly rushed into the forest to search for Heaven medicines and Martial medicines, as that was their goal in coming to this place.

In a flash, only Chu Feng and the others remained, unmoving. The rest concentrated their gazes onto Chu Feng. When he was there, Chu Feng had really formlessly become their backbone.

“Let’s first head to the Millennium Ancient City,” Chu Feng said. Their journey’s goal was completely different from Wang Long’s and the others’. They did not aim for the Heaven medicines and Martial medicines within the forest, but for the true secret of the Millennium Ancient City.

“Mm.” Jiang Wushang and the others nodded their heads, expressing agreement.

There had to be a reason why the elders chose to open an entrance at this place.

By opening it here, there would be small path. If one walked along the small path, they would soon arrive at the Millennium Ancient City. Meaning that the forest Chu Feng and the others were currently in did not occupy a large area. The forest containing true concealed danger was on the other side of the Millennium Ancient City.

As Chu Feng and the others went down the path, after a short hour, they walked out of the forest. Appearing before their eyes was an aged and colossal city.

The city was truly enormous. So much it went beyond one’s imagination. Moreover, the structures were very special. Although they were not as exquisite and as bursting with beauty as the humans’ structures, a great sense of might and overbearingness erupted from all the buildings within the city. And, most importantly, the antique aura that pounced at him told Chu Feng the truly lengthiness of the city’s existence.

*hmm* After arriving at that place, Chu Feng spread out his Spirit power and started searching the Millennium Ancient City carefully. He looked for special regions, but he could feel no place that stood out. As a result, he had pretty much obtained nothing.

In addition, judging from the surface, the city was complete. One could simply not tell that any section was missing.

But Chu Feng had expected such a situation. So, after circling around the inside of the city, he suddenly leapt up, and, like an agile monkey, he stepped on the many buildings and jumped from one to another. Finally, he stood atop the apex of the highest structure within the Millennium Ancient City.

Looking down from above, Chu Feng started using the Heaven’s Eyes to detailedly observe everything below from his position above.

“Wow, there really is a portion concealed in the ancient city! What powerful techniques!”

Before the Heaven’s Eyes, the actual shape of the Millennium Ancient City was instantly exposed. Even Eggy could see that there was a section missing from the Millennium Ancient City. It, at present, was coalesced by pieces. The most important part had indeed disappeared.

“Eggy, what’s your thoughts on this Millennium Ancient City?” Chu Feng and Eggy shared senses, so Eggy too could clearly see everything that Chu Feng saw with his Heaven’s Eyes.

“It is a very powerful formation. The core was first hidden, then, with the remaining pieces, the structure was rebuilt. Only then was the ancient city formed. However, no matter how much more powerful this formation is, in the end, it’s still a formation. There are no unbreakable formations in this world. If the Formation Apertures are found, then naturally, it can be broken through,” said Eggy after her analysis.

“Mm. From what I see, there are at least eight Formation Apertures for this formation and they all have to be broken. Moreover, there is only one in the Millennium Ancient City. The rest are all in the forest.

“Most importantly, these Formation Apertures are not picked up by Spirit power. Only the Heaven’s Eyes can see them. In addition, since cultivation is restricted and we cannot fly, I must say there’s quite some difficulty to want to break through this formation within ten days.”

It was not only Eggy who saw the critical points of the formation. Chu Feng had an even more thorough grasp on it. He was more and more practiced in the use of the Heaven’s Eyes. His analyzation abilities were more and more detailed as well.

“Heh, isn’t that perfect for testing your control over the Heaven’s Eyes?” said Eggy giggingly. From start to end, she had an indifferent attitude.

“You…” Chu Feng helplessly shook his head, then leapt down. Like a sharp sword, he stabbed himself into the surface of the ground.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, how is it?” Jiang Wushang and the others were guarding below. After seeing Chu Feng return, all of them surrounded him. With expectant and anxious gazes, they looked at Chu Feng. Especially Jiang Wushang. He had great hopes in that place.

As he faced the staring of the crowd, Chu Feng lightly smiled, then said, “As for whether that man with an Imperial Bloodline is still in existence, I have no clue. I have, however, discovered that there is a portion of the Millennium Ancient City concealed. Also, I have a way to get that concealed portion to appear.”

“Big Brother Chu Feng, are your words true?” After hearing that, Jiang Wushang was elated. But, at the same time, he felt disbelief. After all, the Millennium Ancient City was an unsolvable mystery.

In all the years of the Four Seas Academy, they had kept on searching, but to no avail. Yet, Chu Feng had just arrived and discovered so much with a few glimpses. That really did make one feel unbelievable.