Chapter 728 - Opening the Ancient City

MGA: Chapter 728 - Opening the Ancient City

Taikou smiled disdainfully at the crowd’s reactions—one that was full of contempt.

Then, he widened his palms and sucked the badge in Qin Yu’s hand into his own. Afterwards, he waved his big sleeve and sent the badge back into Chu Feng’s hand.

After these set of actions, Taikou looked back at the crowd and loudly shouted, “All of you, listen up! I am gifting this identity badge to Chu Feng. From now on, when you see him, you act as if you see me. All disciples must pay their respects to Chu Feng. If there is anyone who dares to be disrespectful to him… Hmph... Even if they’re the son of God, I, Taikou, will dare to beat him into a cripple.”

*hua~~~* After those words, another commotion arose from the crowd. If Taikou’s previous actions were vaguely intended, as there was the possibility Taikou only spoke such thunderous words for his own face, then at this very instant, they could now be certain that the reason Taikou did all that was for no other but telling everyone he had Chu Feng’s back.

At that instant, they all couldn’t help casting their gazes at Chu Feng furtively, reexamining him in their hearts. They thought, What sort of divine figure is this person? He’s able to leave such a good impression on that peculiar living King of Hell, Taikou, and have him as protection?

Thought, regardless of how they perceived it, the crowd understood one thing very clearly in their hearts: Chu Feng could not be offended. Since, after all, Qin Yu was a clear example of the consequences for doing so.

“Who’s responsible for opening this Millennium Ancient City?” Taikou asked suddenly.

“I- Senior Taikou, I’m responsible for this place,” replied the Sentencing Elder—who was slapped by Taikou—respectfully, as she quickly rose.

“Who the hell are you calling ‘Senior’? You’re older than me, and you’re calling me senior?!” But just as she spoke, she received Taikou’s curses.

“It’s my fault, it’s my fault!” The Sentencing Elder truly feared Taikou too much. She quickly corrected with, “Instructor Taikou, I am responsible for the opening of the Millennium Ancient City.”

“This Chu Feng will enter the Millennium Ancient City with them. Do you have any objections?” Taikou asked.

“N-no objections.” The Sentencing Elder shook her head. She did not dare to say a single word of opposition.

“Chu Feng, follow them in. As for this badge, keep it on you. There’s no need to give it back to me.

“From now on, the Four Seas Academy is your home. If you wish to enter, then enter. If you wish to leave, then leave. No matter where, you may go as you desire. If there is anyone in this Four Seas Academy who dares to stop you, tell me. Whoever does not give me, Taikou, face, I’ll beat the hell out of them,” Taikou said to Chu Feng.

“Thank you, Senior Taikou.” Chu Feng bowed to Taikou. Chu Feng truly did not think Taikou would come here and even do such something like this. Something that could not be denied, however, was everything Taikou did paved a road for Chu Feng, so he could walk unrestrained within the Four Seas Academy.

He and Taikou were completely unrelated and, back then, he wanted to take Chu Feng as a disciple yet was refused. Now, Taikou was willing to lend his badge and had done all he could to help. All of those benevolent actions really made Chu Feng baffled. He was truly grateful for what Taikou did.

Human hearts were made out of flesh—not stone. Those who had a bit of kindness would know the favours they received and repay accordingly. And, Chu Feng was such a person. So, he hiddenly decided if he had the ability in the future, he would repay Taikou well.

“This brat Qin Yu puts no one above himself. Not only does he speak with a mouthful of nonsense, he is despicable and shameless. In order to take care of others, he ignores the method he uses. I shall take him away and give a good lesson to this disrespectful disciple. I’ll be leaving. Those who should be opening the Millennium Ancient City, go open the Millennium Ancient City. Those who should enter for an experience, enter for an experience.”

After speaking, Taikou grabbed out, clasping Qin Yu whose face was completely unrecognizable into his palm, then like carrying a little chicken, he rose into the air with Qin Yu and flew off.


Seeing Taikou’s figure completely disappear, all of the elders on scene, including some disciples, breathed a sigh of relief as though they were releasing a heavy burden off their shoulders, the Sentencing Elder in particular. She acted as if she were revived. She quickly wiped away the traces of blood on the corners of her mouth as well as the perspiration that drenched her forehead.

At that moment, no matter if it was the elders or the disciples, no one dared to say anything more to Chu Feng. No one even dared to look at Chu Feng. Even if they did, it would be a furtive glimpse with a quick retraction that followed. Chu Feng knew those elders were afraid. Not afraid of Chu Feng, but of Taikou who was behind Chu Feng, supporting him.

With the Sentencing Elder as the leader, the passel of elders began to open the entrance of the Millennium Ancient City at full strength.

The process was very straightforward. It was to simply use special methods to open the special formation, creating a gap within the powerful Spirit Formation. With that, it would allow Chu Feng and the others to enter.


Finally, with the combined strength of near a hundred elders, an undulation akin to a water ripple suddenly appeared outside the invisible forest. Moreover, the undulation became larger and larger, and in the end, a golden dazzling radiance appeared.

Chu Feng knew it was a hidden Spirit Formation, and that the hidden Spirit Formation was very powerful. However, with special methods, the near hundred elders had already opened it.

Indeed, the rippling golden Spirit Formation widened and became a gorgeous gate with a golden frame, appearing before the forest shortly after.

“The Millennium Ancient City is a region of unknown. I’m sure all of you know the legends surrounding it well.

“Regardless, since this is the place where you will learn through experience, there are some things I must tell all of you so you have a plan in your hearts and you’ll know what to do and what to not do after entering. And, if you were to meet with danger, you would at least have some ideas on how to take care of them.

“As for why it is a region of unknown, it’s because many things in the Millennium Ancient City are still unknown mysteries even up until now.

“Everyone knows that the Millennium Ancient City is extremely enormous. Several thousand years ago in the Eastern Sea Region, it was an old nest of a large group of Monstrous Beasts. Those Monstrous Beasts established a civilization no weaker than us humans’—the Millennium Ancient City.

“But now, not only was the glory of the Millennium Ancient City unable to be passed down, the core region inside the Millennium Ancient City disappeared, as if it had never been constructed before, even as if it were never there in the first place. Barely any traces of it can be found.

“However, several thousand years ago, there were people who had already drawn the full appearance of the Millennium Ancient City. The area within the drawings is at least twice the size of it now. There were also undoubtedly cores. So, it can nearly be confirmed that the core of the Millennium Ancient City disappeared, or, was concealed by someone.

“However, that is not the most puzzling area of the Millennium Ancient City. The most puzzling area is the special enveloping pressure around the entire forest. This pressure is very unique and odd, but it is also undeniably very strong.

“After entering, flying is impossible. Even we cultivators find it difficult to walk inside. It is not easy.

“As for where this pressure originates from, the seniors of the Four Seas Academy had once investigated it, but could not find the answer. However, the current Millennium Ancient City is still an extremely special land—that much is certain.”