Chapter 727 - Living King of Hell

MGA: Chapter 727 - Living King of Hell

“Instructor Taikou, why have you come? Just leave opening the Millennium Ancient City to us; there is no need for you to come here yourself.” The incomparably domineering Sentencing Elder before was now full of smiles. She squeezed her face full of wrinkles into one that looked like a steamed bun.

How so impressive she was before, simply at the very top; but, when Taikou appeared, she instantly turned frightened.

She was truly frightened because from Taikou’s previous action, he most likely was related to Chu Feng.

However, who would have thought that Taikou did not even pay attention to her. He looked directly at Qin Yu, and said, “You, get over here!”

“What? Me?” When he heard those words, Qin Yu’s body couldn’t help trembling. He was really not lightly terrified.

It was because Taikou’s name was too well-known. He was simply an existence no one dared to offend in the Four Seas Academy. Not to mention others, even his master herself—the head of the Sentencing Department who held control over one’s life and death in the Four Seas Academy—had been brutally beaten by Taikou once in front of many elders.

What sort of an existence was the head of the Sentencing Department? She was simply one that feared no one in the Four Seas Academy! In terms of position, she was definitely not below the vice–academy head. Only the academy head was above her.

Yet, such an existence, when being beaten by Taikou, lacked any power to fight back. So, he deeply knew how powerful Taikou was.

Although Taikou was only one of the Divine Instructors, in terms of true power, perhaps only the Lord Academy Head in the entire Four Seas Academy could fight somewhat equally against him. In reality, he still feared Taikou. It would be quite reasonable to say Taikou was a living King of Hell in the entire Four Seas Academy.

Thus, at that moment, Qin Yu was truly afraid. So afraid even his heart was quivering, but Taikou had already stated names, so he had no choice. He could only wear a light smile on his face, and ask with reverence, “Senior Taikou, you’re calling for me?”

“Do you need me to repeat myself?” Taikou coldly said.

How could Qin Yu dare to hesitate anymore then? He quickly went up to Taikou, paid his respects, then lightly smiled and said, “Senior Taikou, what do you need this junior for?”

“You said this badge was real, or fake?” Taikou pointed at the badge in Qin Yu’s hand and asked.

“I… This…” Qin Yu was stupefied. Thoroughly stupefied. In reality, he really had no way of confirming whether the badge was real or fake earlier. He only said it was fake in order to set Chu Feng up. At that very moment, however, he was pretty much certain the badge was not fake.

At that instant, Qin Yu truly felt hatred. He hated himself for being so rash. In order to mess Chu Feng up, he had been thoughtless. Without any good examination, he said the badge was fake. Now, Taikou was questioning him, so what should he reply with?

*bam* Just at that moment, an unexpected scene occurred. Taikou, in front of the crowd, fiercely gave Qin Yu a strong slap.

That slap was quite loud, louder than even firecrackers. Moreover, a lot of power had been put into it, and even Qin Yu, a rank four Martial Lord, was thrown onto the ground and a large mouthful of blood was forced out. The left side of his face even swelled up highly, and a purple-coloured handprint formed by the congestion of blood appeared.

“Stand up!” Taikou yelled again.

“Yes sir.” Qin Yu did not dare to dally. He did not even dare to wipe away the traces of blood on the corner of his mouth. He quickly stood up and walked up to Taikou again. Furthermore, he stood as straight as a pencil.

“I’m asking you: is this badge real or fake?!” Taikou pointed at the badge and asked again.

“I-thi-this…” Qin Yu hesitated once again as he felt the fiery pain from his face.

At that moment, he did not care about face any longer. Whilst in front of Taikou, a living King of Hell, he could only bend over and seek the best. He had to think of everything in order to make his escape, otherwise, even his master could not save him. So, he bit down on his teeth, and said, “Senior, it is real.”

*bam* However, when he spoke his words, Taikou threw another strong slap at his right face.

In addition, that slap was even louder than before and heavier than before. Not only was Qin Yu struck down with blood flowing out of his mouth, two molar teeth were even spat out.

However, Qin Yu most definitely would not have thought that was not the end of the nightmare, but merely the beginning.

Taikou rose and glided over to Qin Yu. With his single leg, he kicked Qin Yu’s face with a bang, immediately pushing him, who was half-kneeling, onto the ground.

Then, he just sat himself on Qin Yu. With alternations of his hands, he slapped Qin Yu’s handsome face in succession with bangs.

As he slapped him, he even cursed, “Is real yet you say it’s fake! What were you planning? You not even putting me in your eyes, huh?! Do you want to die? Do you want to die?!”

At that moment, the crowd truly felt horrified. Some even felt their own faces hurting as well.

Taikou was too fierce. After several slaps, Qin Yu looked nothing like before. Blood was smeared all over the place, and Qin Yu had already been knocked out. Yet, Taikou still continued.

“Instructor Taikou, quickly stop! He is about to die!” When she saw the skin on Qin Yu’s face completely destroyed, the Sentencing Elder finally spoke.

“What did you say?” But who would have thought just as the Sentencing Elder spoke, Taikou turned his icy gaze towards her.


At that moment, the Sentencing Elder felt extremely regretful. So much that even her intestines died from regret because she could currently feel how terrifying Taikou’s gaze was.

Most importantly, Taikou had now risen from Qin Yu’s body. Standing with one leg, he jumped over towards her.

Although Taikou’s movement seemed a bit amusing, she did not feel that at all because in her eyes, the one heading towards her was akin to a demon.

“What did you say just now? Say it again?” Taikou asked with an extremely chilling tone when he came up to the Sentencing Elder.

“I-I-I…” However, the grand peak Martial Lord expert, the great Sentencing Elder of the Sentencing Department, actually acted the same as Qin Yu. She stuttered from fear and could not even speak.

*bam* Suddenly, Taikou made his move. Doing the exact same to her as he did to Qin Yu, he sent a slap that fiercely landed on the Sentencing Elder’s face.

Moreover, the effect was the same as Qin Yu. The Sentencing Elder was thrown onto the ground from that slap and a mouthful of blood was forced out.

Looking at the Sentencing Elder lying on the ground, there was not a single iota of sympathy on Taikou’s face. Rather, he said, coldly, “Don’t think I don’t dare to hit you because you’re a woman.”

After speaking, Taikou swept his cold gaze over the crowd and said, indifferently, “What? You think this is entertaining?”

*whoosh* At that instant, everyone involuntarily lowered their heads. There was no one who dared to look straight at Taikou, and those who did couldn’t help taking a step back from fear. They truly felt the extremities of terror.