Chapter 724 - Licentious Qin Yu

MGA: Chapter 724 - Licentious Qin Yu

“Who are you? You do not perform any salutations after seeing my elder sister. Don’t you know who she is?!” When she saw Chu Feng remaining still, Lan Yanzhi pointed at him and shouted. Indeed, as Zhang Tianyi said, she was very domineering.

After hearing her words, while some of the people there expected this, some were greatly shocked because Lan Yanzhi’s words indirectly told everyone her relationship with Lan Xi. So, as it seemed, Lan Xi was her elder sister.

Chu Feng’s complexion was unchanged. He indifferently smiled, then said, “Why should I give your elder sister salutations?”

“Senior Lan Xi, he is a friend of mine called Chu Feng. He is not a disciple of the Four Seas Academy.”

At the same time, Zhang Tianyi hurriedly explained, indicating that Chu Feng didn’t need to pay his respects to Lan Xi.

Although Zhang Tianyi normally feared not the heavens nor the earth, sometimes, he had to bend. Although he was not afraid of Lan Yanzhi, Lan Xi was different. Her position and strength was above his own, and she was currently an existence they could not offend.

“What is an outsider doing here? What do you take the Four Seas Academy as? A place that anyone can enter and walk about as they will?” Lan Yanzhi shouted with great displeasure.

“Okay, Yanzhi.” Lan Xi first shot Lan Yanzhi a glance, then looked at Zhang Tianyi and the others, kindly smiling and saying, “Since we are from the same place and also from the same generation, there is no need for you to be so polite. You do not need to salute next time you see me.”

“Thank you, Senior Lan Xi.” Zhang Tianyi and the others all rose.

Seeing her elder sister say such a thing, Lan Yanzhi, on the other hand, could really say nothing. So, she cast her malicious gaze at Su Rou and the others, then said, “Oh? The four of you have concealed your cultivations quite deeply! Only today I discover you are no weaker than me, Zhang Tianyi particularly… You’ve actually surpassed me! It seems that you’ve hiddenly put quite a bit of work into training and your thoughts run quite deep.

“However, do not think you can do whatever you wish to in the Millennium Ancient City because you have such cultivation. With your power, you do not even have the qualifications to touch Martial medicines.”

When he saw Lan Yanzhi chastise his lovers and brothers right in front of himself, Chu Feng’s fury burst out with a whoosh and was about to say something…

“Yanzhi, how can you talk to other people like this? Didn’t I tell you to not speak such unpleasant words and not treat others so harshly?” But, unexpectedly, Lan Xi took Chu Feng’s chance and spoke first.

“Sister, it’s not that I’m speaking unpleasant words, nor am I treating others harshly.

“It’s just that the four of them intentionally concealed their cultivation before and intentionally made me lower my guard. Then, they hiddenly surpassed me. This is too awful. It is clear they are deliberately trying to embarrass me,” Lan Yanzhi said as she vented her anger and grievance. Luckily for her, she was able to think of such an absurd reason.

“You yourself do not strive for improvement and now you’re blaming others? If you had stayed hard-working from the very start and kept diligently cultivating, it would not matter what others did. They would not be able to affect your progress.

“However, if they already had extraordinary aptitude and were above you, no matter how hard you work, you would not be able to stop them from surpassing you.

“Yanzhi, it’s not that I want to criticize you as an elder sister, but you really have been spoiled by Uncle and Aunt. Sometimes, you truly act unreasonably. You know that there is always a person beyond each person, right? If you continue on like this, you will most definitely bear the consequences one day,” Lan Xi said, unrestrainedly criticizing her.

“Sister, I…”

Although Lan Yanzhi was often domineering, it was only while facing others. To her elder sister, she did not dare to show a tiny bit of her temper. She could only lower her head in silence. After all, the reason why she dared to be so domineering in the Four Seas Academy was because she relied on her elder sister’s position and strength.

“Sister Lan Xi, you’ve come as well?” Suddenly, a burst of laughter rang out in the distance, shattering that scene of embarrassment.

Quickly after, two people came down from the sky. The two brothers, Wang Long and Wang Yue, had arrived.

Wang Long was clearly very close to Lan Xi. After landing onto the ground, he started conversing with her, and simply did not even look straight at Chu Feng and the others. As for Wang Yue, he was even more arrogant. The pride on his body was even stronger than Lan Yanzhi by a few times.

However, Chu Feng was quite a sharp person. He could instantly see that Lan Xi, in reality, did not like very much chatting with Wang Long. However, due to face, she did not ignore him. In addition, Wang Long truly had many words to say, so that was why the two seemed to have a very close relationship.

But Chu Feng also discovered even though Wang Long chatted enthusiastically with a face brimming with smiles, he occasionally shot a few glimpses over his direction. And, there was a bit of lust in his gaze.

It could be seen that Wang Long was truly an attention-seeking person—he’d already had thoughts regarding Su Rou and Su Mei. Chu Feng needed to be a bit more vigilant.

“Oh? It’s so lively here already! So the two of you have already arrived.” Then suddenly, another person came down from the sky. It was a pretty young man with suaveness, elegance, gracefulness, an air of exceptionality, and quite an outstanding cultivation.

After that person appeared, the female disciples of the Ten Divine Instructors blinked with hearts in their eyes, and their little faces flushed with red. Even Lan Yanzhi smiled rather sweetly. Obviously, they were unable to resist that person’s charm, and were enchanted by him.

But no matter how much greater of a demeanor that man had, Su Rou and Su Mei ignored him completely. They did not even look at him, while Lan Xi too had a calm reaction.

As for that pretty male, Chu Feng had seen him before. He was none other than the last person of the Four Seas Academy’s three great geniuses, Qin Yu.

“Why has he come as well?” After recognizing that person to be Qin Yu, Su Mei furrowed her brows tightly and muttered with huge displeasure.

“Little Mei, you recognize him?” Chu Feng asked.

“I do. It’s one of the three great geniuses of the Four Seas Academy who is shameless and extremely annoying. The person I hate the most is him.” Su Mei curled her lips and seemed to have a bit of a grievance.

But after looking at Chu Feng, she quickly said, “It’s nothing. I’ve only seen him a few times.” As she spoke, she hugged Chu Feng’s arm and tightly glued her charming little face onto his arm. Her appearance was quite an intimate one.

However, Chu Feng thought in quite a detailed manner, so even though Su Mei did not say much, Chu Feng was still able to understand the gist of it.

Very evidently, the person called Qin Yu had his eyes on his Little Su Mei. Also, he had likely pestered Su Mei before as well, otherwise she wouldn’t hate him that much.

“Brother Qin Yu, you have come as well? Do you have younger brothers or sisters in this place?” Wang Long said and laughed. The relationship between him and Qin Yu was truly quite good because those with appalling tendencies often stuck with each other.

“I do not.” Qin Yu shook his head.

“Haha, I knew it! How could people like them be related in any way with my Brother Qin Yu?” Wang Long’s laughter loudened even more when he saw Qin Yu shake his head. His words had humiliated Chu Feng and the others completely.

“Ahh, Brother Wang Long, don’t say things like that! Even though I am not related in blood with any of them, you must admit that there are exceptional people in that group,” Qin Yu said with a light smile.