Chapter 723 - Lan Yanzhi

MGA: Chapter 723 - Lan Yanzhi

On the surface, the badge appeared very simple, even a bit crude. It was made from a black piece of wood, and not many ornaments decorated the frame. The three words Four Seas Academy were carved at the back, while only one word lay engraved at the front—Taikou.

At first glance, the badge appeared to be made out of wood. However, Chu Feng instantly saw it was not as simple as it appeared on the surface—there lay a formation inside this badge. That formation was completely unique. With it, one could verify the genuineness of the badge.

Moreover, it was a symbol of status—a symbol of status that represented Taikou. Thus, Chu Feng felt there should be no problem in entering the Millennium Ancient City as long as he held the badge in hand.

Furthermore, he had only met Taikou once, yet Taikou still unconditionally helped him in such a manner. Recalling this, Chu Feng felt sincere gratitude that truly stemmed from his heart. He bowed with great reverence towards Taikou and said, “Senior, thank you for helping me. I will never forget the favour you have granted me today.”

“Haha! I do not expect you to repay me for helping you. Your words are more than enough. Go out; it seems that your friends are very worried.” Taikou waved his hand with a smile. Closing his eyes, he continued smoking the large tobacco pipe in his hand.

“Then, I will take my leave.” Chu Feng did not dally longer. After another bow, he turned around, and left.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, how did it go?” Indeed—as per Taikou’s words—after Chu Feng walked out of the grass hut, Su Mei and the others had gathered around him. They did not leave too far a distance, and had kept on walking to and fro in the area. It could be seen that they were really worried about Chu Feng.

“It went even more smoothly than I had imagined.” Wearing a light smile on his face, Chu Feng waved the badge in his hand.

“My gods… he truly helped you? That’s the identity badge only Taikou has! With it, you can simply go wherever you want within the Four Seas Academy and no one will stop you!” Jiang Wushang exclaimed when he saw the badge in Chu Feng’s hand.

“Junior Chu Feng, I must say you gain more and more of my respect by the day. You even took care of that Taikou so easily! It seems you’ve truly left a good impression on him.” Zhang Tianyi’s face was full of admiration. It wasn’t easy to leave a good impression on Taikou.

“Haha, this is great! We’re able to enter the Millennium Ancient City together with Chu Feng! Woo!” As for the usually skittish Su Mei, she was bouncing about livelily. Even though she was soon passing the age of a “young lady”, she was still as cheerful and cute as always, and also very amiably pure.

In reality, it was not only Su Mei who was happy. Su Rou and Zhang Tianyi were happy as well.

However, the happiest person was definitely Jiang Wushang. After receiving the several hundred Martial medicines Chu Feng had gifted him and breaking through two levels of cultivation with Chu Feng’s help, he believed that Chu Feng, at present, was very strong.

So, Jiang Wushang, who initially had great hopes in the journey into the Millennium Ancient City, had his hopes multiply after confirming Chu Feng could travel alongside him.

On the next day, Chu Feng headed over to the Millennium Ancient City with Jiang Wushang and the others.

It was built within an Ancient Era forest. At normal times, this forest was sealed. Hence, Chu Feng and the others could only wait outside for the elders to open it.

When they arrived, they discovered that four people had already appeared before them: three men, and one woman. The men’s cultivations were at the fifth level of the Heaven realm, whereas the woman’s was at the fourth level of the Heaven realm. All of them were disciples of the other Divine Instructors.

Su Rou and the others did not conceal their strength because after entering the Millennium Ancient City, they were fated to reveal their power. Rather than completely surprising them with their jump in strength, why not let them fear a bit from the start?

“What is going on? How did their cultivation turn this powerful?”

“Su Rou and Su Mei are at the seventh level of the Heaven realm! Their cultivation is as powerful as Lan Yanzhi’s!”

“Zhang Tianyi is even at the eighth level of the Heaven realm! He’s surpassed even Lan Yanzhi and now has the same cultivation as Wang Yue! This is unbelievable!”

“Yeah! Even Jiang Wushang’s cultivation is at the sixth level of the Heaven realm! What exactly is going on? Could they have concealed their cultivation before?”

Indeed, the three men and one woman all felt shock when they observed Su Rou’s and the others’ cultivation. They were both surprised and frightened, while worry and disbelief flooded their eyes.

Also as disciples of the Ten Divine Instructors, Su Rou’s and the others’ soar in cultivation did not represent anything good for them.

However, in comparison to the woman and the two other men, a man with an ordinary appearance yet clad nobly had quite a complicated expression on his face. He could be said to be bursting with anxiety and trepidation.

“Junior Chu Feng, that’s Liu Zhenbiao’s younger brother, Liu Zhenwei. Before, he was extremely arrogant and simply did not put us in his eyes. However, a few days ago, I took an opportunity to give him a good beating.

“From what I’ve heard, after being beaten by me, he engraved the hatred on his heart and painstakingly cultivated. He wanted to quickly surpass my cultivation so he could take revenge.

“However, he obviously no longer has this chance!” Zhang Tianyi said as he pointed at the man with the complicated expression. He knew clearly that the strength he currently showed completely made Liu Zhenwei lose his hope in vengeance.

“Look! Lan Yanzhi has come!

“Eh, who’s the person next to her? Isn’t that one of the three great geniuses of the Four Seas Academy, Lan Xi?”

“It truly is Lan Xi! Why is a person like her walking together with Lan Yanzhi? Could there be some sort of relation between them?” Suddenly, the three men and one woman pointed at the nearby horizon and discussed amongst themselves with great shock.

Looking over, Chu Feng saw two females heading over in the air. Both of them had quite a bit of grace.

One of them had extremely powerful cultivation—she was a rank four Martial Lord. Chu Feng knew this person. She was one of the three great genius of the Four Seas Academy, Lan Xi, who had greeted him before in the Misty Peak.

As for the other one, she was quite younger than Lan Yanzhi, likely in her early twenties. However, she did not have weak cultivation, and was in the seventh level of the Heaven realm. Obviously, she was the person they were talking about, Lan Yanzhi.

“Junior Chu Feng, that’s Lan Yanzhi! She was originally the strongest out of the nine disciples of the Ten Divine Instructors.

“However, we’ve caught up to her. I’m sure when she sees our cultivations later, she will be shocked.

“However, she has a very domineering nature. Of the disciples in the same generation, she runs unrestrained. Combined with Wang Yue, they are the Twin Tyrants within the new disciples.

“We’ve always thought she had a person behind her, and that Lan Xi was very possibly that person. It seems that our guesses were correct,” Zhang Tianyi said to Chu Feng on the side. Just as he spoke, the two females had come up to them.

“We pay our respects to Senior Lan Xi!” After the two females landed onto the ground, Liu Zhenbiao and the others hurriedly walked up and paid their respects to Lan Xi.

Although the Four Seas Academy wasn’t a place whose hierarchy was determined by status, it was a place whose hierarchy was determined by strength.

Lan Xi was one of the three great geniuses of the Four Seas Academy and her status and position was a level above all disciples. When any disciple saw her, they had to pay their respects to her. That was a privilege she had.

At that moment, even Su Rou and the others were no exception. All of them went up and bowed to Lan Xi. Only Chu Feng stayed where he stood, without any indication he was going to do the same.