Chapter 725 - Sentencing Elder

MGA: Chapter 725 - Sentencing Elder

“Oh?” Hearing that, Wang Long was initially at a loss for words. However, soon after he came to a realization and cast his gaze in the direction of Su Rou and Su Mei. He said with a foul smile, “Heh, I must say those two girls have quite a good appearance. Brother Qin Yu, do you know them?”

“They are sisters, named Su Rou and Su Mei. But you know me, I only like the more tender ones. So, that younger sister Su Mei is my cup of tea.” Qin Yu smiled, and as he spoke, he too cast his gaze towards Su Mei.

In order to embellish his handsomeness, when Qin Yu turned around, he even intentionally flicked his hair and tidied up his clothes in an aim to display his enchanting demeanor.


However, when he turned his head around, his face instantly froze. His eyes immediately trembled, then surprise flowed into his eyes. Soon after, his shocked gaze transformed into a glare overflowing with chilling intents.

He discovered the female he liked—one he wanted to put into his embrace even in his dreams—Su Mei, was actually leaning into the embrace of another person with a sweet expression. Moreover, the degree of intimacy simply made him so jealous he could even die.

“Brother Wang Long, who is that brat? Do you know who he is?” Qin Yu asked Wang Long.

“Big Brother Qin Yu, he is not a disciple of the Four Seas Academy. We do not know him,” Lan Yanzhi interrupted.

And when he heard those words, Qin Yu became even more enraged. He did not ask any more, and while pointing at Chu Feng, he shouted with an incomparably superior voice, as if he were ordering a servant, “Let her go!”

Qin Yu’s shout surpassed thunder, and it was more akin to ten thousand claps of thunder sounding at the same moment. Even the earth trembled violently from that, and even the air exploded, catching everyone off guard and frightening them.

At that instant, all of them cast their gazes at Chu Feng and Su Mei. They were no idiots; looking at how close Chu Feng and Su Mei were, and looking back at Qin Yu’s face of jealousy—an extremely bitter expression that was akin to someone taking away his wife—everyone could connect the dots and figure what was going on.

Obviously, Qin Yu liked Su Mei, yet Su Mei’s heart belonged to another. Thus, Qin Yu was furious and wanted to give the brat next to Su Mei a lesson.

At that instant, most of them curled their mouths into a hint of a sneer. Their eyes were surging with expectation, and had already made the preparations for watching a good show.

Qin Yu’s position in the Four Seas Academy was indubitably high. They wanted to see how miserable the brat in question, the one who had Su Mei in his embrace, was about to be.

When she saw Qin Yu’s anger touch the skies, and even emanated faint bloodlust, Su Mei too realized that the situation wasn’t heading in a good direction. After all, he was a rank four Martial Lord. Thus, she quickly released the hand which was tightly holding Chu Feng’s arm.

*whoosh* However, unexpectedly to the crowd, just as Su Mei released her hand, Chu Feng opened up his arm and pulled the cute and amiable little beauty, Su Mei, back into his embrace, and even hugged her tighter than before.

“God damn, let her go!” When he saw that, Qin Yu was even more enraged. Everyone could tell that Qin Yu was truly furious now.

However, another scene that happened afterwards made all of them even more surprised.

As he faced Qin Yu’s bare-laid threat, Chu Feng was not only unafraid, he even looked at Qin Yu with disdain, and said indifferently, “Who do you think you are, to interfere in my, Chu Feng’s, matters?”

“Chu Feng? A damn Chu Feng! The only person who dares to speak to me like this in the Four Seas Academy is you.

“However, I will let you know what the consequences are for speaking to me, Qin Yu, in such a manner.”

When he saw Chu Feng not only hug the woman he liked in front of the crowd and even spewed such disrespectful words at him, Qin Yu could finally hold it in no longer. As he spoke, he was about to attack Chu Feng.

Just as Qin Yu was going to make his move, however, a person appeared before him—Lan Xi.

“Qin Yu, don’t be rash. The Sentencing Elder and the Divine Instructors have come,” Lan Xi said in a low voice after stopping Qin Yu from attacking.

When he heard those words, Qin Yu had no choice but to suppress his anger. Although he had a very high position in the Four Seas Academy, in front of elders, it did seem inappropriate to attack an outsider like Chu Feng.

Most importantly, when he heard the two words “Sentencing Elder”, Qin Yu had thought of a scheme. He had a wondrous plan to take care of Chu Feng. As a result, he did not forcefully make a move on Chu Feng. After glimpsing at Chu Feng, a cold smile emerged on his face.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Indeed, shortly after Lan Xi spoke, multitudinous streams of light appeared in the distant horizon. Like a meteor shower, they flew over and landed before the crowd.

There were nearly a hundred elders; all of them were Martial Lords. Of those elders, Su Rou’s and the others’ instructors—the Ten Divine Instructors—were there too. Of course, the peculiar Taikou was not within their ranks.

“We pay our respects to Master!” Su Mei and the others breathed a sigh of relief when they saw their masters appear. They quickly went up to pay their respects. After all, their masters did take quite good care of them. With them there, they could at least speak their minds through them.

Even Qin Yu, Lan Xi, and Wang Long, the ones with high positions, also had to go up to pay their respects. No matter how much more powerful they were, they were only disciples, in the end. Within the near hundred elders, some had power far above theirs. Thus, they too had to pay their respects to them.

At that instant, only Chu Feng looked like a person completely unrelated to all that as he silently gazed upon that scene.

“Qin Yu, what was going on just now? I heard your racket from afar! Where is your proper etiquette?!” A white- and grey-haired old woman with a face full of wrinkles spoke.

That old woman had very mannerly clothing and a very vigorous body. She was a peak Martial Lord, much stronger than the nine Divine Instructors. She was the most powerful out of the near hundred elders.

“Chu Feng, that is the Sentencing Elder, also Qin Yu’s master and the head of the Sentencing Department. They share the same perspectives, so you must be more careful. Don’t go too far, or else even our masters cannot protect you.”

At that moment, Chu Feng received Zhang Tianyi’s and the others’ mental messages in succession. All of them reminded Chu Feng that the current situation was beneficial to Qin Yu. They wanted Chu Feng to put away some of his temper, otherwise he would receive unneeded punishment.

“Elder, it’s not that I want to make such a racket, but there really is a reason,” Qin Yu said insincerely.

“Oh? What reason it is? Speak the truth,” asked the Sentencing Elder.

“This area is the Millennium Ancient City, one of the most important forbidden regions in the Four Seas Academy. Each year, it is opened only once. Moreover, only the most excellent within new disciples are allowed to enter it for an experience. Even ordinary disciples and successful disciples who have been around for long cannot enter.

“Yet, at present, a person who isn’t from the Four Seas Academy has come to the Millennium Ancient City.

“Elder. You say yourself. Should I care about this matter?” Qin Yu said as if he were completely in the right.