Chapter 720 - Presents

MGA: Chapter 720 - Presents

“But on that topic, looking at Taikou’s position in the Four Seas Academy… as long as he says it, you will have absolutely no issue entering the Millennium Ancient City even as an outsider. I guarantee that no one will dare to say anything.

“It’s just that… It’s just that he’s so odd. Will he agree?” Zhang Tianyi had his doubts as well.

“No matter if he will or not, I still have to give it a try, right?” Chu Feng smiled and said, then, “Right now, I’ve cultivated a special Spirit Formation technique, so I do have a bit of confidence in detecting hidden treasures. If that Millennium Ancient City is truly as the legends say, I should be able to dig up some clues.”

“Really? That’s great! Taikou is not too proper of a person. Although he’s a Divine Instructor in the Four Seas Academy, he never teaches any disciples. The Four Seas Academy is even providing for him as if he’s some master, and he is almost never in the Four Seas Academy.

“But coincidentally, I’ve heard that he’s in the Four Seas Academy right now.” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Jiang Wushang’s despondent mood instantly vanished, and replacing it was endless joy, as though he had already seen the hope in the future.

“Haha, if that Taikou truly permits it, wouldn’t I be able to enter the Millennium Ancient City with my Big Brother Chu Feng? That is really great!” In comparison to Jiang Wushang, Su Mei seemed even happier. Ignoring the gazes of others, she bore into Chu Feng’s chest with giggles.

In reality, everyone was very happy. Even though they could not determine Chu Feng’s level of cultivation, all of them knew his was definitely above theirs. Despite knowing Chu Feng could not defeat Wang Long, if Chu Feng could enter the Millennium Ancient City with them, they would have a much safer journey.

Because they knew Chu Feng did indeed grasp a few methods and abilities which they did not have.

“That’s right! Didn’t you say you prepared presents for us? What presents are they? Quickly take them out and let us see!” said Su Mei while laughing in Chu Feng’s embrace.

“Yeah! Junior Chu Feng, didn’t you just say you prepared presents?” said Zhang Tianyi with smiles as well.

Although they were not able to be certain Chu Feng could enter the Millennium Ancient City with them, the crowd seemed to have already saw hope. Their anxious hearts also relaxed quite a bit, and half of the “rock” pressing on their hearts also vanished.

“I have indeed prepared gifts for you.” As Chu Feng spoke, he took out four Cosmos Sacks and gave each of them one.

“Heh, let me see what sort of good things are in here!” Su Mei and the others impatiently looked into the Cosmos Sack, examining its contents.

“Heavens! This is?!” But after they looked at the contents, their expressions instantly froze.

After their complexions thawed, replacing them were incomparable shocked expressions. It was truly incomparable shock because they astonishedly discovered that the items in the Cosmos Sacks were really too astounding.

Martial medicines. Priceless, unmatched in preciousness, Martial medicines. There were five hundred low-rank ones, a hundred mid-rank one, and there were even three high-rank Martial medicines.

That was most definitely something they did not expect at all because Martial medicines were too precious. Other than the cultivation resources Zi Ling gave them, of which they each used a few low-rank Martial medicines, they hadn’t touched any more up until now. They didn’t expect Chu Feng to “throw a thousand gold at once”—giving each one of them so many Martial medicines.

If it were only a few then it wouldn’t be much of a deal, but he gave them several hundred! If it were only a low-rank Martial medicines it wouldn’t be much of a deal, but there were even a hundred mid-rank Martial medicines, and each one of them even had three high-rank Martial medicines!

One must say the arrival of fortune came too abrupt. The four of them weren’t really able to accept them.

“Chu Feng, where did you get so many Martial medicines? What exactly have you experienced?” Su Rou looked at Chu Feng with her greatly stunned gaze. At the same time, the other three also looked at Chu Feng with the same gazes.

“Heh, just some good luck and chance encounters.” Chu Feng smiled. He initially did not have those things. He just got them from the four peak Martial Lords who wanted to rob him when he left the Misty Peak.

Actually, however, that was not all he obtained. Although Chu Feng split the total with the four of them—so each one of them had five hundred low-rank Martial medicines, one hundred mid-rank Martial medicines, and three high-rank Martial medicines—Chu Feng still left a part for himself.

Even though the Martial medicines would not be of much use to the energy Chu Feng’s dantian currently required, they were, after all, things that could be exchanged for currency. Having them on him could be useful at unprepared times.

Moreover, Chu Feng felt the amount of Martial medicine Su Rou and the others now had was enough.

It was because they were different from him, who could instantly finish refining any sort of cultivation resource and absorb all of the energy within it. When they refined things like those, they needed a certain amount of time, and they would also not be able to absorb all of the energy inside the resources.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, no matter where you got these Martial medicines from, I know you need a large amount of resources to raise your cultivation. I cannot have these Martial medicines.” Although he was very emotionally moved, Jiang Wushang did not put away the Cosmos Sack he had and instead, gave it back to Chu Feng.

“Yeah! Chu Feng, you need these more than any of us. You should keep them,” Su Mei said and at the same time, she, Su Rou, and Zhang Tianyi gave their Cosmos Sacks to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng lightly smiled when facing their actions and said, “Keep them. Although these Martial medicines contain pretty decent medicinal power, to me, their effect is minuscule.”

“Heavens! Big Brother Chu Feng, what realm are you in now? Even so many Martial medicines are not too much use to you? You haven’t already entered the realm of Martial Lords, right?” When he heard those words, Jiang Wushang was even more shocked. The gaze he looked at Chu Feng with was akin to looking at a monster.

“It’s still too early for the Martial Lord realm! It’s that the cultivation resources my body requires is too enormous.” Chu Feng shook his head with a bitter smile, then put his hand near his own Cosmos Sack and said, “Don’t worry in accepting them. I still have even better things I will gift you!”

As Chu Feng spoke, with the flip of his palm, four bright Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism shot out from his palm and flew towards Su Rou, Su Mei, Zhang Tianyi, and Jiang Wushang.

“My gods, what is this?!” Jiang Wushang and the others who were quite surprised by Chu Feng and had emotions they could not sooth were once again shocked when they saw their respective Immortal Mushroom of Martialism.

It was too mystical. Although also a high-rank Martial medicine, it was completely different from the other ones. Its quality was extremely high.

“It’s too mystical! This is simply priceless, a true divine cultivation resource! The Martial power it contains is extremely strong yet extremely soft. If I refine it, perhaps I can even break through two levels continuously!”

As a World Spiritist, Jiang Wushang was able to very clearly feel the beauty of the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism. He almost went mad from joy! A treasure that could allow one to break through two levels continually… Perhaps no one would even believe that if you told them. In reality, not to mention telling others, even he himself wouldn’t believe it if one were to tell him that. Yet, when the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism appeared before him, he had no choice but to believe in such a thing.