Chapter 719 - Imperial Bloodline

MGA: Chapter 719 - Imperial Bloodline

Who was Wang Long? Not only did Chu Feng know, he even saw him before.

When he was in the Misty Peak, Wang Long, as well as two other genius disciples from the Four Seas Academy, Qin Yu and Lan Xi, had always been close to Chu Feng; however, Chu Feng did not befriend them much.

Although Chu Feng would fear a rank four Martial Lord before, his real cultivation, at present, was the eighth level of the Heaven realm. If he used the three lightnings, he would be a rank two Martial Lord.

When he was a rank one Martial Lord, Chu Feng could absolutely crush a rank three Martial Lord. As a result, if he were a rank two Martial Lord, he could naturally crush a rank four Martial Lord. So, it didn’t matter if Wang Long was one of the three great geniuses of the Four Seas Academy. Chu Feng truly did not put him in his eyes.

Thus, he asked, “Didn’t you say only new disciples could enter? Since some time has passed since Wang Long entered the Four Seas Academy, he shouldn’t be qualified to enter.”

“They did say that, but Wang Long is in a special position. After all, the ‘three great geniuses’ is the signboard of the Four Seas Academy. They are the ones who are shown to others. If he wants to enter, the Four Seas Academy will allow it,” said Su Mei very helplessly. It could be seen that she was very bitter that Wang Long could enter the Millennium Ancient City. However, she could do nothing about it.

“If it’s only Heaven medicines and Martial medicines, then just let them go because this time, I’ve prepared some presents for you!” Chu Feng said with a smile. He knew the presents he prepared for Su Rou and the others completely surpassed their expectations.

“Sigh~~” But who would have thought even after hearing the word “present”, Jiang Wushang’s face was still very dispirited and could not turn to joy. He seemed to care a lot about the Millennium Ancient City.

“Brother Wushang, why so downcast?” Chu Feng asked.

“Junior Chu Feng, if it were only Heaven medicine and Martial medicine, we would not be acting like this. We actually don’t lack Heaven medicine, and even though Martial medicines are precious, powerful, and not something we can catch, there is a reason why we said the Millennium Ancient City is a rare opportunity to Brother Wushang,” Zhang Tianyi said.

“What reason?” Chu Feng asked quickly.

“Brother Wushang, you should be the one to say this.” Zhang Tianyi looked at Jiang Wushang.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, it’s like this. This Millennium Ancient City actually has several thousand years of history already. It has a long history, and before the Four Seas Academy was built, it had already appeared.

“Regarding the Millennium Ancient City itself, it does have a legend. It’s said several thousand years ago, the ones who claimed control over the Millennium Ancient City was a Monstrous Beast race that had special bloodlines. At that time, the race was powerful. In the entire Eastern Sea Region, it was extremely famous. It’s also said not a single force of power dared to anger that race.

“One day, however, they were suddenly eradicated. Some say it was the actions of a man, and on the man’s forehead, a word was written.”

“What word?”


“Emperor? Could it be the person who possess the fabled Imperial Bloodline?” Chu Feng was also shocked when he heard about that.

“If the legend is true, then there must be a person who has an Imperial Bloodline. Moreover, from what I've heard, after killing the Monstrous Beast race, that man did not exit the Millennium Ancient City.

“Also, the facts proved that at present, the core of the Millennium Ancient City is no longer there. It mysteriously disappeared.

“So, many people are guessing that the man, with divine abilities, concealed the core of the Millennium Ancient City, and then he peacefully rested within.

“Although it is near impossible for me to make the concealed core of the Ancient City reappear with my strength, perhaps I can procure a few clues in the Millennium Ancient City regarding that man. Even a tiny bit will maybe be of great assistance to me.

“However, if that Wang Long also enters, I’m afraid many things will be restricted. I worry our freedom will also be restricted. Also, I have an inauspicious premonition that he will ruin my business in there.” When he spoke up to there, the anxiousness on Jiang Wushang’s face became even stronger.

And when Chu Feng reached that point, he understood everything. Right now, Jiang Wushang only had a Royal Bloodline. An Imperial Bloodline could be said to be the goal he fought towards.

And despite there being only a single word of difference between Royal Bloodline and Imperial Bloodline, it was, in reality, the distance between heaven and earth. If he wanted to acquire an Imperial Bloodline from his current Royal Bloodline, it would not be unreasonable to call it an unreachable dream.

Even though the things related to the Imperial Bloodline in the Millennium Ancient City were only legends and there was a minuscule chance in finding clues, to Jiang Wushang, it was still an extremely rare chance. So, that was the reason why he treated this event so seriously.

“Brother Wushang’s aptitude was originally very strong. After all, in the entire Jiang Dynasty, he was the one with the densest bloodline in all of history.

“Yet, now, Little Mei and I have the Ice and Fire Pearls in our bodies. With their power, our speed of cultivation growth is extremely quick. In less than half a year, we surpassed him.

“As for Senior Zhang, the Forbidden Mysterious Technique he cultivates is very special. He was initially a bit stronger than Brother Wushang, yet now, since he broke through a bottleneck, he has left Brother Wushang far behind.

“Even though he doesn’t say it, we can tell that Brother Wushang doesn’t feel good in his heart. Recently, he is working harder and harder in cultivation, skipping even rest and sleep.

“All of our hearts ache when we see him in that condition. We want to help him, but we don’t know how. He has yearned for this Millennium Ancient City for a long time. Although we know hope is distant, he still has high hopes.” Just at that moment, Su Rou hiddenly sent mental messages to Chu Feng.

When he heard all of that, Chu Feng’s heart was quite bitter as well. Indeed, back then, in the continent of the Nine Provinces, Jiang Wushang was the pride of many. He was even stronger than Chu Feng.

But now, everyone who came to the Eastern Sea Region at the same time as him had surpassed him. The uncomfortable feeling in his heart was something unavoidable.

But that was not Jiang Wushang feeling envy towards Su Rou and the others for being stronger than him. It was just that he felt very useless. If that situation continued, it was possible he would take shortcuts for temporary increases in strength and throw his future to the grave.

So, Chu Feng asked, “Is Senior Taikou of the Ten Divine Instructors in the Four Seas Academy?”

“Taikou? That odd old man?” When they heard the name Taikou, Su Rou and the others furrowed their brows slightly. The shock on their faces told Chu Feng they seemed to not like that person too much.

“I’ve met Taikou once and I left a decent impression on him. If he’s in the Four Seas Academy, I’ll go find him to discuss this matter and ask him to allow me to join all of you and enter that Millennium Ancient City. Do you think there’s a good chance?” Chu Feng asked.

“Really? Big Brother Chu Feng, you actually know Taikou and you left a decent impression on him? That’s truly unbelievable! Judging by that old thing’s character, he is simply a freak!” Jiang Wushang felt it to be inconceivable—he knew how peculiar that old man was.