Chapter 718 - Millennium Ancient City

MGA: Chapter 718 - Millennium Ancient City

After putting away Zi Ling’s letter, Chu Feng made a decision. After determining the genuineness of the arranged fight at the Depraved Ravine, he would head to the Zi family and no matter what, see Zi Ling once.

Afterwards, although Su Rou and Su Mei, the two beauties, stayed by Chu Feng’s side, he still called Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang back in. Firstly, Chu Feng wasn’t a person who put his libido completely above his friendship. Furthermore, today was a reunion for all of them. He couldn’t just let the two of them stay outside in the wind, right?

The five people who came to the Eastern Sea Region together now gathered together once again. One need not even mention how strong the feeling of liveliness was. Every single person felt joy from their hearts.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, have you heard of an extremely powerful character appearing in the Eastern Sea Region recently? His fame has already surpassed Murong Xun’s!” Jiang Wushang suddenly asked as he reached the peak of excitement from drinking.

“A person whose fame surpassed Murong Xun? Who?” Chu Feng shook his head, a bit confused. At present, Murong Xun was the publicly agreed number one genius in the Eastern Sea Region. Those whose fame could surpass his were only elderly experts. Yet, elderly experts shouldn’t have been compared to Murong Xun.

“Haha, I knew you wouldn’t know! I’ve only received news just now, but I’m sure it will spread throughout the Eastern Sea Region soon. Murong Xun will feel shame soon as well!”

Jiang Wushang spoke very smugly. He knew of the matter between Chu Feng and Zi Ling, so he knew Murong Xun was Chu Feng’s archenemy. Knowing Murong Xun in an embarrassed situation would make Chu Feng feel immense joy.

“Brother Wushang, what exactly is it? Don’t leave me in suspense. Tell us!” When Murong Xun was mentioned, Zhang Tianyi was interested as well.

“Yeah! Quickly tell us!” the curious Su Mei said as well.

“Heh, you should know about the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, right? It’s an event only the peak geniuses of the Eastern Sea Region can participate in,” Jiang Wushang said.

“Tch. And I was even wondering what it was. Of course we know of the Martial Marking Immortal Realm! From what I’ve heard, it’s on the Misty Peak and only opens once every few years.

“Every time it opens, the Misty Peak invites the top geniuses of the Eastern Sea Region to participate in it. The more Martial Markings gathered, the better the martial skill exchanged. Murong Xun is the holder of the best record—he has once obtained a Mortal Taboo martial skill from the Immortal Execution Archipelago,” Su Mei said with great understanding.

At that moment, Chu Feng was instantly speechless. He could already tell the person Jiang Wushang was talking about, the person whose fame surpassed Murong Xun, was actually himself!

Although his harvest in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm indeed surpassed Murong Xun, to say he was superior to Murong Xun just because of that was really a bit too ridiculous.

Chu Feng knew in his heart that there was still a huge distance between him and Murong Xun. At least, with his current strength, he might not even win against Murong Xun’s fiancée, Ya Fei. Chu Feng had to make another breakthrough past another level, otherwise he would likely be defeated by Ya Fei. As for Murong Xun, Chu Feng was far from being able to defeat him.

Although he knew the person Jiang Wushang was about to mention was himself, Chu Feng did not admit that “Wuqing” was him because doing so at a time like this was equal to “sticking gold on his face”—blowing his own horn.

Since they would learn of that secret sooner or later, it was fine to not speak of it now. So, Chu Feng just chose to continue listening.

“Hehe, that Murong Xun has become ‘past tense’ now. In this year’s Immortal Execution Archipelago, a person called Wuqing appeared. From what I’ve heard, he’s gotten six thousand Martial Markings! One must know that the record set by Murong Xun was only two hundred Martial Markings.”

Indeed, Jiang Wushang started to proudly announce the very actions Chu Feng did on the Misty Peak, and judging by his enthusiasm, he simply took Wuqing as an idol.

“Six thousand Martial Markings? The difference is that huge?” After hearing Jiang Wushang’s words, stunned expressions appeared on Zhang Tianyi’s, Su Rou’s, and Su Mei’s face.

“Heh, and that’s not even much. I’ve also heard that Wuqing’s battle strength is extraordinary. With the power of a rank one Martial Lord, he defeated a rank three Martial Lord. You should all know that the difference in ranks in the realm of Martial Lords is enormous! Even though we, in the Heaven realm, can fight others who are in superior levels, I’m afraid we will not be able to do so anymore after arriving in the Martial Lord realm. However, that Wuqing can.

“Moreover, not only is his strength outstanding, he is even skilled in Spirit Formation techniques. That right! I’ve heard he can also use Secret Skills!” Speaking to then, Jiang Wushang looked at Chu Feng and said, “Big Brother Chu Feng, after coming to the Eastern Sea Region, it’s the first time I’ve heard there’s a person other than you who can use a Secret Skill. Say, don’t you think that Wuqing is impressive?”

“From what you’ve said, that Wuqing is truly not simple. I would quite like to meet a person like him.” Before letting Chu Feng speak, Zhang Tianyi nodded his head, expressing he gave that Wuqing his approval.

“Yeah! From what I see, his power will surpass Murong Xun sooner or later. He is Murong Xun’s greatest enemy!

“Wuqing… This name is quite domineering. A heartless[1] person. Haha, I like it!” When Jiang Wuqing reached an energetic point from speaking, he even drank a cup of wine with a refreshed face.

“Okay! No matter how much more powerful he is, how is that related to us?

“Since we have this time, let’s instead think of the matter of the Millennium Ancient City that will occur two days later,” Su Rou interrupted.

“Yeah, the Millennium Ancient City is going to open soon. Brother Wushang, are you prepared?” When the Millennium Ancient City was mentioned, Zhang Tianyi turned solemn as well.

But Jiang Wushang had a face full of helplessness as he said, “If only the nine of us were going in, there wouldn’t be many problems. But this time, even Wang Yue is going in. Also, from what I’ve heard, his elder brother, Wang Long, will join him as well. With that Wang Long, I’m afraid even if there were benefits it wouldn’t be our turn to acquire them.”

“Wang Long is really going? Is this news reliable?” Su Rou worriedly asked when she heard those words.

“It is absolutely correct. This matter is pretty much set,” Jiang Wushang said with a sigh in a very helpless manner.

“Truly dammit. That Wang Yue is hard to deal with already, and now, Wang Long appears! Originally, this was an extremely rare and good chance for Wushang! Are we going to miss out on it just like this?” Su Mei too gritted her teeth from anger, speaking resentfully.

But at that instant, Chu Feng, who was sitting on the side and completely confused from listening, could bear it no longer and finally asked, “What is with this Millennium Ancient City all of you are talking about?”

“Ah, it’s like this. Doesn’t the Four Seas Academy seal many remains and secret areas, and provides cultivation land for the disciples of the Four Seas Academy? This Millennium Ancient City is one of the extremely important ones.

“Each year, the Millennium Ancient City opens only once. Furthermore, when it does open, only the several most excellent ones from the new disciples of the Four Seas Academy are allowed in. And, as the disciples of the Ten Divine Instructors, all of us are qualified,” Su Mei said.

“Isn’t that a good thing? Why the long faces?” Chu Feng asked quickly. He knew there was definitely some sort of reason.

“Within the Millennium Ancient City, there are large amounts of Heaven medicines, even Martial medicines. After entering, there will definitely be a battle over them.

“The disciples of the Divine Instructors are not much trouble. After all, the level of our cultivation is pretty much the same. However, Wang Yue is an anomaly.

“He’s a new disciple who entered the Four Seas Academy at the same time as us. However, he directly became the vice–academy head’s genius disciple. His cultivation is far above ours. From what I’ve heard, he is now in the eighth level of the Heaven realm.

“If it were only him, that would be fine; but at present, he even wants his elder brother accompanying him. His elder brother is also the disciple of the vice–academy head. Moreover, he is one of the three great geniuses of the Four Seas Academy, a rank four Martial Lord.

“The difference between us and a rank four Martial Lord is simply the distance between heaven and earth! Moreover, that Wang Long is an infamous ‘shield’. I fear if he enters the Millennium Ancient City at the same time as us, we won’t be able to obtain anything and it will all be taken by that Wang Yue,” said Su Mei very worriedly.

“Wang Long?” At that instant, Chu Feng sank into contemplation. He felt a sense of familiarity with that name. Suddenly, a glint flashed into his eyes and he thought, “Ah, I remember.”