Chapter 717 - Live Together

MGA: Chapter 717 - Live Together

“Waa, it smells so good! I told you! Senior Zhang wouldn’t have called us over for no reason. Let’s quickly go in! Tonight, we’re going to have delicious things to eat!”

“You little girl… Have you ever lacked delicious foods in your own residence?”

“Hehe, but that’s different! The dishes in Senior Zhang’s residence are more suitable for my appetite! One day, I will take away the person who makes Senior Zhang’s food for myself, because the ones over here are too delicious!”

Just at that moment, two voices—one mellifluous and brimming with spirit, one melodious and overflowing with maturity—suddenly continuously rang out outside. Shortly after, two strikingly beautiful women entered the palace whilst holding hands.

One had an unblemished countenance, a sweet smile, an exquisite and lithe figure, and fair and lustrous skin. With only a glimpse, one would be drunk to the bones from her beauty. It was truly extremely pleasing to the eyes.

The other had a charming appearance, a powerful atmosphere about her, a figure with a protruding front and behind… She was extremely alluring, and when one looked at her, their blood vessels would burst from the explosion of excitement. One would strongly wish to leap into her embrace and get closer to her.

Those two were naturally Su Mei and Su Rou, the beautiful sisters.

“Su Rou, Su Mei, look! Look who’s come to see us!” When he saw Su Rou and Su Mei, before Chu Feng even spoke, Jiang Wushang happily yelled at them.

As they gazed in the direction of Jiang Wushang, Su Rou’s and Su Mei’s bright faces instantly froze; even their bodies tightened up. Their roundly widened, glinting eyes and faintly quivering brows were a manifestation of their current emotions.

“Chu Feng~~~~”

Suddenly, Su Mei cried out. When she cried out “Chu Feng”, she vented out all of the longing she had for Chu Feng built up from every single day and night.

Moreover, as she spoke, Su Mei leapt and came before Chu Feng. With no care for his well-being, she pulled Jiang Wushang, who was standing in front of Chu Feng, to the side. The powerful force she put into her pull caught Jiang Wushang off guard, causing him to trip onto the ground, putting him in quite a sorry state as his face was full of helplessness.

However, Su Mei cared little for this. The little beauty who thought of Chu Feng every day had already tightly glued herself into Chu Feng’s embrace. A pair of pure-white jade-like hands circled around Chu Feng’s neck, hugging him quite tightly.

“Heh, Big Brother Tianyi, should we withdraw for a moment?” Jiang Wushang, sitting on the ground, scratched his head and looked at Zhang Tianyi while chuckling.

Although Su Rou and Su Mei didn’t say much in the days Chu Feng wasn’t there, Jiang Wushang and Zhang Tianyi could tell how much the two girls longed for him. They truly loved him with their entirety.

“You know to withdraw, so what are you staring at? Let’s quickly go!”

Zhang Tianyi was more direct. He grabbed Jiang Wushang, became a burst of light wind, and vanished. As he left the palace, he even quite tactfully closed the doors.

“What? You’re finally willing to come back? I even thought you forgot about us sisters…” Su Rou also went over. At present, she had great elegance, and the atmosphere surrounding her was greater. She was more mature than before, and also more enchanting. Although her words were a bit harsh, there was still a bewitching smile worn on her face.

Such a smile… One’s heart could truly melt when it was gazed upon.

“Chu Feng, where have you been for so long? My sister and I have missed you.” Su Mei raised her head and looked at Chu Feng, then put her head back into Chu Feng’s bosom and intimately rubbed against it.

“What can I even do? I’ve been busy fiddling around.” Chu Feng smiled, then as Su Rou wasn’t paying attention, he put his arm around Su Rou’s slender waist. He brought the mature and alluring great beauty into his embrace. Moreover, after doing so, he even secretly slid his palm deep into Su Rou’s skirt, moving it to and fro on Su Rou’s thin, smooth, and long legs.

Su Rou did not resist in any way as Chu Feng did such a thing. She obediently stayed within Chu Feng’s embrace, and allowed him to do whatever. Although she was incomparably domineering when facing others, before Chu Feng, she was as submissive as a kitten.

“The speed of your improvement in cultivation is so quick! In less than half a year, both of you stepped into the fifth level of the Heaven realm, and both of you have even put Brother Wushang behind. That’s very impressive!” Chu Feng smilingly said as he hugged the two beauties with varying elegance while he felt them up slightly.

He finally knew why Zhang Tianyi told him he would be more amazed when he saw Su Rou and Su Mei. It was because their speed of improvement was really a bit overwhelming.

“We sisters innately have ordinary aptitudes, so if it weren’t for the special pearls sealed within our bodies, it would be impossible for us to have our current cultivations. But, in the end, it’s thanks to Zi Ling,” Su Rou said.

“Zi Ling?” Chu Feng couldn’t help but be taken aback when he heard those words, feeling very shocked.

“Yes. Zi Ling knew we were going to enter the Four Seas Academy, so shortly after you left, she sent a person to the academy and entrusted that person to give us large amounts of cultivation resources.

“Moreover, there were some high-level martial skills and cultivation insights. Senior Zhang being able to break through his Mysterious Technique’s bottleneck was also because of Zi Ling.

“It was she who gave him the insights on how to understand deeper power, and he found the point of breakthrough from those insights. As a result, he was able to have such a gain and accomplish what he has right now,” Su Rou said.

“That’s right! Zi Ling truly treats us well. She not only loves you, she even treats us as family.” Su Mei also nodded firmly. It could be seen that she too liked Zi Ling quite a bit.

“Chu Feng, this is the letter she sent you. Take a look. Although she hasn’t personally seen us, I’m sure she must have some sort of unspeakable trouble. I’m guessing that the Zi family hasn’t given her freedom.” As she spoke, Su Rou gave Chu Feng a letter.

He hurriedly opened it and started to read in a serious manner. After reading its contents, Chu Feng’s eyes became very bright, even a bit moist.

“The former me was very selfish. For cultivation, I could take away others’ lives.

“The present me is still very selfish. For you, I can give up my own life.

“I am yours, only yours. My being is yours, my heart is yours—forever yours.

“Even if one day, my being exists no more, my heart will definitely stay by your side.

“Chu Feng, I miss you… Chu Feng, I’m waiting for you…”

The scarce number of words were sufficient for multitudinous thoughts. The scarce number of words were sufficient for her feelings to be expressed.

At that instant, Chu Feng’s heart ached so much it could melt. No matter how strong he was normally, at that moment, his heart was trembling.

He carefully folded the letter, then put it into his pocket, pressing it close to his chest. He thought in his heart, “Zi Ling, wait for me. Even if I need to pierce through this sky, I will be together with you. Even if I need to shatter this ground, I will be together with you. Even if there are billions upon billions of people standing between you and me, I will slaughter those billions and billions of people, and then be together with you.

“A mere Immortal Execution Archipelago is nothing. They cannot stop me, nor is there anything that can stop me. Although it is only death if I fail, what I want is not to live together and die together. What I want is for both of us to live together—and only that.”