Chapter 716 - Abandon? Experience?

MGA: Chapter 716 - Abandon? Experience?

Actually, it was not the first time Chu Feng read a Forbidden Mysterious Technique because when he was at the Misty Peak, within the four Cosmos Sacks Lady Piaomiao and Qiushui Fuyan gave him, there was one that contained such a technique.

Back then, due to curiosity, Chu Feng had briefly glanced at it. After doing so, however, Chu Feng was amazed at the profoundness of Forbidden Mysterious Techniques. He discovered their creators were indeed extremely exceptional.

But Chu Feng also confirmed that despite being powerful, Forbidden Mysterious Techniques were, after all, only techniques. Although they could allow those who cultivate the techniques to have a quicker speed of improvement of those in the same generation, there was still a huge element of danger. The success rate of cultivation was not high, and even if one succeeded there were limitations. They could not be discussed on the same level as Divine Bodies.

Zhang Tianyi’s Forbidden Mysterious Technique, however, was totally different. It was very difficult to cultivate his technique, and even if Chu Feng tried there he would have many troubles.

But something he was sure of was that the energy within Zhang Tianyi’s Forbidden Mysterious Technique definitely surpassed the technique Chu Feng saw by a huge margin.

The cultivation method in Zhang Tianyi’s book merely scratched the surface. If one grasped it entirely, they could probe out, on their own, deeper undiscovered realms, and even probe out the bottleneck Zhang Tianyi spoke of.

In other words, if one were to cultivate Zhang Tianyi’s Forbidden Mysterious Technique, as long as they broke through the bottlenecks, they would gain enormous benefits. And, there were no limits to that bottleneck—as long as one had sufficient comprehension strength and a firm grasp on the Mysterious Technique, they had no problems continue making breakthroughs.

A Forbidden Mysterious Technique like that was equivalent to one that had no restraints. One could even say that the profoundness and obscurity in the Forbidden Mysterious Technique were very similar to a Divine Body, and it was truly a technique that could be talked on equal grounds with Divine Bodies.

Although not much of an advantage could be seen at present, so long as he continued progressing, the advantage would continue enlarging. One day, he would be unstoppable and could shock the world with his sudden rise in power.

Most importantly, after Chu Feng’s analyzation, although, on the surface, there weren’t any requirements for cultivators of the Mysterious Technique, it actually had extremely harsh ones. Only a special preset group of people could cultivate it, and even Chu Feng did not match the cultivation requirements for the Forbidden Mysterious Technique.

Zhang Tianyi, however, was the person precisely suitable for cultivating the Forbidden Mysterious Technique. Also meaning other than Zhang Tianyi or those similar to him, cultivating the Forbidden Mysterious Technique meant it led to only a suicidal path if it were unsuitable for them. In regards to consequences, if it were superficial, they would walk into evil and die. If it were significant, they would become a bloodthirsty demon that lost its rationality.

“Junior Chu Feng, have you seen something?” Zhang Tianyi worriedly asked when he saw Chu Feng’s face of graveness.

“Senior Zhang, I’ve looked through your Forbidden Mysterious Technique and I think I understand now.” Chu Feng did not immediately answer Zhang Tianyi’s question. He first gave the Forbidden Mysterious Technique he had to Zhang Tianyi.

Without delay, Zhang Tianyi read it seriously, but afterwards, he too was confused and even asked Chu Feng, “Junior Chu Feng, is yours truly a Forbidden Mysterious Technique? Why is there such a huge difference from the one I’m cultivating?”

“Senior Zhang, do you still not understand? As you said, your Forbidden Mysterious Technique is indeed different from the others. It can even be said to truly be a technique that is tantamount with a Divine Body.

“The only difference is during the birth of Divine Bodies, they would make a phenomenon in the sky. After birth, their abilities are shown distinctly and from start to finish, they give others a feeling of exceptionality and pride.

“I believe if Zi Ling did not suffer from the special curse after birth, her present achievements would definitely be unimaginable because she is a true Divine Body.

“But your Forbidden Mysterious Technique has potential no weaker than Divine Bodies. It’s just that there is nothing special with the early cultivation periods. One could even say it is the exact same as other Forbidden Mysterious Techniques—yes, they are special techniques, but they are incomparable to Divine Bodies.

“However, as long as you make a breakthrough past a bottleneck, your entirety—from head to toe, from organs to cells—will change in essence. The more you make breakthroughs, the more brilliant you will appear.

“From what I see, as long as you continue cultivating this Forbidden Mysterious Technique, there will be one day when you have power not inferior to Divine Bodies.

“And, the most important thing is that only you can cultivate this Forbidden Mysterious Technique.”

Chu Feng said as per the truth, but his face was overflowing with happiness. Having such a technique meant Zhang Tianyi’s future accomplishments were unlimited. Perhaps there would be one day when Zhang Tianyi would catch up to Chu Feng, maybe even surpass him. It was not impossible.

And as Zhang Tianyi’s good brother, Chu Feng was naturally happy for him to have obtained such a treasure.

“That means, my ancestry is truly…” Zhang Tianyi had made guesses already, and a few of them were confirmed more and more when he heard Chu Feng’s words.

“Senior Zhang, I just want to say you and I are very similar, but I am luckier than you. At least, when I lacked power, I had a good foster father and a good elder brother who were willing to take care of me, but you, on the other hand, did not.” Chu Feng felt quite sentimental. Zhang Tianyi’s ancestry was unordinary, but he was the same; yet, Zhang Tianyi had to go through so much.

“Haha, it’s actually not much. If I hadn’t experienced those things while young, I may not be so determined as I am now. I’ll say something from my heart: I have never hated my parents, nor blamed them. No matter what their reason was, I still hope they are well. I hope they are all healthy when I find them, so we, as a family, can reunite and not be separated anymore.

“As for the suffering I received due to the lack of their presence, I’ll just take it as a training experience for myself.” Zhang Tianyi laughed, his smile very cheerful. However, one could still tell he was really longing for his family.

“Experience, huh? Wiping away the memories of one’s own flesh, abandoning him, then paying no more attention to him?”

Chu Feng thought of Zhang Tianyi’s words, but he did feel it was not impossible. Although the bond between blood was strong, everyone was different, after all. In order to prevent one’s child from developing any reliance and turn them strong, there were indeed people who would do such a thing.

“Could it be… my parents are also testing me?” Chu Feng suddenly had such a thought.

“No, absolutely not. If it is truly a training experience, why would they send someone to protect me? I’m sure there must be some sort of trouble.” But soon, Chu Feng dispelled that theory.

*bang* Just at that moment, the palace’s door was suddenly kicked open by someone. Jiang Wushang entered swaggeringly, and as he walked, he even yelled his throat out, “Big Brother Tianyi, what business do you have with me so late?”

“Brother Wushang, have you been well?” Chu Feng asked. Seeing that Jiang Wushang also stepped into the fourth level of the Heaven realm, Chu Feng couldn’t help standing up and smiling.

“B-big Brother Chu Feng, wh-wh-when did you return?

“My gods, I, I, I, I’ve missed you!” When he saw Chu Feng, Jiang Wushang’s face changed greatly. His former languidness was no more, and replacing it was uncontrollable elation.

Moreover, as he spoke. Jiang Wushang leapt forward right up to Chu Feng and gave him a great, manly bear hug.