Chapter 715 - Special Technique

MGA: Chapter 715 - Special Technique

“Haha, good! Tonight, we brothers will not leave undrunk!” Chu Feng replied with a smile. He and Zhang Tianyi both came from the continent of the Nine Provinces, both cultivated in the Azure Dragon School, and they even passed through life and death together, and eradicated powerful enemies together. They were true brothers who looked after each other closely.

“Brother Chu Feng, I…” Just at that moment, the guard named Wang seemed to be hesitating, as if he had something he wanted to say.

An intelligent person like Chu Feng instantly saw the guard’s plight. So, he said to Zhang Tianyi, “Senior Zhang, there’s a bit of trouble here. However, I’m sure that it won’t be much of a problem to you.” Quickly after, Chu Feng briefly told Zhang Tianyi the matter with Liu Zhenbiao.

“Haha! I even thought it was something big! So it’s that Liu Zhenwei.” After hearing the events that had occurred, Zhang Tianyi roared with laughter, then intentionally cast his gaze towards the end of the long line outside the gate, and said loudly, “I don’t know what Liu Zhenwei looks like in the eyes of outsiders, but in my eyes, he is less than a dog. Several days ago, he lost two front teeth because of me, and he is so embarrassed he won’t come out and see people! If he dares to come and stir up any more trouble, I don’t mind beating him up again!”

After speaking, Zhang Tianyi rose into the air with Chu Feng, disappearing at the horizon.

But as for Liu Zhenbiao who stood at the end of the queue, his mood was not great at all because from Zhang Tianyi’s words, he could tell that his younger brother—who he thought to be incomparably arrogant and invincible—wasn’t passing his days in the Four Seas Academy as well as he had imagined.

When Chu Feng arrived at Zhang Tianyi’s territory, the sky hadn’t grown dark yet. So, Chu Feng was able to clearly gaze at his land.

It was truly a vast area. There were not only small mountain ranges, there were even large lakes. It was a very enormous region.

Zhang Tianyi also liked palaces quite a bit, so in his land, he got people to build quite a few grand palaces. When one looked at Zhang Tianyi’s territory, it seemed more like a small-scale sect. However, the master of that place was Zhang Tianyi.

“Junior Chu Feng, how is it? The buildings here are quite nice, right?” Zhang Tianyi proudly asked.

“It is very good. Senior Zhang, it seems that you have passed your days quite satisfiedly huh?” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Ahh, don’t mention it. In the world of cultivation, how can there truly be a place where one feels satisfied? No matter where, there are battles!” Zhang Tianyi shook his head, then said, “I’ve already gotten people to get Su Rou, Su Mei, and Wushang over. In a while, stay a bit quiet. When they enter, give them a good surprise!”

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded, but in reality, he was truly impatient to see the two beauties who belonged to him—Su Rou and Su Mei—and Jiang Wushang—the brother who was younger than him.

In Zhang Tianyi’s land, there were quite a few servants. So, the speed in which he prepared a banquet was very fast. Rather, it was notifying Su Rou, Su Mei, and Jiang Wushang that was the troublesome part. After all, the Four Seas Academy was really too big. Even with the four of their territories being relatively close, they still needed a bit of time to be notified.

At that instant, in the large living room, before a table of wine and food, only Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi were here. After a while of chatting, Zhang Tianyi suddenly asked, “Junior Chu Feng, where have you gone in this past half year? Have you discovered anything similar to the pattern on my jade ornament?”

Back then, when they first came to the Eastern Sea Region, Zhang Tianyi knew Chu Feng didn’t prepare to enter the Four Seas Academy. So, he entrusted Chu Feng to help him search for clues related to his ancestry.

It was a pattern—or to be more precise, it should be a symbol—on a jade ornament. A sword with wings, both beautiful and overbearing; it was extraordinary.

“Although I haven’t been to many places, no matter where I went, I’ve always carefully observed. I even indirectly asked others, but no one knew of this pattern, nor have anyone seen this pattern.” Chu Feng shook his head, then said, “But the more I experience in the Eastern Sea Region, the more I feel that this pattern is not simple. So, Senior Zhang, I’m guessing either you were not born in the Eastern Sea Region, or you came from a very complicated area.”

“Ahh, I’ve also been thinking about that question. After coming to the Four Seas Academy, I’ve seen many geniuses. Before, there were barely any people in the continent of the Nine Provinces who grasped Forbidden Mysterious Techniques, but in the Four Seas Academy alone, I’ve met three.

“However, although Forbidden Mysterious Techniques are powerful, there is a restriction in the end. After all, Forbidden Mysterious Technique are only techniques. They cannot be as powerful as Divine Bodies.

“But my Forbidden Mysterious Technique is a bit different. It’s as though there is no end to it and can be cultivated endlessly. Some time ago, I reached a bottleneck. After breaking through that bottleneck, I felt my entire body’s power becoming a lot stronger. Even my thoughts became sharper and while learning martial skills, I could grasp them quicker.

“Honestly speaking, right now, I actually already feel the doorstep to the sixth level of the Heaven realm. If some time is given to me, I will have absolutely no problem breaking into the sixth level of the Heaven realm.

“But that’s not the most crucial point. It’s that I can feel this bottleneck being not the only one. There are more that come later, and as long as I can keep on making breakthroughs, my power will continue increasing many times over.

“However, I’ve asked others who cultivate Forbidden Mysterious Techniques, and have also asked my instructor. The Forbidden Mysterious Technique they speak of is different from the one I’m cultivating.

“That leads me to feel that the one I have seems to be more obscure and more profound than they think. It could even be said to be completely unique,” Zhang Tianyi said.

“Senior Zhang, can you let me see the Forbidden Mysterious Technique you cultivate?” After hearing Zhang Tianyi’s words, Chu Feng felt quite shocked. So, he wanted to see what exactly the Forbidden Mysterious Technique was.

“Of course.” As for Zhang Tianyi, he was very straightforward. He took out the Forbidden Mysterious Technique he viewed as treasure and gave it to Chu Feng.

If a normal person wanted that Forbidden Mysterious Technique, unless one took away Zhang Tianyi’s life, he would absolutely not give it to anyone. But if Chu Feng wanted it, it was a completely different matter; they were true brothers.

Chu Feng started to carefully examine it. With a glimpse he read ten lines. His reading speed was extremely quickly, and after only a moment, without missing a single word, Chu Feng finished reading the entire book.

However, after reading it, a strange glint flashed into Chu Feng’s eyes. Although his appearance seemed tranquil, his heart was like an ocean turning upside down.

“Senior Zhang, can you let me inspect your body?” Chu Feng asked again after some contemplation.

“Of course you can.” As Zhang Tianyi spoke, he moved his chair before Chu Feng and sat down.

After Chu Feng put his hand to Zhang Tianyi’s wrist, he imbued Spirit power into it and carefully observed. Then, he used the Heaven’s Eyes and examined detailedly for a while.

After finishing, Chu Feng’s face was full of seriousness, but in his eyes, there appeared an irrepressible joy.