Chapter 714 - Brothers Meeting

MGA: Chapter 714 - Brothers Meeting

“Ahh, Junior Chu Feng, you are too generous. You are really too generous.” There was simply no need to even think about the two choices before their eyes. Although the two guards claimed Chu Feng to be too generous, they still unhesitantly went up to take his Mastered Elite Armaments.

After obtaining the Elite Armaments into their hands, Disciple Li patted his chest and said, guaranteeing, “Junior Chu Feng, don’t worry. I will definitely go notify them with the quickest speed possible. They will arrive here and welcome you into the Four Seas Academy before the sky darkens.”

As he spoke, he turned around and prepared to leave. His choice could be clearly seen—it was to first notify Su Rou and the others.

“Halt!” Liu Zhenbiao yelled when he saw that, then pointed at Disciple Li and said, “For all matters, it is first come, first served. Before, you clearly promised me to notify my younger brother first. How can you go back on your word after taking his two Mastered Elite Armaments? Do you even have any sense of morals?”

“I…” The two guards were a bit speechless when they were berated. Their faces even involuntarily flushed red because they too knew that their actions were in the wrong.

“Morals? Do you think a person like you is qualified to talk about morals?” Seeing as the two guards were clueless on how to reply, Chu Feng sneered then very disdainfully swept his gaze over Liu Zhenbiao.

“Hmph.” Liu Zhenbiao coldly snorted and pay no more attention to Chu Feng. Again, he pointed at the two guards and said, “If you don’t notify my younger brother first, in the future, you will bear the consequences. With my younger brother’s status in the Four Seas Academy, he can put you both to death with a casual sentence.”

When they heard those words, the two guards’ faces changed with a whoosh. The reason they treated Liu Zhenbiao so respectfully before was because they feared his younger brother, Liu Zhenwei. Indeed, according to his position in the Four Seas Academy, Liu Zhenwei did indeed have the strength Liu Zhenbiao claimed he had.

“What a joke. Who do you think you are? You think the Four Seas Academy is your home? You even dare to threaten the disciples of the academy? Who gave you these nerves?”

But at that moment, Chu Feng spoke again. Shortly after, he waved his hands at the two guards and said, “Seniors, don’t worry. I know the elders of the Four Seas Academy have always been fair. They will not make things difficult for dutiful disciples like you.”

“Thank you, Junior Chu Feng.” The two disciples were no fools so they could tell Chu Feng aimed to protect them. Since they had already made such a decision, they could no longer escape. Thus, without more hesitation, Disciple Li immediately flew away and went to notify.

As for Disciple Wang, he made an exception and invited Chu Feng, who should have been waiting outside the gate, past the gate and inside. He brought Chu Feng to the resting room next to the gate, and when Su Rou and the others arrive, they would bring Chu Feng in.

After inviting Chu Feng into the resting room, Disciple Wang even said to Liu Zhenbiao in an arrogant tone, “You! Back to the queue!”

“You shameless bootlicker! With that brat behind your back, you dare to speak to me like this? In the future, I will have my brother kill you! Even if you kneel in front of me and beg, I will not forgive you!” At that instant, Liu Zhenbiao gritted his teeth in anger. One could even see smoke steaming out of his seven facial orifices.

“I told you to get back to the queue! Are you deaf? If you dare to continue pestering me, I will call people to lock you up!” Disciple Wang no longer feared Liu Zhenbiao’s threats and actually threatened back at him.

Since he had already offended him, he was not afraid to make him a complete enemy because he knew after such an event, judging by Liu Zhenbiao’s character, he would definitely not easily forgive him. So, if he wanted to protect himself at present, he should not beg Liu Zhenbiao, but instead fawn over Chu Feng.

“You…” At that instant, Liu Zhenbiao’s heart could truly explode from fury. If he could, he truly wished to rip apart Disciple Wang whilst he was alive. However, since his younger brother wasn’t there and he wasn’t a disciple of the Four Seas Academy, he could indeed not stir up too much trouble.

Ultimately, under the entertained gazes of the crowd, he circled around the crowd of people, dispirited, and stood at the very end of the line, starting to orderly stay in queue.

After Disciple Li received the gift, his efficiency was truly very high. Shortly after noon, a stream of light landed before the gate.

Chu Feng knew that person very well—it was Zhang Tianyi.

“Junior Chu Feng! Where is Chu Feng?” After Zhang Tianyi arrived, he looked everywhere for traces of Chu Feng.

“Senior Zhang, your cultivation has actually reached the fifth level of the Heaven realm in less than half a year! This is truly a divine speed of improvement!” Chu Feng walked out of the resting room. After seeing Zhang Tianyi, he felt very excited. He went up and very happily put his fist to Zhang Tianyi’s chest.

He discovered Zhang Tianyi’s cultivation had already entered the fifth level of the Heaven realm. One had to know before arriving at the Four Seas Academy, Zhang Tianyi was only in the third level of the Heaven realm. In less than half a year, he advanced two levels. That was a very quick speed.

“Haha, I’m nothing. You will be even more amazed when you see Su Rou and Su Mei! But no matter what, it’s all thanks to you that we can have our present achievements.” When he saw Chu Feng, Zhang Tianyi too was elated.

“All thanks to me?” Chu Feng’s head was in a fog; he did not understand.

“Eh? Why can’t I see your level of cultivation? And you even say it’s a ‘divine speed of improvement’! From what I see, I have yet to catch up to you, and instead, I seemed to have been left behind even further!”

Zhang Tianyi examined Chu Feng and discovered he could simply not see through his cultivation. That made him even happier because he knew Chu Feng had many burdens. Deep in his heart, he hoped Chu Feng could become even stronger. He would absolutely not envy Chu Feng even if he surpassed him by a thousand times or ten thousand times. Because they were brothers.

“What? This Chu Feng’s cultivation is even above Junior Zhang Tianyi’s?!” When he heard those words, Disciple Wang’s eyes lit up and only then did he discovered he too could not see Chu Feng’s level of cultivation despite being a World Spiritist.

Looking back at Zhang Tianyi’s as well as Chu Feng’s reaction, it meant most likely Zhang Tianyi’s words were true. That made Disciple Wang even more shocked.

Zhang Tianyi was already so strong, and now, Chu Feng was clearly quite a bit younger than Zhang Tianyi yet had cultivation superior to Zhang Tianyi’s. He was truly an extraordinary genius! Even in the Four Seas Academy, there were very few people like him.

At that instant, he involuntarily celebrated inside—celebrating that the one he chose to rely on was Chu Feng, and not Liu Zhenbiao. Chu Feng’s potential surpassed Liu Zhenbiao’s by many times! The two of them could simply not even be discussed as equals.

“Hehe, whatever. You’ve always been mysterious, and your aptitude has always surpassed ours. Otherwise, the Four Seas Academy would have been enough to keep you here.

“Follow me. After that guard came to notify me, I told him to not notify Jiang Wushang, Su Rou, and as well as Su Mei. I didn’t want to let them know you’ve come, so I can secretly bring you to my residence and then give them a surprise.” Zhang Tianyi smiled cheerfully. Brothers separated for nearly half a year could now finally reunite. He was truly ecstatic.