Chapter 713 - Contest of Wealth

MGA: Chapter 713 - Contest of Wealth

“Who are you? You dare to make such a racket in the Four Seas Academy?” yelled the two guards after looking at Chu Feng.

Although they were very polite to Liu Zhenbiao, not just anyone could receive such a special treatment. To others, they were often incomparably arrogant and domineering.

Chu Feng was not angry at their roars because he was very familiar with people like them. They merely bullied the weak and feared the strong, so Chu Feng didn’t even bother arguing with them. Learning from Liu Zhenbiao’s previous tone, he said, “Seniors, it’s not that I’m not following the rules, nor am I intentionally making such noises in front of the Four Seas Academy’s gate. It’s just that I need to find my friends for urgent business.”

“Oh? Brother, judging from your words, you’re planning to cut the line, huh?

“Not trying to chastise you or anything, but do you feel no shame by cutting the line with so many people behind you waiting? If you want them to go notify your friends, go stay in queue.” At that instant, before the guarding disciples even said anything, Liu Zhenbiao spoke first.

At that moment, Chu Feng had to say that Liu Zhenbiao was truly a shameless thing.

He was the one who clearly cut the line, yet now, he was so righteously talking about others in such a manner. That was really not something an ordinary person could do.

Indeed, after hearing Liu Zhenbiao’s words, Disciple Li finally reacted to what was happening, and pointed at Chu Feng, saying after a cold snort, “If you want to look for someone, go in the queue from the back. Can’t you see so many people are waiting?”

“One second.” At that instant, the disciple named Wang was a bit calmer. After looking at Chu Feng again, he asked, “What are your friends’ names?”

He was probing because as a disciple who guarded the gate of the Four Seas Academy, he knew the names of the famous characters in the academy.

Thus, if Chu Feng were able to name a powerful existence, he could naturally not offend him. On the other hand, if Chu Feng named several people he had never heard of before, that would mean Chu Feng was stirring up trouble.

Not only would he shout at Chu Feng then, he would even give Chu Feng some punishments. For example, after over a dozen days of staying in queue and finally reaching his turn, he would intentionally make things more troublesome for him, or just not notify his friends for him.

However, what sort of person was Chu Feng? Of course, he instantly saw through his plans. So, he stuck out his chest with his head raised, and said without a change of expression, “I have four friends who are training in the Four Seas Academy. Their names are Su Rou, Su Mei, Zhang Tianyi, and Jiang Wushang.”

“What!? Yo-you are?!”

When they heard those words, both of their expressions changed greatly. As guards, they obviously heard of Su Rou, Su Mei, as well as Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang. The four of them were all disciples of the Ten Divine Instructors!

Moreover, the relationship between them was extremely good—that was very well-known—and not only were Su Rou’s and Su Mei’s talent outstanding, their appearances were akin to fairies. Within the Four Seas Academy, there were countless male disciples who chased after them.

But Su Rou and Su Mei did not pay attention to any of them. Only Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang were a bit close to them. Most importantly, Su Rou and Su Mei, as well as Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang, went to the various gates and specially ordered all of the guards to instantly notify them if a person called Chu Feng were looking for them.

In order to prevent them from being undutiful, Su Rou and Su Mei even gave them quite a few good things when giving them such an order. So, the guards paid very close attention to the name Chu Feng.

So, at that moment, the faces of the two guards changed greatly. They asked nearly at the same time, “Are you called Chu Feng?”

“I am indeed Chu Feng.” Chu Feng nodded his head with a smile.

“Ahh, so it’s Junior Chu Feng! You’re one of us, one of us!

“Junior Chu Feng, don’t worry. I will go notify them right away.” After the two guards confirmed Chu Feng’s identity, their attitudes became entirely different. They were even more welcoming than Liu Zhenbiao.

“This isn’t good.” But soon, Disciple Li’s face twisted slightly.

“What is it?” asked Disciple Wang hiddenly via mental messaging when he saw the faint change.

“Both of them want to see disciples of the Ten Divine Instructors! We cannot delay either one.

“But Junior Su Rou’s and Junior Su Mei’s residences are a very far distance away from Junior Liu’s residence! Moreover, there are no Teleportation Arrays in between, so even if I were to hurry, I still need at least half a day with my cultivation. This… Who should I go notify first?” Disciple Li said in a very trouble manner.

Although Liu Zhenbiao, as a person, was very shameless, he was at the same time very smart. With powerful World Spiritist methods, he eavesdropped their conversation.

So, with a quick thought, he took out an Elite Armament out of his Cosmos Sack, passed it to Disciple Li through the gate, and said, “Junior, sorry to trouble you.”

“Brother Liu, you are…?” Disciple Li’s eyes instantly lit up when he saw that. His eyes even gave out faint light. Liu Zhenbiao’s intention was very clear—he was bribing him, getting him to go notify Liu Zhenwei first.

Although he too was an expert in the Heaven realm, and he also had an Elite Armament, it did not mean he did not put Elite Armaments in his eyes.

Quite oppositely, an Elite Armament, to him, was a very precious treasure. So, at that instant, he truly felt a surprised joy. No matter what, he did not expect Liu Zhenbiao to be so generous. That was quite an accidental harvest!

“Just a small token of my appreciation,” Liu Zhenbiao said smilingly. He had a face of deep scheming and as he spoke, he even disdainfully looked at Chu Feng. It was as if his gaze were saying, “A small beggar fighting against me? Can you afford it?”

Chu Feng gazed with contempt at Liu Zhenbiao’s disdainful look. He brushed his palm past his Cosmos Sack. Two shiny armaments then appeared within his palm. He gave them to the two guards, and said, “Seniors, a small token of my appreciation. Please accept them.”

“Heavens! This…” After looking at the armaments in Chu Feng’s hand, the disciples’ expressions changed greatly because the two armaments currently in Chu Feng’s hand established a sharp contrast with the Elite Armament in Liu Zhenbiao’s hand.

The ones in Chu Feng’s hand were also Elite Armaments, but they were not ordinary ones. They were Mastered Elite Armaments. Moreover, ones that were of excellent quality. One could say either one of them could beat the Elite Armament in Liu Zhenbiao’s hand by a hundredfold, even a thousandfold.

“You…” At the same time, Liu Zhenbiao’s complexion instantly changed greatly as well. Before, it was a face full of smugness; now, it turned greener than green bean soup!

He never would have thought the brat who was dressed incomparably poor and did not even seem worth more than a glimpse would be so lavish in his “token of appreciation”. He took out two Mastered Elite Armaments and gave them to the guards so casually. Moreover, they were Elite Armaments of superb quality!

At that instant, not to mention those two disciples, even his own heart was a bit moved when he saw the two Elite Armaments in Chu Feng’s hand. Although his Liu family had money, it was not that wealthy as to freely give Mastered Elite Armaments to others.