Chapter 712 - Cutting the Line

MGA: Chapter 712 - Cutting the Line

Not only did this man’s cultivation of the fifth level of the Heaven realm scare those who were waiting in line behind, even the disciple who was guarding felt that this person was not simple. He asked, “Who are you? Why are you not abiding by the rules and not waiting in line?”

“Brother, my name is Liu Zhenbiao. My younger brother, Liu Zhenwei, is cultivating within the Four Seas Academy. I really do have urgent business I need him for, so that’s why I’ve done this. I wonder… can you help me notify him?” asked the man, who proclaimed himself as Liu Zhenbiao, smilingly.

“You are Junior Liu Zhenwei’s elder brother?” After hearing those words, the eyes of the guard instantly lit up. He did know Liu Zhenwei’s name.

Although Liu Zhenwei was a new disciple who just recently entered the Four Seas Academy this year, with his young age he already had the cultivation of the fifth level of the Heaven realm. Moreover, he became a disciple of one of the Ten Divine Instructors, and was a disciple with great status, position, and potential.

Although in terms of seniority, the guard was above Liu Zhenwei, in terms of position, he was far below. Since the person before his eyes was Liu Zhenwei’s elder brother, he naturally did not dare to treat him disrespectfully.

“I am. This is my proof of identity.” Liu Zhenbiao nodded his head, and as he spoke, he even took out a badge. On top of it, “Liu family” was written.

When he saw that badge, the guarding disciple’s attitude towards the man turned completely around. He hurriedly said, “Since you are Junior Liu’s elder brother, you are a part of us. Naturally, we handle our own specially.

“Just now, a disciple responsible for notification came back. I’ll have him notify Junior Liu right now and tell him to pick you up.” As he spoke, the guarding disciple crushed a Communication Talisman.

“Sorry to trouble you,” Liu Zhenbiao said smilingly. As he did, he even shot a glance at the people who were still waiting in line, then said to the guard, “I wonder… when will the next person responsible for notifying arrive? I can see these people are very tired from waiting, so we cannot let them wait too long!”

Sarcasm. Absolute sarcasm. He clearly cut the line without shame and seized away the chance that should have belonged to another person, yet now, he dared to speak these words. He was intentionally mocking their powerlessness.

As for the guarding disciple, he was no idiot and understood Liu Zhenbiao’s intentions in his heart. He said, “Recently, there are some things in the academy that require managing, so quite a few disciple we usually have here have been transferred away. We are really lacking heavily in people these days, otherwise, a situation like this wouldn’t have happened.

“Although there are Teleportation Arrays throughout the Four Seas Academy, the academy is still very vast, after all. Even though there are a lot of Teleportation Arrays, there are still a limited number. In addition, a few disciples live in farther locations, so if we want to notify them, we really need some time for the journey. From my estimations, I’m afraid the next person can only return the day after tomorrow.”

“What? The day after tomorrow?!”

“How can this be? I have urgent business with my family’s young master!”

“Who doesn’t? I too have an extremely urgent matter I need to tell my family’s lady!”

The people lining up instantly panicked when they heard those words. Perhaps it was better for the people at the front, but who knew what year and month the people at the back needed to wait until before they could send a notification for someone to pick them up? If that continued, they could never enter!

“Ahh, quiet, quiet!” Just at that moment, the man called Liu Zhenbiao waved his hand at the crowd, indicating them to be silent, then said, “You’ve heard his words just now. It is really an issue with the internal affairs of the Four Seas Academy. They lack manpower, otherwise something like this wouldn’t happen.

“All of you should understand them! They have it hard too! If you truly cannot wait, you can always leave, right? No one’s forcing you to stay here.”


When they heard Liu Zhenbiao’s words, it made the crowd so angry the roots of their teeth itched. He was really too shameless. Not only did he steal away their chance of notification, he was even mocking them, intentionally ridiculing them, making them feel even more unpleasant.

However, none of them were fools. They could tell he was not a simple person. When even the guarding disciple treated him with respect, what could they do? They could only endure.

“Senior Wang, what is it? I just came back from the main institution. Couldn’t you just let me rest for a bit longer?” Just at that moment, a rainbow came down from the sky. A disciple of the Four Seas Academy walked up to the guarding disciple with a yawn, and judging by his appearance, he didn’t even seem to be awake yet.

“Ahh, Junior Li. If possible, do you think I wouldn’t want you to rest longer? But I really do have an urgent notification waiting for you,” said the guarding disciple.

“What urgent thing? The disciples responsible for this place have all been called by Elder Xu to the residence for physical labour. The only ones remaining in this place are us two. For the past few days, I’ve ran back and forth and I’m almost going to break from tiredness. I’ve finally found the time to sleep for a while, yet I was woken by you,” the disciple surnamed Li said very displeasedly.

“This is Liu Zhenwei’s elder brother. He came to the Four Seas Academy from a faraway place, so you can’t just let him wait here, right?” The guarding disciple pointed at Liu Zhenbiao.

“Sorry to trouble you.” Liu Zhenbiao smiled at Disciple Li and clasped his hands.

If it were a normal situation, with his younger brother’s status in the Four Seas Academy, he would absolutely not be so polite to a mere disciple guard.

But at present, he learnt from their words that of the people who guarded this gate in the Four Seas Academy, there were only two people who remained. No wonder it was so much work to send a notification.

In order to not delay his own business, he had to be polite. Although their position was low, if they were unhappy and delayed the notification, he could do absolutely nothing.

Even if he thought of a way to give them a lesson afterwards, his business was still delayed. Looking at the benefits and detriments, at present, he could only lower himself and request.

“Oh! So it’s Junior Liu’s elder brother. You are really too polite. Junior Liu often treats us quite well, so his elder brother is equal to our elder brother! This becomes our own matter—it is of no inconvenience.

“Brother, please wait here for a while. I will go right now and notify Junior Liu. Before dark, I will definitely have him here and welcome you in.” Indeed, after knowing that Liu Zhenbiao was Liu Zhenwei’s elder brother, Disciple Li also put away his former displeased attitude and put on a face of obsequiousness.

Those who waited in line for several days had expressions of helplessness when they saw that. But they could do nothing. What could they do about Liu Zhenbiao having high cultivation and also having such an outstanding younger brother?

“Wait.” However, just as Disciple Li was preparing to leave, a loud and clear voice suddenly rang out. Quickly after, a person also flew out from the end of the crowd and landed before Liu Zhenbiao. That person was none other than Chu Feng.

Chu Feng could clearly hear all of their words, so he too knew that there was a lack in notification disciples in the Four Seas Academy.

Putting aside the amount of time he would need if he continued staying in line, even if he were right behind Liu Zhenbiao, he still had to wait until tomorrow before he had a chance to get someone for notification.

At first, Chu Feng really did not want to play tricks and use special methods to cut the line. After all, those who standing in the queue had waited for a long time.

But right now, since Liu Zhenbiao succeeded in shamelessly cutting the line, rather than letting a person like him enjoy all benefits, why not take that chance for himself? So, that was why Chu Feng stood out.