Chapter 711 - Returning to the Four Seas Academy

MGA: Chapter 711 - Returning to the Four Seas Academy

“What? He actually wants to give such a rare treasure to our Li family?” When they heard those words, many people did not even dare to believe their own ears. After all, the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism was too precious.

Besides, due to the manner the Li family treated him before, even if Chu Feng were to take away the Ice Crystal Phoenix Egg and give nothing back, it would be within reason. There was simply no need to return anything. So, they felt that the scene happening before their eyes did not match reality.

The only person who maintained rationality was Li Chan because she could be counted as the person in the Li family who understood Chu Feng the most. She knew Chu Feng wasn’t such a narrow-minded person, otherwise he wouldn’t help the Li family again and again.

And in reality, when she looked at the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism in Chu Feng’s hand, Li Chan’s heart was immediately moved. As long as one wasn’t an idiot, they could tell what sort of energy the glowing mushroom contained, and what sort of assistance they would obtain in cultivation if they were to refine it.

But even so, Li Chan still shook her head with a light smile, and said, “Wuqing, this Immortal Mushroom of Martialism is too precious. I cannot have it.

“Besides, you’ve helped my Li family so many times. If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid the Li family would not even be here right now. If there were no Li family, then what use would we have with the Ice Crystal Phoenix Egg? The favours you gave us far surpass the favours we gave you. You do not owe our Li family anything. Rather, our Li family owes you too much.”

“This girl! How can she be so foolish? You don’t even want a treasure that’s sent right to your doorstep!” When Li Chan spoke, even the Li family’s master’s heart was bleeding. He could really not understand why Li Chan would refuse to accept such a treasure.

But he could do nothing about it and could only think of it in his heart. At a time like this, he had no right to speak. He did not even dare to send a mental message to his own daughter, because he was too afraid of Chu Feng.

“I give it to you, so hold onto it.

“This is for you, not for your Li family.

“From the start, I have never felt that I, Wuqing, owed your Li family anything” Chu Feng forcefully put the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism into Li Chan’s hand, then asked, “Which direction to the Flash Gold Temple?”

“The Flash Gold Temple isn’t too far away from the Wolf Ivory Mountain. It is built in the Fragmented Moon Forest in the southeast,” Li Chan replied as per the truth. But then, she quickly reacted to what he said, and quickly urged, “Wuqing, Monk Huang Jin is a rank three Martial Lord. Also, from what I’ve heard, he is already two hundred years old. Moreover, he is a ruthless person, sinister, and cunning. It’s almost as if he’s an old monster! Please, don’t go look for him!”

However, Chu Feng only smiled at Li Chan’s advice, and said, “Don’t worry. No matter if it’s the Painting Sect, or the Flash Gold Temple, they will not come look for trouble again. I will settle this issue for you, but remember—for you, not for your Li family.”

*whoosh* After speaking, Chu Feng leapt up and flew towards the direction of the Flash Gold Temple. When Li Chan and others came to their senses, any traces of Chu Feng could no longer be seen.

“He isn’t really going to look for Monk Huang Jin, right?” the Li family’s master muttered while looking in the direction of the Flash Gold Temple. If possible, he did truly hope Chu Feng would finish off Monk Huang Jin. With that, his Li family would have quite a few less troubles. As for Chu Feng life, in reality, he did not care.

On the other hand, however, when she looked in the direction of Chu Feng’s departure, Li Chan’s heart was extremely worried. So, she quickly sent a message to the scout stationed near the Flash Gold Temple, telling him to pay attention to the events within the Flash Gold Temple.

On the third day since Chu Feng left, Li Chan finally received a report from the scout. After opening the letter and reading its content, a pleasantly surprised expression surged on Li Chan initially worried face.

On the letter, it clearly stated that Chu Feng arrived at the Flash Gold Temple on the day Chu Feng left the Li family. Moreover, before all of the disciples from the Flash Gold Temple, he destroyed Monk Huang Jin’s cultivation.

Monk Huang Jin could not bear such shame, and shortly after Chu Feng left, he took away his own life.

At present, the Flash Gold Temple was in chaos. Several elders formed several factions and were madly fighting over the resources within the Flash Gold Temple. Also, other than the disciples who followed those elders, most of them left the Flash Gold Temple, going their own ways.

Right now, the overlord power that oppressed that land, the Flash Gold Temple, could no longer return to its former glory. It was destroyed by a man called Wuqing.

After reading the contents of the letter, Li Chan’s hands were trembling slightly. Only after a long while did she come to her senses and murmured, “Wuqing, who exactly are you?!”

Chu Feng, of course, did not know of Li Chan’s astonishment, nor the Li family’s reactions, nor the reactions of all the other powers near the Wolf Ivory Mountain.

After taking care of Monk Huang Jin, the monk who committed many evils and threatened the Li family, Chu Feng had already went forth to the Four Seas Academy.

When walking upon the road he passed before, Chu Feng felt quite emotional. Although it had been less than a year since he arrived in the Eastern Sea Region, he had experienced many things. Moreover, it had been just a little over a year since Zi Ling was taken away by the Zi family.

Within that time, Chu Feng’s cultivation did indeed have an increase in essence, but it was still impossible for him to fight against the enormous power, the Immortal Execution Archipelago. Although Chu Feng put a lot of his hope to save Zi Ling on Qiu Canfeng as well as on the resources within the Imperial Tomb, in reality, Chu Feng did not view Qiu Canfeng as his only hope. Although he felt Qiu Canfeng genuinely wanted to help him, he could not be certain whether Fu Liansheng was really as reliable as Qiu Canfeng said. After all, “People only know appearances, not their hearts”. Besides, people change.

So, right now, although Chu Feng’s main goal was to find Fu Liansheng, he would not give up any chance to raise his cultivation. The so-called “Rather than relying on others, why not rely on yourself”. If there were no one willing to help himself in the most crucial moment, then Chu Feng could only rely on himself to save Zi Ling and fight to the death with the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago because that was his promise to Zi Ling. No matter life or death, he would do it.

The Four Seas Academy was very large and its territory was very vast. However, it too had a protective Spirit Formation—not just any person could enter the academy. If one wished to enter the Four Seas Academy, they could only enter through several special preset entrances.

Also, other than the annual disciple recruitment day, people outside the Four Seas Academy were not allowed to enter as they willed.

In fact, at that instant, when Chu Feng arrived at the entrance, he discovered quite a few people gathered outside the vast gate. Moreover, from their words, Chu Feng could tell they wanted to see certain people within the Four Sears Academy. They gathered there because they wanted to have the disciple who guarded the entrance notify them.

But the Four Seas Academy was really too large, and every single disciple had a land that belonged to themselves. Even though the people within the Four Seas Academy could use Teleportation Arrays to quickly travel, it was still very troublesome if they wanted to notify a person.

As a result, the number of people who gathered outside the Four Seas Academy became greater and greater. If one wanted to get the disciple who pass a message, they had to stand in a queue.

“What should I do?” Seeing the long line of people, and hearing that some people had actually lined up for over ten days yet it was still not their turn, Chu Feng really felt he had a headache.

At present, he had turned back to his true appearance. He turned back into the true Chu Feng.

Although he had matured quite a bit during that period of time, and some of his youthful appearance had faded away, Chu Feng could not attract too much attention when he was showing his actual identity.

So, he could not show his true strength, and as a result, he could not make others look at him with more importance, and could not enjoy special treatment. Yet, there were so many people lining up. Chu Feng simply did not have enough time to follow the rules and stand in queue.

“Oi, why are you not standing in line?”

“Bastard! We’ve painstakingly waited for so long! How can you do this?”

“Scram back, or else don’t blame me for my impoliteness!”

However, just as Chu Feng felt his head throbbing, no clue on what to do, a young man with gorgeous clothing just ignored the long line of people and came up to the Four Seas Academy’s big and grand gate.

The man was not only fearless while facing the crowd’s curses, he even shouted very arrogantly, “Those who don’t want to die, shut the hell up!” As he spoke, the man burst out his aura. So, he was a cultivator in the fifth level of the Heaven realm.

Although to Chu Feng, the fifth level of the Heaven realm was not even a strand of hair, obviously to those who stood in line, that cultivation was not a simple. As a result, even though there were grudgeful voices in their hearts, no one dared to say much anymore.