Chapter 710 - Return

MGA: Chapter 710 - Return

After Chu Feng spoke, they immediately wet themselves from fear. Even their sect head was killed, so how could placeholder troops like them resist?

So, at that very instant, the people from the Painting Sect had absolutely no reason to stay behind? With their full strength, they escaped into the distance for their lives, without leaving anything behind.

In reality, even many of the observers feared deeply they would be killed by Chu Feng, so they too left that troublesome region. Instantly, in the previously boisterous land near the Li family’s residence, only people from the Li family and Chu Feng remained.

At that instant, the Li family’s master as well as the others from the Li family hurriedly flew over, came before the fighting stage, and gave their gratitudes to Chu Feng.

Moreover, with an indication from the Li family’s master, the crowd said simultaneously with a thunderous voice, “Sir, thank you for your assistance! Our Li family will never forget the favour you granted us today!”

As he spoke these words, the Li family’s head deliberate acting of deep gratitude was so excellent, the only thing lacking was tears streaming down his cheeks.

But Chu Feng did not even say anything when the Li family’s master and the other elderly people stepped upon the stage. He went up to Li Chan who was also thanking, propped her up, and said with a smile, “Miss, please quickly rise.”

“Sir, are you truly called Wuqing?” Li Chan asked after being lifted up by Chu Feng and looking at him carefully.

“What about it?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“Eh… It’s nothing. It’s just that I have a friend whose name is the same, and the feeling you give me is also very close to that friend. But…” Li Chan hesitated a bit when she reached that point.

“But what?” Chu Feng quickly asked.

“It’s just that you’re a lot younger than him, your cultivation is stronger, and in all areas you are far above him. It is truly impressive for a person your age to have already become a Martial Lord,” Li Chan said while both idolizing and admiring. However, as she spoke, she couldn’t help thinking of the middle-aged man who was also called Wuqing.

Although in various areas, the youth before him named Wuqing was many times more excellent than the middle-aged man called Wuqing before, in Li Chan’s heart, however, the middle-aged man held a greater position because he changed her life completely.

“Haha.” Chu Feng first laughed after hearing those words, then he intentionally used his sleeve to cover his face. When his sleeve fell down, Chu Feng’s visage had changed. He changed into the appearance he took when he first came to the Wolf Ivory Mountain, looked at Li Chan, and said, “Miss, now you know who I am, right?”

“Heavens! You…”

When Li Chan looked at Chu Feng again, she instantly became dumbfounded because the person currently before her eyes had transformed his face. He was no longer a youth, but a middle-aged man.

However, his cultivation did not change. He was still a rank one Martial Lord. But that appearance… it was so familiar. It was so intimate. Was that not Wuqing, who had helped her before, saved the entire Li family, and assisted them in defeating the Ma family?


In reality, not only was Li Chan shocked, many people from the Li family—especially the Li family’s master—were shocked.

All of them recognized the middle-aged man that Chu Feng currently became. It was the person who had some past history with them. It was the person who had helped the Li family. But, at the same time, it was the person who was almost killed by the Li family’s master, who repaid kindness with enmity.

“Wuqing, it’s you? It’s truly you?!” Li Chan didn’t know what to do from the shock. Even when she spoke, her words leaked the emotions she felt in her heart. No matter what, she did not think the two Wuqings would be the same person. That was too unbelievable.

After all, Wuqing back then was only in the eighth level of the Heaven realm. How did he become a rank one Martial Lord in a blink? Moreover, his ability to fight was even so terrifying! He killed Sect Head Ouyang in such an easy manner! It had to be said it was really quite an inconceivable notion.

However, in comparison to Li Chan’s pure shock, the Li family’s master and the others were both surprised and afraid. After all, even though Chu Feng genuinely wanted to help their Li family back then, the Li family’s master did not accept such kindness and instead laid a pillar of animosity with, almost taking away Chu Feng’s life.

Now, Chu Feng was so powerful. He had actually surpassed the Li family’s master by such a huge margin, so how could the people from the Li family not be worried? If Chu Feng still harboured vengeful thoughts, it was likely they would be facing a disaster soon.

“Miss, of course it’s me.” Chu Feng firmly nodded his head.

“But, y-yo-your face, and your cultivation!” Li Chan said shockingly while pointing at Chu Feng’s face.

“Ah, that is only some technique I use to hide my real appearance.” Chu Feng lightly smiled, then used his sleeve to cover his face again. When it fell down, Chu Feng’s face returned to its former handsome youthful appearance. Then, he smiled and said, “This is my actual appearance. As for cultivation… Actually, I was already a rank one Martial Lord when I first came to the Wolf Ivory Mountain.”

Chu Feng did not say the truth. First, he intentionally used his sleeve to hide his face before changing it, but not immediately. It was to let Li Chan and the others misunderstand that it was a technique he used to alter his appearance, not a tool, nor an innate ability.

As for his cultivation, Chu Feng didn’t bother to explain. So, he just said he was a rank one Martial Lord from the beginning. It was fine to just let them think he was a genius.

“Wuqing, you… I didn’t think you were actually such a great character!”

Indeed, after hearing Chu Feng’s words, Li Chan was shocked once again because the age and strength Chu Feng currently showed had clearly told them one thing—so it seemed that the person called Wuqing was a peak-level genius. A person like him definitely had unordinary origins. It was very possible he came from an enormous power.

At that instant, the Li family’s master felt a hammer with the weight of five thousand kilograms ferociously striking his head. Swishing chilly winds blew past his spine, and his legs trembled uncontrollably.

As long as he thought of Chu Feng’s real identity, then recalling the very actions he did to Chu Feng, he truly felt trepidation. Not to mention the enormous power behind Chu Feng, even Chu Feng alone could easily wipe out his Li family.

But just as everyone from the Li family worried whether Chu Feng would take revenge on them, Chu Feng flipped his palm, letting a bright mushroom containing immense Martial power appear.

After the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism appeared, almost everyone from the Li family lit up their eyes, involuntarily being attracted by it because they could feel that the glowing mushroom was most certainly a cultivation treasure.

The Martial power it contained was even stronger than the Ice Crystal Phoenix Egg Chu Feng took way back then in the Wolf Ivory Mountain. It was simply akin to a treasure one only heard in legends.

And just as everyone from the Li family stared blankly at the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism, their faces full of longing, Chu Feng said more words that made them so shocked they were handicapped.

“Miss, when I, Wuqing, left back then, I said that this Ice Crystal Phoenix Egg is only a loan. One day, I would repay you with something of equal value. And this, this high-rank Immortal Mushroom of Martialism is the object of equal value I will repay you with.”