Chapter 709 - Die, No Exception

MGA: Chapter 709 - Die, No Exception

“Heavens! This, this, this…”

Looking at the meat pulp on the fighting stage, nearly everyone was stupefied from shock. The grand, strongest disciple of the Flash Gold Temple was actually killed just like that. He even died so miserably. That was simply unacceptable. After all, he was a famous person whose name spread throughout that area.

“W-wh-who are you? You dare to kill my senior? Are you not afraid of my master, Monk Huang Jin?[1]” When he saw even his senior transformed into a paste of flesh, Dao Yuan seemed to have forgotten the pain on his body and quivered in terror. He even threw out his master’s name.

He was truly worried. Worried that the youth before his eyes would kill him. After all, he even dared to kill his senior, so it was not out of the question for him to be killed as well.

But, after all, his master was the head of the Flash Gold Temple. After all, his master was a rank three Martial Lord. So, he felt if he gave his master’s name, the person in front of him would, more or less, be slightly afraid. At present, as long as he could stay alive, it would not be too late for revenge in the future when he went to find his master.

But no matter what, he didn’t think Chu Feng would lack the slightest bit of reaction to “Monk Huang Jin”. Instead, he said very calmly, “Who’s Monk Huang Jin?”

“Really? He doesn’t even know who Monk Huang Jin is?” When Chu Feng words came out of his mouth, everyone couldn’t help sucking in a breath of air because even all of them knew who Monk Huang Jin was.

“Monk Huang Jin is my master, the head of the Flash Gold Temple, a rank three Martial Lord.” Dao Yuan even emphasized his master’s cultivation.

However, the words Chu Feng spoke next made him immediately speechless, removing him of any course of action.

“Oh, the head of the Flash Gold Temple. So you have the support of that bastard, and that’s why you dare to rampage here in the Li family?

“Good. Very good. You, scram right now. Go tell your dog butt master I, Wuqing, will come to his Flash Gold Temple and collect his head.”


A commotion instantly arose from the crowd after hearing those words. Everyone felt shock from Chu Feng’s words.

Dao Yuan had clearly stated his master’s identity and told Chu Feng his cultivation. But not only did he not fear, he even said such words. Even if they didn’t want to be shocked, they had no choice.

Overbearingness—extreme overbearingness.

Arrogance—but he most certainly had the qualifications to be arrogant.

At that instant, everyone felt the man called Wuqing must have come from an extraordinary place. Otherwise, it’d be impossible he would act so wildly.

At that moment, everyone was thinking where Wuqing came from, as he actually did not even put the Flash Gold Temple in his eyes. After all, the temple, in their perspective, was an existence that could not be desecrated. It was the king of many powers in that region.

“What a savage brat. I don’t know what school nor sect you come from, but since you dare to attack Monk Huang Jin’s disciples, it is equal to attacking my, Sect Head Ouyang’s, disciples! Today, I will bring you to justice!”

Just at that moment, Sect Head Ouyang suddenly yelled, then leapt up, and like a dragon streaking through the air, he flew over.

He attacked, because he had no choice. After all, Dao Yuan and Dao Cheng came here for the Painting Sect’s sake. At present, Dao Cheng was killed, and even killed right before his very own eyes. If he did not do something now, then he would not be able to give Monk Huang Jin an explanation. So, he had to attack.

Whenever a rank one Martial Lord attacked, the colours of the weather would change and the earth would tremble. The Martial power Martial Lords had was really too strong. It was a divide between realms, a realm that cultivators dreamt of reaching. Not only did one’s power surge greatly after entering that realm, their lives could be prolonged.

So, Sect Head Ouyang’s attack made everyone beneath the stage scutter about in fear, deeply afraid they’d be affected by his attacks and die.

In reality, before Sect Head Ouyang attacked, he had already enveloped the entire fighting stage with his might. He wanted to seal off Chu Feng’s path to prevent him from escaping.

However, as he felt the pressure surrounding him formlessly attacking, Chu Feng did not move in the slightest, nor was he affected by anything in the slightest. To him, such pressure was akin to air. It did not even present an iota of threat to him.

“How can this be? This brat can actually resist my pressure?” Seeing that, Sect Head Ouyang tightly furrowed his brows and further confirmed that Chu Feng was not a simple person. He did not dare to be careless, so with a flash of light in his palm, a great blade—an Elite Armament—appeared within his hand.

*whoosh* With the Elite Armament in hand, he seemed as if he could rule the world. When it slashed down suddenly, a blinding half-moon blade of light appeared.

The blade of light seemed as though it could slice through anything. Even a deep black gap was slashed open in the air, and even the sky and earth turned dim. At that instant, what lit up that earth was no longer the sun, but the half-moon blade of light from the Elite Armament.

“Break!” However, as the blade of light came down, Chu Feng explosively shouted. That yell alone actually shattered the blade of light into pieces, dispersed the dark clouds above his head, and drove away all the enveloping dust that rose into the air from Sect Head Ouyang’s might.

But that was not all. Seeing the Elite Armament quickly chopping downwards, Chu Feng still did not dodge. Only when it was about to touch him did he suddenly extend his hand and actually caught the blade that could slice open space.

“You…” At that instant, Sect Head Ouyang was dumbfounded. His old face turned deathly-white from fear because he discovered in astonishment that it was as if his Mastered Elite Armament was stuck in Chu Feng’s hand. Not only was it unable to injure Chu Feng, he could not even move it a tiny bit.

But the thing that made him most shocked came afterwards. With a light smile on his face, Chu Feng put a slight bit of force into his hand, and pinched. Just like that, with a snapping sound, his Mastered Elite Armament had turned into fragments.

“How is this possible? You are only a rank one Martial Lord, how can you have this power?!” At that instant, Sect Head Ouyang finally felt Chu Feng’s aura. He determined that Chu Feng was no more than a rank one Martial Lord, yet how could someone like him have such strength? He actually shattered the Elite Armament he used!

*puchi* Just as Sect Head Ouyang felt shocked and could barely accept that fact, he suddenly felt pain in his chest. Quickly after, warm liquid uncontrollably flowed out. Looking down, he saw Chu Feng’s hand stabbed into his chest.

Under the gaze of the crowd, after Chu Feng stabbed his hand, which destroyed the Elite Armament, into Sect Head Ouyang’s chest, he willed the Painting Sect’s head to become a mist of blood with a bang, dying before his face.

The mist drifted about and permeated the air. However, it could not stain Chu Feng’s clothes, nor dirty his face. The demeanor of a supreme expert was shown evidently at that moment.

After killing Sect Head Ouyang with lightning quick methods, Chu Feng suddenly cast his icy gaze over the crowd from the Painting Sect, and said chillingly, “I will only count to ten. After ten counts, those who dare to remain within my line of sight will die! No! Exceptions!”