Chapter 708 - Chu Feng Making His Move

MGA: Chapter 708 - Chu Feng Making His Move

“Sect Head Ouyang, you…” When he heard those words, the Li family’s master thoroughly panicked. Particularly so when he turned around and discovered all his Li family’s experts were bound by the Painting Sect’s people, and as a result, no one could resolve Li Chan’s plight.

His face was truly dead as ash, and his heart felt as though blades were cutting it. They had clearly plotted this for a long time, and at that instant, he finally understood their intentions. With the relationship the Painting Sect had with the Flash Gold Temple, they had absolutely no problem waltzing over to the Wolf Ivory Mountain and establishing a sect. He could do nothing to stop them.

As for the reason why they set up a fighting stage, they wanted him to personally witness his precious daughter beaten to death while remaining powerless to stop them. They wanted him to pay such a price for refusing their demand.

At that instant, the Li family’s master, as well as everyone else from the Li family, couldn’t help closing their eyes. They really could not bear seeing the scene of Li Chan being killed.

Seeing Dao Yuan attacking with power she was unable to defend against, Li Chan knew her life had reached its end as well. So, she did not harbour any hopes, and similarly, closed her eyes. However, she was different from others. It wasn’t that she feared facing it, but because she had already given up.

When he saw this, Sect Head Ouyang was even smugger. He didn’t believe the people observing outside the fighting stage would come out and help. After all, even if someone did, they would be committing suicide due to their strengths being much weaker. At present, his scheme had prevailed, so naturally, he was elated.


However, just as everyone felt Li Chan was undoubtedly dead, a person leapt from the crowd. Not only did he stand stably atop the stage, he even landed before Li Chan. That person was, of course, Chu Feng.

“Even the people from the Li family don’t care, yet you, an outsider, are looking to die. No problem, I will grant you your wish.”

Determining that Chu Feng wasn’t a person from the Li family by his clothes, not only did the monk called Dao Yuan not retract his attack, he even strengthened its power. The fist descended straight for Chu Feng’s throat. He wanted to use such a punch to shatter Chu Feng’s head.

“Hmph.” But why would Chu Feng, who had used the power of two lightnings and possessed the cultivation of a rank one Martial Lord, fear the puny attack of the seventh level of the Heaven realm? Chu Feng stood where he landed, and did not even move a tiny bit, allowing the monk’s attack to arrive.

*dang* When the fist crashed into Chu Feng, Dao Yuan’s face changed greatly because when it slammed into Chu Feng, not only did his neck not burst like tofu, it was as if his own fist slammed into an unbreakable steel wall. His fist actually shattered with a puchi sound.

AHH~~~” Seeing his completely broken hand with blood and flesh mashed together, Dao Yuan instantly let out a miserable shriek akin to the crying of wolves and ghosts. Simultaneously, he took several steps back. When he looked at Chu Feng, his eyes were full of fear.

Such a change also made Li Chan and the others from the Li family aware that something was wrong. They all opened their eyes, and only then did they discover a person standing before Li Chan.

That person was no more than twenty, but he had an unspeakable aura. Although one could not determine what level of cultivation he had, at that instant, the monk called Dao Yuan clearly took quite a hit from him.

Such a change made everyone stunned, especially for the people from the Painting Sect. Even their faces greened. After taking Dao Yuan’s punch head-on, not only did nothing happen to him, it even brought ruin to Dao Yuan’s hand. That was quite twisted.

They felt even more stunned when they saw Chu Feng, despite his young appearance, actually possessing such strength. It involuntarily made their hearts tremble and chills go down their spine.

“Who are you? Why have you interfered in the sparring between my Painting Sect and the Li family?” Sect Head Ouyang asked because he astonishedly discovered even with his own cultivation, he could not determine Chu Feng’s strength. Subconsciously, it made him feel that the youth before him was not a simple at all.

“I am Wuqing, Miss Li Chan’s friend. Today, there is only one reason why I am here. I’ve come to drive you shameless dogs away for the Li family.”

*whoosh* As he spoke, Chu Feng suddenly moved and dashed towards Dao Yuan. At the same time, his fist came rushing down, and pierced through Dao Yuan’s dantian.

AHH~~~” Dao Yuan could not even endure the agony of his hand being destroyed, let alone his dantian. What was the dantian? It was the life of a cultivator! The destruction of one’s dantian was equal to the destruction of one’s cultivation! Multitudinous years of cultivating, all for naught! It was not only physical pain he felt. More so, it was pain in his soul.

“Junior Dao Yuan!” Just as Dao Yuan howled with tears and rolled around the floor, a person suddenly flew out from the crowd. He was also a monk, and he was a bit older than Dao Yuan. Moreover, his cultivation was stronger than Dao Yuan—the eighth level of the Heaven realm.

After he appeared, he sat Dao Yuan up. He also started to heal Dao Yuan’s dantian to prevent too much Heaven power from flowing out. He was saving Dao Yuan so he could preserve as much cultivation as possible.

“That’s the strongest disciple in the Flash Gold Temple, Dao Cheng!” After seeing the monk’s appearance, the crowd exclaimed because in comparison to Dao Yuan, Dao Cheng was very famous in the area. After all, he was the strongest disciple within the Flash Gold Temple, and the future temple head. Many accomplishments related to the Flash Gold Temple were done by him. Not only did he have powerful strength, his name spread far.

“I didn’t expect even Dao Cheng to have come. It seems that the relationship between the Flash Gold Temple and the Painting Sect is not ordinary. They really are helping the Painting Sect take over the Wolf Ivory Mountain!” After recognizing Dao Cheng, everyone understood the Flash Gold Temple’s intentions. After all, not just any person could invite a person like Dao Cheng.

“You dare to cripple my junior’s cultivation? I will have your life!” After a quick healing of Dao Yuan’s dantian, extremely sinister expressions emerged onto Dao Cheng’s face.


Then, he moved and actually let out a fierce beastly roar. At that instant, Dao Cheng did not even seem like a person. He seemed more like an incomparably powerful fierce beast. One that could shatter the mountains with a single punch and stop the flow of rivers with a single step. He looked extremely ferocious.

When such might burst out, even the people below the stage were affected. Everyone was forced back by such bursts of might, and some people even threw up blood from the shock, suffering heavy injuries in turn.

“Ahh!” At the same time, even Li Chan standing behind Chu Feng couldn’t help shrieking from fright. She could feel that Dao Cheng truly reached an extremely horrifying state of power.

But as everyone was terrified by Dao Cheng’s strike, Chu Feng still stood there without moving. He allowed the power, that swept over towards him like a gale, to blow his clothes and hair, and he was not the slightest bit fearful.

Only when the fist carrying horrifying power was about to contact his face did Chu Feng extend his palm and cover it over Dao Cheng’s fist.

Then, he performed an action that terrified everyone so much their souls left their bodies: he waved his arm up, lifting Dao Cheng’s body like a scarecrow high into the air, then flung his arm down. A pu was heard.

The strongest disciple of the Flash Gold Temple, the future temple head, was forcefully crushed into a meat patty.