Chapter 707 - Despicable and Shameless

MGA: Chapter 707 - Despicable and Shameless

“Represent? Sir, today’s fight is a battle for land between my Li family and the Painting Sect. As a person of the Flash Gold Temple, how can you interfere?” Li Chan fiercely asked.

The monk interestingly did not explain much. Instead, he said very forcefully, “Lady Li, you are incorrect. The Flash Gold Temple and the Painting Sect are allies. As an ally, it is very normal to fight for my own ally, the Painting Sect.

“Lady Li, if you are afraid, you are free to concede. With that, you can also avoid physical pain. However, do not say that I lack the qualifications to interfere.”

“You...” Li Chan’s complexion instantly changed when she heard those words. They were simply unreasonable! As a result, she could only cast her gaze towards her father, asking for assistance from him.

At present, the master of the Li family was quite furious as well. He pointed at Sect Head Ouyang and shouted, “Sect Head Ouyang, you are violating the rules by doing this!”

“Family Master Li, is there a problem with your ears? I’ve already said it. The Flash Gold Temple is my Painting Sect’s ally. Is it against the rules for an ally to help an ally? If you feel this to be a violation of the rules, I must ask for the head of the Flash Gold Temple to discuss this issue with you then.

“Back then, during the banquet, you clearly promised that my Painting Sect can establish a sect on the Wolf Ivory Mountain. Yet afterwards, you refuse. If not for the face of the head of the Flash Gold Temple, my Painting Sect wouldn’t have set up this fight with you. I have no problem just coming to the Wolf Ivory Mountain and setting up a sect. What can you do then?

“I speak reason yet you don’t care about that. In terms of strength, I have the assistance of the Flash Gold Temple. Your Li family simply cannot fight against my Painting Sect,” Sect Head Ouyang said after a cold snort.

After those words, all of the higher-ups of the Li family had unsightly faces because it was clear he gave absolutely no care to face. He had told the Li family that they were going to take over it regardless of any situation. The current fight was no more than an interlude, and the outcome was actually already determined.

At that instant, the head of the Li family as well as the people with high ranks in the Li family felt great fury. They wished they could fight to the death with the Painting Sect, but so long as they recalled the Painting Sect had the backup of the Flash Gold Temple, they had no choice but to endure the anger and silently bear it.

Although they did not fear the Painting Sect, they had to fear the Flash Gold Temple. The Li family could truly do nothing to the Painting Sect, who had the Flash Gold Temple behind them.

Seeing the Li family enraged yet dared not to vent their rage, Sect Head Ouyang felt even more smug, and said with a chuckle, “Family Master Li, although you were in the wrong at first, since we set this arranged battle with you, I, the Painting Sect, will follow the rules.

“If your Li family has an appropriate ally, you can also invite them! As long as they are younger than forty, we can count them as a youth and allow them to join this fight.

“But carefully think about it. In this area, which youth is stronger than the Flash Gold Temple’s youths? Hahaha…”

Sect Head Ouyang madly laughed. So much that the face of the Li family’s master turned ashen. The fists concealed within his robe creaked from tight clenching because the sect head was so nakedly mocking them. Mocking that his Li family had no powerful shield behind them and could only give up.

“Lady Li, excuse me for this offense.” At the same time, the monk named Dao Yuan attacked.

He did not use any gorgeous skill, but it flowed very consummately, smoothly, and the atmosphere it gave off was extraordinary. Boundless Heaven power was operated as per his thoughts, and went straight towards Li Chan. It was like a metal wall—indestructible, and unstoppable. With overwhelming might it destructively made its way towards Li Chan.


At that instant, Li Chan did not dare to hesitate. She quickly backed away and did not dare to meet force with force. Her opponent was really too strong. Although they were both in the seventh level of the Heaven realm, his strength was clearly above hers. At that instant, his seemingly simple skill was actually a top-level martial skill. Moreover, it was cultivated to a very practiced level.

“Truly shameless. A monk hitting a woman, and even uses such a ruthless attack. These bald donkeys’ usual claim of benevolence has gone completely to waste.” Chu Feng curled his lips with a face full of mocking.

“God damn, what are you saying? You dare to disrespect Senior Dao Yuan? Do you want to die?!” Chu Feng’s words attracted the furious gazes from the people of the Painting Sect. All of them pulled up their sleeves and wanted to give Chu Feng a lesson.

However, Chu Feng did not choose to ignore them this time. He suddenly raised the conical hat he was wearing. From his eyes shot a chilling glare that was like a sharp blade. He said icily, “If all of you wish to die, I don’t mind sending you on a journey.”


At that instant, almost everyone who saw Chu Feng’s gaze took several steps back in fear. Involuntarily, large amounts of cold sweat flowed down their bodies.

With that glimpse alone, it was as if they fell into an infinitely deep abyss, entered hell, and reincarnated back. It was too terrifying. The killing intent in his gaze was something they had simply never seen before.

And when they thought about their inability to see what level his cultivation was, they couldn’t help but fear him.

Because that meant there were only two possibilities. The first was that he carried a treasure which concealed his cultivation very, very deeply. The other was that his cultivation was too powerful, and with their strength, they could not fathom it.

Even though they too felt disbelief, as long as they thought of the horrifying gaze just now, they couldn’t help believing the second possibility. So, all of them no longer spoke, and turned their heads around in silence. They continued to look at the fighting stage and also secretly pulled apart the distance between them and Chu Feng, staying far from that uncertain, terrifying existence.

“This…” The big man who was explaining the situation Chu Feng also noticed such a change. Amazement and surprise filled the man’s eyes. From his experience, he determined that the young man with a suave appearance and an age less than twenty was clearly not an ordinary person.



Just at that moment, an explosion suddenly rang out on the fighting stage. The monk called Dao Yuan used a very powerful martial skill. Although Li Chan evaded it, she was still struck by the remnant shock waves. After Li Chan was struck, she flew through the air, and lay on the corner of the fighting stage. Her face was pale-white, akin to paper, and the blood on her left arm flowed incessantly. The outcome had been determined.

“He won. The monk of the Flash Gold Temple is indeed powerful. As expected of the strongest force of power in this region!” Seeing such a scene, many outsiders who were watching the show exclaimed endlessly. They were not concerned who won or who lost. They were only concerned with the excitement level of that fight.

*swish* But even when everyone knew the outcome had been firmly set, the monk called Dao Yuan did not stop. Like a leopard, he leaped and actually attacked the incomparably weak Li Chan. Judging by his momentum, he planned to take Li Chan’s life.

“Stop!” The people from the Li family all panicked when they saw that. Especially so for the master of the Li family. He leaped forward and wanted to stop him himself.

However, just at that moment, a hand grabbed his shoulder and stopped him. It was Sect Head Ouyang.

At that instant, his face was full of smugness and he wore a despicable smile on his face. He said indifferently, “Family Master Li, we agreed this would be a fight between the younger generation! As a senior, how can you interfere? Do not break the rules!”