Chapter 706 - Paying a Visit to the Li Family

MGA: Chapter 706 - Paying a Visit to the Li Family

Before Chu Feng entered the Ancient Teleportation Array, he already had a clear destination.

There were still two months until the arranged battle between the disciples of the Three Protectors in the Depraved Ravine. At present, Chu Feng prepared to head towards the Four Seas Academy to visit his two fiancées—Su Rou and Su Mei—as well as his two brothers—Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang.

After all, as long as he gave them the Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism, their cultivations would rise greatly. Although they might not catch up to the current him, the mushrooms would at least allow them to reside in the Four Seas Academy better.

But before that, Chu Feng wanted to head towards another location—the Li family at the Wolf Ivory Mountain. Back then, when Chu Feng took away the Ice Crystal Egg, he had told Li Chan he was only borrowing it and that in the future, he would repay her with an object of equal value.

Although, to Chu Feng, the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism was just the slightest bit inferior to the Ice Crystal Egg, to Li Chan, the price of the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism would be clearly much higher than the Ice Crystal Egg. It’d be just right to repay her with that object.

After some hurrying, Chu Feng finally arrived at the Wolf Ivory Mountain. He was walking on air, atop the clouds, with extremely quick speed.

But before he neared the Li family’s residence, Chu Feng heard bursts of rowdy noises. Looking downwards from above, he discovered a large crowd of people congregated on the vast ground outside the gate of the Li family.

“It seems that something has happened!”

Chu Feng could instantly tell that the people gathered there were not all people from the Li family. Many were outsiders, so something definitely happened at the Li family.

In order to avoid attention, Chu Feng did not take on the appearance of Wuqing. But, he wore a conical hat and concealed his aura. Only then did he fly down and land onto open land. However, after landing, Chu Feng felt a creeping feeling that something was wrong.

On the vast open space, many people gathered. They were cheering and yelling, so it was obvious something was happening in the middle.

Moreover, Chu Feng discovered most importantly, the crowd was divided into two. On one side, there were the people from the Li family, and on the other, there were people donned with grey-coloured robes. It was unclear which school or sect they came from, but they were obviously people from some sort of sect.

Other than those people, there were many people who belonged to neither side. They were obviously there for the liveliness.

Only after closely approaching did he discover in the center of everyone, a large and broad fighting stage was built. On the stage, a man and a woman were currently sparring, and the woman was, unexpectedly, Li Chan.

The person sparring against Li Chan was a middle-aged man. He too wore a grey-coloured robe, held an Elite Armament longsword in his hand, and had the same cultivation as Li Chan—the seventh level of the Heaven realm.

At that moment, the two were intensely fighting against one another. However, not only was Li Chan’s cultivation of the seventh level of the Heaven realm at the peak, her attacks even flowed smoothly and she had thoroughly held the advantage.

“Brother, why is it so lively here? What happened?” Chu Feng asked a big man.

After examining Chu Feng, the man asked, “You aren’t a local, right?”

“Just passing,” said Chu Feng. He concealed his aura so others would not fear him. Since he asked on his own accord, Chu Feng’s tone was very polite.

“No wonder. But if you don’t know, that’s fine. I’ll give you an introduction.

“Do you see her? The woman on the stage with a few bits of grace is called Li Chan. She is the eldest daughter of the Li family, and this Li family is the overlord of this region. The entirety of the Wolf Ivory Mountain is managed by the Li family.

“As for the person sparring Li Chan, he is the number one disciple of Painting Sect,” the big man explained.

“Painting Sect? What’s the Painting Sect?” Chu Feng asked in confusion. However, as those words were spoken, it attracted many surrounding people’s attention. Almost everyone’s eyes were full of unkindness when they looked at Chu Feng.

“Ehh… Brother, you actually don’t even know Painting Sect?!” Hearing those words, the big man quickly looked at Chu Feng with disdain. At the same time, he also winked at Chu Feng a few times, indicating him to remain silent because at that instant, many people there were from the Painting Sect.

Only after those people cast their gazes back at the fighting stage did the big man say in a low voice, “Actually, I didn’t know what the Painting Sect was before either.

“However, I’ve heard that the Painting Sect is preparing to establish a sect in the Wolf Ivory Mountain. However, this mountain is within the Li family’s territory! Of course, the Li family said it was unfair.

“However, the master of the Li family seemed to have drank wine with the head of the Painting Sect, and at the drinking table, he promised the Painting Sect could build a sect in the Wolf Ivory Mountain. At that time, many people were witnesses, and one of them was even the head of the Flash Gold Temple.

“You haven’t heard of the Painting Sect, but you’ve definitely heard of the Flash Gold Temple, right? It’s the strongest power in this region, and its head is even a rank three Martial Lord!

“Although the master of the Li family does not wish to admit it, since the head of the Flash Gold Temple was a witness, he had no choice but to admit it. He immediately put himself into an impasse.

“In the end, someone suggested a method that would be perfect for both sides. It was to lay down this sparring stage and rely on the strengths of the younger generation to fight over the Wolf Ivory Mountain.”

“So this is trouble stirred up by that foolish family master again?”

After knowing everything, Chu Feng couldn’t help looking in the direction of the Li family. At that place, on the peak of palace, a group of people stood. They had rather high cultivation. One of them was the Li family’s master, and by his side there was an old man who wore a grey robe. That person also had the cultivation of a rank one Martial Lord, and was obviously a senior expert from the Painting Sect.


Just at that moment, a cry rang out from the stage. The person who was fighting against Li Chan had fallen onto the ground, defeated.

But Li Chan did not do anything worse and stopped when appropriate. So, that person only suffered some light superficial wounds. However, Li Chan was quite intelligent and knew to not let him go so easily. So, she cut off the top portion of that person’s hair, putting him in a very sorry state with an appearance of defeat.

After defeating that person, Li Chan did not say much. She turned around, bowed to the palace where the master of the Li family and the others were at, and loudly said, “Sect Head Ouyang, though I am untalented, I am just slightly more skillful and defeated him. As per the agreement, please bring your Painting Sect’s disciples away from the Wolf Ivory Mountain and never return again.”

“Haha! The eldest daughter of the Li family is indeed powerful! However, the contest is not finished here, so where did victory and defeat come from?” The old man who stood by the master of the Li family was the Painting Sect’s head. However, judging by his current expression, he obviously did not prepare to admit defeat.

“Sect Head Ouyang, did we not agree before that the loser of the younger generation’s sparring will leave the Wolf Ivory Mountain? Right now, the strongest disciple from your Painting Sect has been defeated by my daughter. Are you saying, you, the Painting Sect, have even stronger disciples?” the master of the Li family asked with slight displeasure upon seeing Sect Head Ouyang’s unwillingness to admit defeat.

“There are indeed no stronger disciples in the Painting Sect’s younger generation who are stronger than your Li family’s daughter. However, within the Flash Gold Temple, the Painting Sect’s ally, there are.” The head of the Painting Sect strangely smiled, and as he spoke, he cast his gaze back at the fighting stage.

*whoosh* Just at that moment, a person suddenly leapt up from the crowd, then landed onto the stage.

It was a monk clad in a golden kasaya. There were barely any differences in his age and Li Chan’s, but he also had the cultivation of the seventh level of the Heaven realm. Moreover, his aura was clearly stronger than Li Chan’s. Likely, he was just about to enter the realm of the eighth level of the Heaven realm. After stepping upon the stage, he spoke no useless words. After clasping his hands and saluting to Li Chan, he said, “Lady Li. This one is Flash Gold Temple’s second disciple, Dao Yuan. I represent the Painting Sect for a spar against you.”