Chapter 705 - Esteemed Mother

MGA: Chapter 705 - Esteemed Mother

Although the old man was bitter, due to Qiushui Fuyan’s powerful strength, he could only leave dispirited.

In reality, he too understood living the rest of his life with only one arm and leg was very embarrassing. He would feel even more embarrassed when people asked how the arm and leg were lost, and why they were not healed.

But as the proverbs say: “Better to be living than dead”. If he had to blame something, he could only blame himself for thinking to attack Chu Feng. If greed did not exist in his heart, it’d be impossible for him to be in such a miserable state right now. Also, as the proverbs say: “One cannot escape the consequences for their crimes.” His punishment was well-deserved.

“He’s let go, just like that? He should be killed, then his Source Energy should be given to me for refining,” Eggy said in confusion when she looked at the old man walking into the Ancient Teleportation Array.

“I’m guessing she let one go because she wants the world to know of this matter. After all, the reason why Senior Qiushui wanted me to leave first is because she wanted to ‘bait the snake out of the hole’, then exert her dominance upon them, as a result, allowing those who harbour malicious intents towards me to have some sort of understanding. To let them know if they want to touch me, Chu Feng, they would have to judge their own power first,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Even if she wants to show her power, she should still kill him then let Lady Piaomiao spread the news. Would that not be better? After all, he was killed by her. There should be nothing she wants to hide, right?” Eggy asked.

“No matter. I’m sure he has also gotten the lesson he deserved. Continuing to live like this isn’t something an ordinary person can do. After all, if this were to be known, even his sect would likely not be able to keep him there, right?” Chu Feng smiled, as if he could already see the tragic scene of the person who left just now being betrayed by his comrades and families, and being looked down upon by the people of the world.

“Wuqing, you keep this.” Suddenly, Qiushui Fuyan waved her hand faintly, throwing the Cosmos Sack in her hand to Chu Feng.

“Senior Qiushui, thank you.” Chu Feng felt his heart birthing to joy when he caught the Cosmos Sack because there were quite a few treasures within it. There were countless Heaven beads and Elite Armaments—low-rank goods—as well as several hundred low-rank Martial Medicines and mid-rank Martial Medicines.

There were even a good few high-rank Martial Medicines. Even though their quality was far from equal with the Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism, they were, after all, high-rank Martial Medicines. They were priceless objects. Chu Feng had to admit: the objects in the Cosmos Sack alone could turn him into a small wealthy person.

“Also take these three.” Just at that moment, there were four beams of light that flew over from Lady Piaomiao’s hand which immediately entered Chu Feng’s palm.

“Senior Piaomiao, thank you.” At that moment, Chu Feng was even more elated because the four beams were not only three Cosmos Sacks similarly full of treasures, one of them was even a Misty Badge.

After the Martial Marking Immortal Realm concluded, those who received the Misty Badge had to return them when they left. When Chu Feng departed, he was no exception.

When Lady Piaomiao gave Chu Feng the Misty Badge again, it meant she viewed Chu Feng with quite a bit of importance, allowing him to have the qualification to enter the Misty Peak at any time.

“I’ve heard Fuyan say you have business, so I won’t keep you here. But if you have time in the future, my Misty Peak welcomes your presence at any time,” Lady Piaomiao said. Moreover, on her face, a rare faint smile appeared.

“Seniors, then Chu Feng will take his leave now.” This time, Chu Feng said his real name.

Lady Piaomiao’s expression was very calm upon hearing the two words “Chu Feng”, as if she had already knew Wuqing was a fake name, and only Chu Feng was the real one.

After Chu Feng left, Qiushui Fuyan suddenly took off the veil covering her visage, revealing an extremely beautiful appearance. Although her age neared forty, her complexion was akin to a young female’s, as though time had left no blemishes on her face.

It had to be said the former greatest beauty in the Eastern Sea Region was not inferior to Ya Fei or Qiu Zhu even now. However, the thing worth mentioning was even though Qiushui Fuyan had a very beautiful countenance, so beautiful that it made Lady Piaomiao’s, whose appearance was ordinary, seem a bit ugly, in certain areas there were actually some close similarities.

“Esteemed Mother, it seems that you look at Chu Feng quite highly. I have never seen you granting any person in the younger generation a Misty Badge before. Even Murong Xun and Huangfu Haoyue back then received no such treatment.” Qiushui Fuyan spoke and actually stated a shocking secret—Lady Piaomiao, who had such a significant status, was actually her mother.

“Murong Xun is a person from the Immortal Execution Archipelago so how could I grant him a Misty Badge? As for Huangfu Haoyue, even though he was quite extraordinary, he too did not possess the qualifications.

“However, Chu Feng is different from them all. It was no mere coincidence that he could escape near-death in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm and even obtain six thousand Martial Markings. From what I see, he has definitely received the approval of that mysterious existence in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm,” Lady Piaomiao said.

“Approval? Esteemed Mother, is the mysterious existence you speak of the demon sealed in the Misty Peak, or the master of the Misty Peak?” Qiushui Fuyan asked curiously.

“I’ve guarded this place for almost a thousand years. I only know that the Martial Marking Immortal Realm is the core of the Misty Peak, that there is an extraordinary existence within, and, even to some degree, that the existence controls the Misty Peak.

“But despite many attempts to increase the connection between us, they were all ineffective. It’s not that I cannot send my words to it, it’s just that it does not care about me.

“Although I’ve gotten enormous gains by guarding this place, in reality, the appellation of guardian is no more than an empty title.

“At present, the influence of the Immortal Execution Archipelago is getting larger and larger. It has also laid its eyes upon the Misty Peak and, if one day, the Immortal Execution Archipelago comes invading, and the mysterious existence within the Martial Marking Immortal Realm isn’t willing to help me, I will definitely lose the Misty Peak.

“But this child called Chu Feng… If he truly obtained the approval of that mysterious existence, perhaps at that time, he can be of help,” Lady Piaomiao said flatly. But, there was a scent of guile and scheming emerging on her face.

“Then no wonder even Esteemed Mother personally came out to protect Chu Feng. Since he is viewed so highly, do you need me to protect him in the dark?” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“No need. If he has truly gained the mysterious existence’s approval, I’m sure it would not wish for us to protect him. It would want us to let him develop on his own, so the talent he has can be pillared down more firmly.”

Lady Piaomiao shook her head, then asked Qiushui Fuyan, “Fuyan, how about… you don’t leave this time and stay behind? After all, sooner or later, this Misty Peak will be handed over to you.”

“I can’t, Esteemed Mother. I think that the Lovers Terrace is more suitable for me. Besides, don’t you have the Four Seasons and Yan Ruyu, five disciples, right now? I think it’d be better to hand the Misty Peak over to them.” Qiushui Fuyan shook her head.

Lady Piaomiao couldn’t help sighing upon hearing those words, then said, “You aren’t still blaming me for prohibiting you to enter the Heavenly Road with the Burning Heaven Church, right?”

At that instant, Qiushui Fuyan’s body involuntarily trembled slightly. Several complex changes occurred on her face, but in the end, she still wore a light smile and said, “How would I? If Esteemed Mother did not stop me, perhaps I would already be dead by now.”