Chapter 704 - Killing Three to Warn a Myriad

MGA: Chapter 704 - Killing Three to Warn a Myriad

Seeing this, Chu Feng already knew something was wrong. However, he didn’t panic, nor was there a change in his expression. In an indifferent tone, he said, “Seniors, what business do you have with me?”

“Heh, it’s not much, just a small matter we want you to help us out with,” said one of the old men with malicious intents.

“What is it? Just speak your mind,” Chu Feng replied.

“Wuqing, this time around you’ve gone to the Martial Marking Immortal Realm and obtained six thousand Martial Markings. Surely, you’ve exchanged them for a pretty decent martial skill.

“However, we have also heard the martial skills within the Martial Marking Immortal Realm are bound to one’s brain. They cannot be spoken out, nor can they be recorded. Only their owner can cultivate them.

“However, the martial skill exchanged for six thousand Martial Markings must certainly be extraordinary. It’d be quite a waste if you enjoyed its use all by yourself. So, the four of us wish to help you and see if we can take the Taboo martial skill out of your brain. That way, we can share it all together,” said the old man, beaming with smiles.

“Hoh. You think I’m an idiot? If you want to kill and rob, then just say so. You even act so grand and dignified. The skin on your face is truly quite thick—so thick, you feel no shame. I see you’ve spent all your years on your face, huh?” Chu Feng disdainfully smiled. Not only was he fearless, he was even ridiculing and looking down on them.

“You sharp-tongued brat! You can say whatever you want to, but today, you should erase any thoughts of leaving peacefully.”

As the old man spoke, he walked upon the air towards Chu Feng. At the same time, the three others had also secretly sealed off Chu Feng’s escape. The four peak Martial Lords enveloped him with might from all sides. Instantly, Chu Feng felt enormous pressure and could no longer move even an inch.

“This area is within the Misty Peak’s territory. Are you not afraid of Lady Piaomiao punishing all of you for doing this?” Chu Feng indifferently swept his gaze over the four people. No matter how much stronger the pressure enveloping him became, he still did not fear in the face of danger.

“Hmph. This is indeed within the territory of the Misty Peak, but it is not the Misty Peak. Although Lady Piaomiao guards the peak, she does not care about this land. Right now, you have already left the Misty Peak. Even if we kill you, judging by Lady Piaomiao’s nature, she will definitely not ask any questions,” the old man said after a cold snort.

WHO SAID I WON’T ASK ANY QUESTIONS?!” But just at that moment, suddenly, a voice filled with might sounded. At the same time, the entire world seemed to tremble, as though it were about to collapse.

Under the veil of such a powerful pressure, the four old men’s faces immediately turned ashen, because they could feel how horrifying that strength was. At that very instant, under such pressure, they were as weak as ants, as if any slight movement their opponent made would make them disappear like a whisper of smoke within a gale.

*hmm* Just at that moment, two people, like ghosts, appeared before Chu Feng. They were Lady Piaomiao and Qiushui Fuyan.

Chu Feng had expected such a scene. The reason why he choose to leave today was because Lady Piaomiao discovered people walking to and fro near the Ancient Teleportation Array while he was still within the Misty Peak. They seemed to be waiting for something.

So, she told Qiushui Fuyan to have Chu Feng be more cautious. The words Qiushui Fuyan had spoken to Chu Feng before were to inform him that he should leave immediately—today—just to see if those people were waiting for exactly him.

If there were really people who had ill-intents towards Chu Feng, then Lady Piaomiao would make her move—she would kill these people. “To warn a hundred by killing one”. [1] To let the people of the world know that Chu Feng not only had the protection of Qiushui Fuyan, he also had the protection of Lady Piaomiao. No matter who wanted to touch him, they should examine their own strength before doing so.”

“La-La-Lady Piaomiao, we meant no offense! We were only making a joke with Junior Wuqing!”

Although they were all senior experts, the difference in seniority between them and Lady Piaomiao was too great. In addition to the disparity in strength, after they saw Lady Piaomiao, they immediately quivered from fear, and even stuttered when they spoke.

Although they were well-known in certain parts of the Eastern Sea Region and were seniors whom many people revered in their hearts, when facing a life-threatening danger, they would show their cowardly side.

*bang, bang, bang* Suddenly, Lady Piaomiao willed three of them to become mists of blood. After three muffled explosions, the mist floated through the air, and the strong pungent stench of blood wafted over instantly. They truly vanished into thin air, leaving not even a single piece of clothing. The only items that remained were their three Cosmos Sacks.

“Chu Feng, quickly help me absorb their Source Energy! Although their bodies have already disintegrated, the Source Energy still remains. Quick! Three peak Martial Lords are a huge supplement for me!” Seeing that, Eggy was elated. As a World Spirit, she had extremely sharp observational power regarding Source Energy. After seeing three people killed, the first thing she thought of was Source Energy.

*whoosh* However, before letting Chu Feng make his move, the three mists of blood floating in the air had already shot towards Lady Piaomiao. She actually absorbed their Source Energy.

“God damn, a step too late. What is this dog butt fairy? Can fairies so casually absorb Source Energy? Not only that, she absorbed their entire bodies! That’s too disgusting. From what I see, she’s not a fairy, but a demon.” At that moment, Eggy threw curses here and there, gritting her teeth in anger. If she could, she would truly go and claw Lady Piaomiao madly.

“Have mercy, have mercy!” At that moment as well, the remaining person’s face turned blue from fear. After seeing Lady Piaomiao’s work, he too felt he was undoubtedly dead.

However, unexpectedly, Lady Piaomiao did not kill him. Instead, she said with an extremely icy tone, “Scram. If you dare to act with such insolence in my Misty Peak again, I will slaughter a path to your sect, and destroy its several thousand years of foundation.”

“Thank you merciful Lady, thank you merciful Lady!”

Hearing those words, that person quickly knelt in midair and kowtowed and bowed towards her. How did he even have the bearing of a powerful senior? It was as though he were a timid brat who feared death.

Shortly after, that person dared not to continue loitering. He turned around, and prepared to leave.

“Halt.” But just at that moment, Qiushui Fuyan spoke. With a chilly tone, she said, “She won’t lower herself to deal with you, but I won’t let you go so easily. By attacking Wuqing, you are not putting me in your eyes at all”

*whoosh* As she spoke, Qiushui Fuyan suddenly made her move. After her fair hand as beautiful as jade was extended, she lightly clenched her fist. With two bangs, one of the old man’s arm and leg had exploded.

MM!” The pain of his arm and leg breaking made the old man gnash his teeth and instantly, sweat poured out of his head. However, he was, after all, quite a high-level expert. He forcibly endured the agony and did not make a sound. Instead, he said with a very humble tone, “My gratitude for your mercy.”

“If you want to leave, that is fine. Hand over your Cosmos Sack,” Qiushui Fuyan said again.

He furrowed his brows lightly upon hearing those words. Originally, he thought he could safely leave after being crippled, but he did not think she would still demand him to give his Cosmos Sack to her. They failed a robbery, and instead were being robbed! He, who initially wanted to net some benefits from Chu Feng, was extremely depressed.

But recalling how his three others old friends ended up as, he already felt that the result was excellent. So, he did not hesitate much and quickly, with reverence, threw his Cosmos Sack to Qiushui Fuyan.

“Scram.” After taking the Cosmos Sack, Qiushui Fuyan first examined the items within, then shouted with a cold tone.

The old man couldn’t help rejoicing, thinking he could finally keep his life. Without even more thoughts, he turned around, and was about to enter the Ancient Teleportation Array.

However, before letting him enter, a sentence from Qiushui Fuyan threw him in despair.

“You cannot heal your broken arm and leg. For the remainder of your life, you must face others with this appearance. If I were to discover one day you restored your broken arm and leg, I will chop off all four of your limbs and throw you into a pit of manure, where you shall live the rest of your life.”