Chapter 703 - A Long Wait

MGA: Chapter 703 - A Long Wait

“Fu Liansheng?” Qiushui Fuyan shook her head when she heard those words, and said, “I’ve had extremely few contact with the people from the Crippling Night Demon Sect. Besides, after the sect disbanded, traces of many great characters who influenced the Eastern Sea Region disappeared. There are also no news regarding the Four Protectors, as if they had just evaporated off the face of the world.

“However, I have heard people occasionally say the descendants of the Four Protectors appearing in succession. Moreover, that they would have a contest two months later in the Depraved Ravine.”

“The descendants of the Four Protectors?” Chu Feng couldn’t help be taken aback.

“To be more precise, it’s the descendants of the Three Protectors because you, the descendant of the head of the Four Protectors, clearly don’t know anything about the arranged battle with the other three.” Qiushui Fuyan smiled. She could instantly see Chu Feng, as Qiu Canfeng’s only disciple, did not know anything about that matter.

“I indeed know nothing about it. Before, I have always been in the continent of the Nine Provinces and after coming to this place, I immediately came to find you, Senior Qiushui. I know very little about the things in the Eastern Sea Region.

“Not to mention this arranged battle, I don’t even know who the descendants of the three other protectors are,” Chu Feng said truthfully.

“It can’t be blamed on you. Although the Four Protectors of the Crippling Night Demon Sect are strong, they have never been on good terms with one another. So, judging by your master’s character, he shouldn’t have told you things regarding the relationship between them, nor would he have mentioned their disciples.

“But, since you have something you need to find Fu Liansheng for, no matter if the news is true or false, I feel that you can check out the Depraved Ravine two months later. After all, Fu Liansheng’s disciple will definitely know where his master is, right?” Qiushui Fuyan said.

“Mm. Thank you for your guidance, Senior Qiushui. This news is too important to me.”

Chu Feng nodded. Fu Liansheng was the crucial person who could save his master, and Qiu Canfeng also grasped all the treasures within that Imperial Tomb, and those, on the other hand, were crucial things that could raise his cultivation, so he could save Zi Ling.

So, the most important mission Chu Feng came to the Eastern Sea Region for was to find Fu Liansheng. No matter if the arranged battle at the Depraved Ravine was true or false, he had to go.

“Chu Feng, the actions you took in the Misty Peak are fated to be spread everywhere. At least, your face, your name, Wuqing, will soon spread throughout the Eastern Sea Region.

“However, the world is big. There is every sort of people, and after knowing you’ve gotten great things from the Misty Peak, there will always be people who have malicious intents towards you.

“You can use your mask to change your face and set up another name for yourself—making it so ‘Wuqing’ thus disappears from this world, which would be a simple and effective way of evading the peril—it is, however, not the best way of resolving this problem. Running away from danger isn’t a solution; only when facing danger can one grow,” Qiushui Fuyan said smilingly.

“Senior Qiushui, it’s not that I, Chu Feng, don’t dare to show my actual appearance to others or fear to face danger, it’s just that I have several very important friends in the Four Seas Academy.

“I don’t want them to be affected because of me. That’s why I completely buried my name. When the time is ripe, I will announce my identity to the world, but that is only a time when I can guarantee no one can harm them.

“As for the dangers submerged outside, the ones that will come will come eventually. I know it is useless regardless how well I hide myself, so after leaving this place, I will still face others with the face of ‘Wuqing’. Even though I know my current cultivation is very weak, it won’t be easy if they want to take care of me,” Chu Feng replied.

“So it’s like that. It seems like I’ve misunderstood you. Actually, the reason why I told you this isn’t because I want you to meet force with force against existences you cannot defend yourself against. After all, that is equal to committing suicide; an unintelligent approach.

“The reason why I told you this is only because I want you to learn how to face your dangers. But when facing undefeatable dangers, when you should escape, you must escape. After all, great men ought to bow when needed, and stand straight when needed. Looking at it now, however, it’s not necessary for me to tell you all this.”

Qiushui Fuyan faintly smiled. She, who originally wanted to teach Chu Feng some truths, did not expect that he had hidden troubles. It involuntarily made her feel a bit embarrassed. But shortly after, she did an action that made Chu Feng surprised.

The Holy Daughter of the Burning Heaven Church, the former greatest beauty in the Eastern Sea Region, leaned over slightly, put her veiled red lips next to Chu Feng’s ear, and softly said some words.

After hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression couldn’t help changing slightly, then he said, “Thank you, Senior Qiushui.”

On that day, Chu Feng decided to leave the Misty Peak, and Qiushui Fuyan decided to stay for a few more days.

Outside the Misty Peak, Chun Wu, Qiu Zhu, Jiang Wanshi, and Qiushui Fuyan all came to send him off.

For Chun Wu particularly, when she looked at Chu Feng, her eyes were full of unwillingness. If it weren’t for Lady Piaomiao’s request, disallowing her from leaving the Misty Peak, she would have definitely wanted to leave with Chu Feng.

“Senior Chun Wu, Senior Qiu Zhu, Yan Ruyu is my friend. Right now, she has also become Lady Piaomiao’s disciple, so I hope you can take good care of her.” Before leaving, Chu Feng did not forget to tell Chun Wu and Qiu Zhu that.

After all, from what he knew, Yan Ruyu had a slightly timid nature. She completely followed her seniors’ words, and since Xia Yu and Dong Xue were so oppressive, Chu Feng worried they would make things difficult for Yan Ruyu.

“Junior Wuqing, don’t worry. With me and Senior Qiu Zhu, no one will dare to bully Senior Yan,” Chun Wu guaranteed with a pat of her chest, immediately understanding Chu Feng intentions.

“We will take good care of Senior Yan,” Qiu Zhu said with a warm smile as well.

“Sorry to trouble you two then.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng too peacefully smiled. Chun Wu had always kept her word and was worthy of his trust. So, Chu Feng dallied for no longer, and while being sent off by the gazes of Chun Wu and the others, he left the Misty Peak, flying towards an Ancient Teleportation Arrays.

At that very instant, however, at the exit of the Misty Peak, there stood a straight and jade-like figure, who similarly gazed upon Chu Feng departing back.

That female had an exceptional appearance, absolutely not inferior to Chun Wu and the others. Moreover, she had a very special bearing. It was a very strange one. It would make others involuntarily feel affable, but a powerful expert could tell that bearing did not match a human’s. Naturally, that person was Yan Ruyu, who obtained the demon’s power.

She had very complicated emotions, but looked at Chu Feng back without blinking. Only when Chu Feng disappeared in the vast horizon did she say quietly, “Thanks!”

Although the territory of the Misty Peak was large, the people within the Misty Peak only moved within the peaks. As a result, the other areas of the Misty Peak’s land was, in reality, empty.

It was especially so since some time had passed since the conclusion of the Martial Marking Immortal Realm. Pretty much everyone other than Chu Feng, Qiushui Fuyan, and the others had left already. So, in the regions outside the Misty Peak itself were so peaceful, it was slightly strange.

The only exit Chu Feng had to leave by was to pass through Ancient Teleportation Arrays; however, just as he arrived at one, before entering, the space before him trembled. Quickly after, four aged figures appeared, sealing Chu Feng’s escape.

The ages of those four were very high—they were at least over a hundred years—nor were their cultivations weak: all peak Martial Lords.

Chu Feng had seen them once in the Misty Peak. Although he did not know their specific names, he did know they were senior experts whose names were famous at certain areas.

However, at that instant, when the four looked at Chu Feng, their eyes were not kind at all. One of them even said with a strange tone, “My friend Wuqing, you’ve finally come. You’ve made us wait for quite a long time!”