Chapter 721 - Refining Martial Medicine

MGA: Chapter 721 - Refining Martial Medicine

“What? Continuously break through two level of cultivation? Can you really, just by relying on this mushroom?” After hearing Jiang Wushang’s words, Su Mei and Su Rou, as well as Zhang Tianyi, were endlessly shocked.

They could feel how powerful the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism was, but since they were not World Spiritists, and thus had no Spirit power, they could not examine it as thoroughly. So, after hearing Jiang Wushang’s words, they were once again shocked, but simultaneously expressed suspicion.

“This Immortal Mushroom of Martialism is indeed very special. It is a special cultivation oddity. Its origin is quite extraordinary as well, and no matter if it’s the pearls sealed in your bodies, or if you have an Inherited Bloodline, or if you rely on a Forbidden Mysterious Technique, I dare to be certain it will still greatly help all of you.

“And looking at your current cultivations, if you can thoroughly refine this, breaking through two levels of cultivation is not only the limit,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“What exactly did you experience to be able to acquire oddities like these? If these things are taken out, a bloody fight could arise from this!” When Su Mei looked at Chu Feng, her eyes changed. They no longer contained their former astonishment, but instead fear and the aching of her heart.

Even though she hadn’t accompanied Chu Feng to experience those things, she could imagine oddities like these were not so easily found. To be able to have obtained them, Chu Feng must have experienced some tribulation that none of them knew of.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, I can accept these Martial medicine, but this one is really too precious. I cannot have it,” Jiang Wushang said, declining to accept the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism.

“Junior Chu Feng, Brother Wushang is right. You must have risked great dangers in order to acquire these precious things. How can I accept it?” Zhang Tianyi too spoke to decline. At the same time, Su Rou and Su Mei were the same.

“As I’ve said, these things are not too useful to me. Moreover, I have kept a portion for myself. ‘If we have fortune, we share fortune; if we have difficulties, we share difficulties.’ All of you are the closest people to me. When I was in a difficult situation, all of you endured that with me. So, when I have fortune, can I not share them with you?” As Chu Feng spoke, he even pretended to be a bit angry.

After hearing his words, Su Rou, Su Mei, Zhang Tianyi, and Jiang Wushang went silent.

“Okay, isn’t that Millennium Ancient City opening in two days? You will not have many accomplishments if you enter right now with your current cultivation.

“I can help you refine the Martial medicine in a short period of time. With that, two days later, when you enter the Millennium Ancient City, you will definitely have greater achievements,” Chu Feng said again when he saw the four of them declining no longer.

With Chu Feng’s persistence insisting, the four of them no longer stayed stubborn. With Chu Feng’s assistance, they started to refine the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism.

Refining such an object was not something simple. Even though the energy in the Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism was very gentle and was already very convenient to refine, Su Rou and the others could not finish within a short period of time, judging by their abilities.

Therefore, Chu Feng helped them by laying a Spirit Formation and endlessly channeling his own power into the Spirit Formation. When they sat within the formation, they could then more easily refine the Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism.

The dark night was gradually replaced with the white sky, and in the east, a blinding radiance had arisen. When its light illuminated the land and took over the sky, a new day thus started.

However, within the palace that had a banquet prepared, all of that was removed already. Replacing it was a Spirit Formation with purple light swirling about.

Chu Feng sat in the center of the formation. Su Rou, Su Mei, Zhang Tianyi, and Jiang Wushang all sat, cross-legged, on the four edges of the formation. Their eyes were closed, and layers upon layers of auras were inhaled, then exhaled—they were refining the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism, which floated before their bodies.

A full night of time had already passed since he laid the formation. At present, Chu Feng’s face was a bit pale and he seemed a bit languid. Simultaneously helping four people refine the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism meant he had to thrust forth his full strength. As a result, the price he paid was very enormous as well.

But luckily, the effect was even better than Chu Feng’s expectations. Su Rou and Su Mei were not as simple as they seemed. Chu Feng could feel the pearls in their bodies having similar effects as Chu Feng’s Divine Lightning, though in a completely different manner. They were actually helping them refine the Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism. The two of them had clearly not fully grasped the pearls. If they did, they would definitely be even more powerful.

As for the Forbidden Mysterious Technique Zhang Tianyi cultivated, it too was impressive as well. However, it was not superior to the mystical pearls that helped Su Rou and Su Mei, yet also not that much inferior to them.

Looking at that, it was truly Jiang Wushang who was slightly weaker. However, he was, after all, the person who possessed a Royal Bloodline. His speed of cultivation was really not that weak either.

*hmm* Suddenly, Su Rou’s and Su Mei’s aura changed at the same time. They were actually soaring while the Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism before them started to rapidly disintegrate and were being absorbed into their bodies.

“It has finally come!” Seeing that, Chu Feng rejoiced. He quickly closed his eyes and sorted even more power in his body to help the two thoroughly refine the Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism.

In a situation like that, they were very smoothly refined by the two of them. Moreover, after the Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism were completely refined, their auras were no longer in the fifth level of the Heaven realm, but the seventh level of the Heaven realm.

“Success! This is great, it’s a success!” Opening their eyes, Su Mei and Su Rou were unable to suppress their elated emotions. They happily leapt up at the same time, skipping and jumping about. Even Su Rou, who was usually more mature and serious, had the look of a little girl’s dazzle.

They truly did not think the Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism were that mystical. They made them break through two levels of cultivation! That really made them feel an unexpected joy.

After enveloping themselves with such happiness, the sisters both cast their gazes at Chu Feng together and wanted to share their ecstatic emotions with him. However, after they saw Chu Feng, their faces originally smiling like flowers distorted instantly. Immediately, nervous expressions formed and both of them arrived in front of Chu Feng at nearly the same time, yelling, “Chu Feng, are you all right?!”

At that instant, they were truly terrified because they discovered at present, Chu Feng’s complexion was as pale as paper. It lacked the slightest trace of blood, and his perspiration rained down, already drenching his clothes. In the time of only a night, Chu Feng got a lot thinner and looked quite fatigued.

“Shhh~~” Chu Feng put his index finger before his mouth, indicating them to be quiet. Shortly after, he said with a smile, “I’m fine, but don’t affect Senior Zhang and Brother Wushang.”

Su Rou and Su Mei then finally knew why Chu Feng turned like that. It was obviously the price he paid in order for them to more quickly refine the Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism.

When they were refining, they could feel the pearls in their bodies helping them greatly. However, they also knew that the burst of an even stronger helping power came from Chu Feng.

At that moment, their hearts ached greatly. Even tears uncontrollably streamed down; yet, they could do nothing and could only obediently stand by Chu Feng’s side, watching as Chu Feng continued to exhaust himself to help Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang.