Chapter 699 - Wuqing Arriving

MGA: Chapter 699 - Wuqing Arriving

“Right, how did I even forget about that?”

Chu Feng came to a realization after hearing Eggy’s reminder. He hurriedly pulled back one of his sleeves, yet the result from such a seemingly insignificant action made even Chu Feng himself astounded. Martial Markings were densely imprinted all over his left arm. There were actually three thousand markings.

But that wasn’t all… After Chu Feng pulled back his other sleeve, he became thoroughly dumbfounded because on his other arm, similarly, Martial Markings were imprinted densely upon it. Like before, there were three thousand.

“Six thousand Martial Markings! My gods! Chu Feng, you’re rich!” Seeing those Martial Markings, even Eggy couldn’t help exclaiming out loud. Obviously, the queen, who possessed vast experience, was shocked as well.

A hundred Martial Markings was already enough for a Mortal Taboo martial skill. What sort of martial skill, then, could he exchange six thousand Martial Markings for?

At present, on top of the mountain peak, no one knew that Chu Feng hadn’t died yet and even obtained six thousand Martial Markings.

They only knew after Chun Wu walked out of the Martial Marking Immortal Realm after exchanging the markings for a Mortal Taboo martial skill, the event that happened only once per six years had completed.

So, at that instant, the final conclusion had arrived. It was for the master of the Misty Peak, Lady Piaomiao, to give out rewards for the first place.

Within the Misty Peak, there were countless oddities. As a result, everyone was very curious what reward Lady Piaomiao would give Chun Wu.

Seeming to understand the crowd’s thoughts, she wore a light smile on her face, seeming profound and unfathomable. The atmosphere of a peak character such as her was indeed extremely grandiose.

Quickly after, she lightly flung her sleeve, then a Cosmos Sack appeared in her palm.

“Chun Wu, since you’ve obtained first place, this is yours.” As Lady Piaomiao spoke, the Cosmos Sack in her hand had automatically risen into the air, and gradually floated towards Chun Wu.

Chun Wu, the sharp and intelligent girl, instantly understood her master’s intents. She had a noble status, thus it was inconvenient to show off the things she rewarded to others. Chun Wu, on the other hand, was different. If it was inconvenient for the master to show off, she could instead.

So, before the crowd’s faces, Chun Wu opened the Cosmos Sack. It flashed, and instantly a colourful palm-size mushroom floated out. In the instant the mushroom appeared, the entire mountain peak could smell a pungent fragrance. Moreover, the people who were there all felt their minds rejuvenating.

“It’s the high-rank Martial Medicine, Immortal Mushroom of Martialism!” Many people revealed stunned expressions upon seeing that strange mushroom.

Martial Medicines were originally precious, so high-rank Martial Medicines reached the pinnacle of preciousness. In the entire Eastern Sea Region, they could be counted as treasures very rarely obtained. As for the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism, it could be said to be the best within high-rank Martial Medicines.

The Martial power within it was not only strong, it was also very easy to absorb. Moreover, there were no backlash effects. If those under the rank of Martial Lord used it, their cultivation would increase several levels within a short amount of time; this was simply not a dream, but reality.

If one in the ninth level of the Heaven realm used it before making a breakthrough to the realm of Martial Lords, they would have a great increase in success rate. Even if those within the Martial Lord realm consumed the medicine, it would have enormous effects.

Most importantly, one could not find the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism anywhere else. Nor was there anyone who knew how to grow them. Only the Misty Peak had them, but even within the Misty Peak, it was a very rarely seen oddity.

So, after the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism appeared, everyone was endlessly shocked. Their faces surged with longing. Even Xia Yu, Dong Xue, and Qiu Zhu, people who grew up in the Misty Peak, had faces of admiration because the Immortal Mushroom of Martialism was really too precious. Even they could not enjoy their use casually.

*hmm* However, just at that moment, the Cosmos Sack in Chun Wu’s hand glittered continuously and five more high-rank Martial Medicine—the Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism—appeared.

There were six Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism. Six full Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism! At that instant, let alone the youths, even some older experts couldn’t help taking in a breath of air whilst astonishment emerged onto their faces.

A single Immortal Mushroom of Martialism was already so precious, yet now, Lady Piaomiao rewarded six! It had to be said it was quite a large spending.

But as everyone was using admirative and envious gazes to look at herself, Chun Wu was not too happy because she knew those did not belong to her, but to Chu Feng.

At that very instant, within the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, Chu Feng was elated because he obtained six thousand Martial Markings.

“It’s time to go back, and I’ve got to conceal my cultivation a bit.”

At present, Chu Feng’s cultivation was the eighth level of the Heaven realm. If he used the three lightnings, he would be a rank two Martial Lord. However, he did not want to make too big of a show, so he only used two lightnings, returning his cultivation back to a rank one Martial Lord which he used before the crowds.

Feeling himself freely control his cultivation, and recollecting the six thousand Martial Markings on his arm, Chu Feng couldn’t help smugly smile. The journey to the Martial Marking Immortal Realm was truly all worth it.




But just at that moment, explosions rang out from afar. The noise was as if it were the crashing of a five-thousand-kilogram boulder. The effect it had on the ground was ordinary, but it shook the earth very heavily.

At the same time, the land beneath Chu Feng’s feet, along with the explosions, started to violently tremble.

One explosion. Two explosions. Three explosions. The trembling became stronger and stronger, and the explosions became louder and louder. In a situation like this, Chu Feng discovered astonishedly that an incomparably large blurred image, akin to a mountain, appeared afar. However, not only was the image moving, it was nearing. In the end, its silhouette finally appeared. Only then did Chu Feng discover it was a humanoid organism with a sickle in its left hand and a head in its right hand.


Suddenly, an ear-piercing cry rang out from the distance. Another image appeared above the earth, and like a black cloud, it shrouded the lands and was quickly moving.

Chu Feng was frightened when he raised his head to look. Over there was a huge bird. A huge bird that was unbelievably large and could cover the sky.

The huge bird’s body was black, and on its body were thick lightning. Along with the flapping of its giant wings, several lightnings would strike down as well. The areas it passed made even the sky collapse, and the ground was even taken over by the light of lightning.

At the same time, all sorts of deafening roars rang out incessantly. All sorts of grand atmospheres, all sorts of odd shapes… Huge beasts Chu Feng had never seen before appeared one another the other, and quickly took over that world.

“What place is this? Could it be that they are the demons sealed in his place?” At that instant, Chu Feng was thoroughly stupefied. He could not be certain what exactly they were, but he could be certain that any one of those organisms had the strength to easily destroy him.

Minuscule. Truly minuscule. Not only the difference in size, it was more so the difference in strength.

At that instant, Chu Feng understood. He finally knew why those who remained within the Martial Marking Immortal Realm after the ten-day limit would only have a single road to walk on—the road of death. He also finally knew why the Martial Marking Immortal Realm was so desolate and not even an inch of grass grew.

It was because this place seemed to be the land where this group of strange organisms lived. With those monsters living here, it would be strange if things could grow there.

However, the stranger thing was that the powerful organisms seemed to have no plans to attack Chu Feng, Otherwise, with their strengths, how could Chu Feng even have a chance to escape?

It wasn’t hard for Chu Feng to comprehend why such a situation occurred. Very likely, it was a special order from the mysterious existence that bestowed cultivation upon him, so that was why the powerful organisms did not dare to do anything to him.

Chu Feng could already see how much those things wanted to eat him from their eyes. It could even be said they had great enmity towards him.


Although he knew the organisms wouldn’t harm him, Chu Feng did not dare to remain too long at that place. After all, it was getting late. If he continued dallying, he would lose the chance to exchange his markings for a martial skill. Thinking up to there, Chu Feng quickly crushed the Immortal Talisman in his hand, and left that place.

At the same time, atop the peak, after Chun Wu gained the rewards of being first place, the curtains to the Martial Marking Immortal Realm event had fallen as well. Although the gate to the Martial Marking Immortal Realm hadn’t closed yet, the banquet had ended. So, everyone was preparing to leave.


However, just as they were preparing, a dazzling radiance appeared in the center of the mountain peak. Especially when the sun had set in the west and the sky was gradually dimming down, the radiance seemed particularly blinding. As such, it naturally attracted everyone’s eyes.

When the radiance disappeared, they discovered in amazement that there was a person. It was a young man who appeared in the air.

Not only did that man have an incomparably handsome appearance, there was still a faint smile worn on his face. However, after everyone saw his appearance, not a single one was not stunned. Extreme surprise emerged onto both their faces and eyes.

They had already recognized that the person who appeared on top of the peak at that very instant was that man called Wuqing.

And while looking at the crowd’s shocked gazes, the smile on Chu Feng’s face became wider, and he said calmly, “My apologies, I’ve made all of you wait for long.”