Chapter 698 - Eighth Level of the Heaven Realm

MGA: Chapter 698 - Eighth Level of the Heaven Realm

At that instant, the entire mountain peak burst out into discussion. No one ever expected, in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm that occurred once every six years, Chun Wu would be the one who obtained the best result.

In reality, even on the face of the pinnacle character, Lady Piaomiao, there appeared a rare faint smile. From that, it could be seen that she was extremely happy.

After all, the Misty Peak was her territory. She, as her master, naturally felt proud that her own disciple could attain the result of first place.

Under the countless admirative gazes, Chun Wu quickly walked out. Clearly, with the hundred and eight Martial Markings, she was able to secure a Mortal Taboo martial skill. On her face, however, there were not many joyous expressions.

“Junior Chun Wu, what is this? How did you gather so many Martial Markings?”

“Yeah! Junior Chun Wu, where did you get so many Martial Markings?” Seeing Chun Wu walk out, Xia Yu and Dong Xue immediately surrounded her, pulled Chun Wu to the side, and asked her questions.

“Hoh? Curious?” Chun Wu raised her head, and with a very disdainful gaze, she swept her eyes over Xia Yu and Dong Xue, then said, mockingly, and with a smile, “I don’t mind telling you. Back then, after I walked away with Junior Wuqing, I did not personally go capture a single Martial Marking. Other than the eighteen Martial Markings I caught myself within the Temple of Reproduction, of the ninety other Martial markings I have, eighty-eight were caught by Junior Wuqing alone, and he gave them to me.

“Perhaps you won’t believe me when I say it like this, but I can tell you that Junior Wuqing did indeed discover a new method to search for Martial Markings. The method is completely unique, and its efficiency rate is extremely high. However, only he can use that method.

“At the beginning, he wanted to share the Martial Markings with us four sisters. However, not only did you distrust him, you even spoke and insulted him, driving him away of our group.

“The Mortal Taboo I’ve obtained right now is all because of Junior Wuqing. Back then, if you had believed him, you would have also had the harvests I had. But you did not. So, no need to admire me, nor envy me, because you deserve it.” Chun Wu’s words were spoken very loudly. She intentionally let everyone hear them, and intentionally embarrassed her two seniors.

Although they were sisters who had lived together for many years, in the past few days, she had clearly seen their true appearance and learnt what sort of people they were.

“What? Lady Chun Wu’s harvests were actually all given by this person called Wuqing?”

Indeed, after hearing Chun Wu’s words, the people on scene exclaimed endlessly. So it turned out that Chun Wu had such an achievement because it was bestowed upon her by a person called Wuqing.

And similarly, the Temple of Reproduction seemed to have been discovered by Wuqing as well. Associating that thought with the various things Wuqing did before, all of them couldn’t help reexamining him. All of them felt if all of it were real, then Wuqing was truly quite an outstanding genius.

However, as long as they recollected that such a genius had already died, many people on scene involuntarily shook their heads and sighed. This was because Wuqing’s death was not only his master’s loss, it was even a loss for the entire Eastern Sea Region.

At that instant, Xia Yu and Dong Xue not only turned ashen, even their intestines greened from regret. It had to be said that Chun Wu’s words struck them heavily, and deeply pricked their minds.

All of the things Chu Feng said before was true? He was truly able to capture Martial Markings with his own strength?

They initially doubted, but upon a careful thought, Chun Wu seemed to not have such an ability, so she could not possibly capture so many Martial Markings on her own. Which means only Wuqing was left. So, even if they didn’t want to believe, they had no choice.

And once they believed, they had an urge to fiercely slap themselves two times. They hated themselves for not believing Chu Feng from the start, and harmed themselves by losing such a great chance.

Chu Feng did not know Xia Yu’s and Dong Xue’s regret because at present, he had already left the strange world, and returned within the Martial Marking Immortal Realm.

The current realm was abnormally quiet. Even the sandy winds disappeared. It was strangely silently, making one uneasy.

Chu Feng was standing on top of a high dirt-yellow hill with a face full of elation. In the instant the beam of light entered his body, his cultivation was raised. He actually rose to be a rank two Martial Lord directly from a rank one Martial Lord.

Chu Feng removed the power of the three lightning, and discovered his actual cultivation indeed became the eighth level of the Heaven realm from the seventh level of the Heaven realm. That cultivation was actually given by the beam of light.

The thing that made Chu Feng exclaim the most was the power of the existence. It could just casually give a person cultivation? What sort of existence was it?

“Haha, Chu Feng, I’ve broke through, my cultivation has broken through!” Just at that moment, another thing Chu Feng didn’t expect was Eggy cheerfully yelling.

And when Chu Feng examined her cultivation, though he did not expect much, he was really shocked. Eggy’s cultivation had actually entered the realm of Martial Lords! A rank one Martial Lord, Eggy was now a rank one Martial Lord!

“Eggy, your cultivation has increased as well?” Chu Feng was extremely shocked. His own power strengthening was one thing, but Eggy, whose cultivation only increased through Source Energy, gained more power as well. Moreover, she rose quite a bit higher than him—directly becoming a rank one Martial Lord. That was simply unbelievable.

“Heh, it seems that the person there is truly not simple. Although it didn’t help you too greatly, helping me is equal to helping you as well! My rank one Martial Lord cultivation is a lot more powerful than your rank two Martial Lord cultivation! Heh…” A flower could even bloom when a smile appeared on Eggy’s sweet little face. There was no need to even mention how beautiful she was, and it could be seen that she was truly ecstatic.

Since they hadn’t found a powerful Source Energy in a very long time, her cultivation had stagnated for a long time, not making progress at all. Today, she actually immediately became a rank one Martial Lord. It could even be said to be a leap in nature. Even if she didn’t want to happy she could not.

“It is indeed not simple. Even you, who’s in my body, was discovered by it. I wonder if it also discovered the Divine Lightning in my dantian,” Chu Feng said hiddenly in his heart while looking up.

“That may not be so. Although I’m your World Spirit and live within your Spiritual World, it isn’t difficult for people with absolute power to see through your Spiritual World.

“However, the Divine Lightning in your dantian is different. It is intentionally concealing itself, and the power it contains is similarly unfathomably deep. It’s likely that even the existence in this place isn’t able to discover it, right?” Eggy explained.

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded, expressing his agreement. The Divine Lightning in his body was indeed mysterious and immeasurable. Even he, at present, could not ascertain what exactly the Divine Lightning was, let alone others?

“Okay, Chu Feng. Quickly look at your arm. That existence said he would give you advantages, so I’m guessing other than granting you cultivation, something that it will not lack is Martial Markings,” Eggy reminded.