Chapter 700 - Earthen TabooFirmament Slash

MGA: Chapter 700 - Earthen Taboo—Firmament Slash


At that instant, everybody was stunned. Especially so for Ya Fei, Zhan Feng, as well as Xia Yu, Dong Xue, and the others. On their faces, there was not only shock. More so, there were complex emotions.

Before, they not only believed Chu Feng had died, they even hoped Chu Feng had died. But just as they thought their wishes were granted, when they thought Chu Feng had died, he actually appeared before them in a perfect state of being. It was completely opposite to their hopes, causing to be taken aback. They were not willing to accept that fact.

“Junior Wuqing!” In comparison to Zhan Feng’s group, however, Chun Wu, Qiu Zhu, Jiang Wanshi and others had faces full of elation. Especially so for Chun Wu. She didn’t even dare to believe her eyes. She first firmly rubbed them, and only then did she confirm that Chu Feng returned. That Chu Feng truly did not die.

The three beauties leapt up together and almost ran up to Chu Feng at the same time. That sort of fondness could make people die from admiration.

Chun Wu was the most extreme. She grabbed Chu Feng’s clothes and jumped up and down. If there weren’t too many people there, her master one of them, she would have definitely just bore into Chu Feng’s embrace.

“Junior Wuqing, you’re fine? This is truly great! Why have you come out only after such a long time? Where exactly did you go? Don’t you know we were worried?” asked Qiu Zhu and the others.

“Yeah! Look at Senior Chun Wu! Look at how she looks from crying!” Jiang Wanshi even pointed at Chun Wu’s slightly swollen red and tearful eyes.

Seeing that, Chu Feng’s heart soured. Without even thinking, he knew why Chun Wu was like that. It was definitely because she felt extreme sorrow when she assumed Chu Feng had died.

That also let Chu Feng know that Chun Wu cared about him a lot. In reality, Chu Feng could see that as well. Jiang Wanshi too had cried, even Qiu Zhu should have secretly shed tears, but obviously, it was not as intense as Chun Wu, nor as evident.

But no matter what,

However, regardless of anything, Chu Feng had an understanding in his heart. He also had some sort of judgement in his mind regarding who truly cared about him, and who were only ingratiating themselves with Chu Feng.

“I am really sorry that I’ve made you all worried. The reason why I haven’t come out in such a long time is because I was always in the Temple of Reproduction,” Chu Feng said very ashamedly.

“Temple of Reproduction? But Ya Fei clearly set off an Explosion Talisman! How did you escape such a calamity?” Chun Wu was very shocked, and at the same time also very curious.

“Hoh.” Chu Feng first lightly smiled when faced with that matter, then said, “Everything in the Martial Marking Immortal Realm is incomparably profound. We being in there are simply akin to ants. A few ants actually dare to want to dent unbreakable walls? To use an Explosion Talisman to destroy the Temple of Reproduction? The only thing I can say is that those people are too naive.”

Although Chu Feng did not state who used the Explosion Talisman, as he spoke, he had looked at Ya Fei and the others.

Such a gaze made Ya Fei’s initially shocked face even more twisted because she knew clearly that Chu Feng was humiliating her.

“Really? That means everything in the Temple of Reproduction did not receive any damage?” Chun Wu very happily followed up with a question.

“Of course. Don’t you see me being perfectly fine here?” said Chu Feng with a smile.

“That is really great!” Hearing everything up to that point, Chun Wu understood everything. So, as she skipped about in cheers, she even urged, “Junior Wuqing, the entrance to the Martial Marking Immortal Realm will close soon! You should quickly enter and exchange your markings for a martial skill!

“I will be holding on this first place reward for you~” Chun Wu flaunted the Cosmos Sack in her hand while speaking.

Chu Feng was quite an intelligent person so instantly he knew that it was definitely Chun Wu who obtained first place, so she received the reward for first place. However, Chun Wu knew that the number of Martial Markings Chu Feng currently had certainly surpassed hers. That was why she spoke those words.

Chu Feng did not hesitate any longer. At present, he had six thousand Martial Markings within his hands! For so many Martial Markings, he could definitely be able to exchange them for a decent martial skill. He obviously did not want to be late and waste all the markings, and especially after he experienced the horrifying power of Taboo martial skills, he wanted to get one at this place.

At the same time, when Chu Feng walked into the entrance, every single gaze on stop of the mountain peak was locked tightly on him.

If it were before, Chu Feng definitely wouldn’t have attracted such attention. Even if others were to see what sort of achievement he attained, they would not be as expectant as they were currently.

But after knowing the various things that happened within the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, everyone looked at Chu Feng in another light. They felt even though that youth couldn’t be said to have peak cultivation, he grasped exceptional Spirit Formation techniques and had abilities that others did not. He was a genius.

So, right now, almost everyone were waiting and watching. They were guessing whether Chu Feng would surpass Chun Wu, and guessing if he would surpass the record left behind by Murong Xun.

Just like that, under the gaze of the crowd, Chu Feng walked towards the entrance with pronounced steps. Every single one was so clear because the peak had reached the extremities of silence. Other than the sound of footsteps, the only other thing they could hear were their heartbeats and breathing.

Finally, Chu Feng walked in. And soon, a number appeared at the Spirit Formation entrance. However, after everyone saw that number, almost all of them were wide-eyed and dumbfounded. Many people sucked in a breath of air from being deeply frightened, and some people’s feet even swayed, almost tripping from such a stimulation of emotions, and just sat onto the ground.

“6000!” That was the number that appeared at the Spirit Formation entrance after Chu Feng stepped in.

Beforehand, people had guessed countless numbers. Seventy, eighty, ninety, a hundred… Some people even felt if Chu Feng truly made gains in the Temple of Reproduction, he could very possibly surpass the record Murong Xun left behind.

However, absolutely no one expected Chu Feng to have gotten six thousand Martial Markings. Even Ya Fei and the others who experienced the Temple of Reproduction did not.

Six thousand Martial Markings. Exactly six thousand Martial Markings! It was an inconceivable number. One had to know of the people who entered the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, who wasn’t a young genius? Who wasn’t a peak genius? Any one of them had the cultivation of a Martial Lord.

However, how many people stayed in there for ten full days yet only returned with a few Martial Markings? How many people stayed there for ten days yet couldn’t even capture a single Martial Marking?

But Chu Feng, a rank one Martial Lord, with his own strength, actually captured six thousand Martial Markings. That was several times more than the total the previous ninety-nine people obtained! It was really too astonishing.

“Unbelievable, truly unbelievable! This is simply a miracle!”

An old man used his trembling hand to stroke his few strands of his dry goatee. As he spoke, even his lip were trembling. Even though he was only an observer, he was excited by the number Chu Feng showed because in his perspective, it was a miracle, and he was one of the people who witnessed such a miracle.

“From what I’ve heard, Martial Markings are extremely difficult to capture. My disciple entered and joined up with several good friends, yet failed multiple times and were unable to successfully capture them.

“Even if the fabled Temple of Reproduction contains large amounts of Martial Markings, I’ve heard that you still need to capture them personally. This Wuqing has only the strength of a rank one Martial Lord. How exactly did he do it?” But other than shock, many more people were guessing—guessing how Chu Feng procured so many Martial Markings.

However, the more they guessed, the more they were astounded because they thought of many methods yet felt they could not happen. Other than if Chu Feng really did have overwhelming battle strength like Chun Wu and the others said, otherwise it would be impossible for him to have accomplished such a feat.

However, if Chun Wu’s words were all true, then Chu Feng would really be too powerful. So powerful they dared not to imagine.

Even Lady Piaomiao who was usually indifferent no longer had a calm face. Her eyes glittered unstably, complicated emotions filled within, as if she was pondering something.

And just as everyone was shocked, Chu Feng had arrived within the Martial Marking Immortal Realm. Although it was also the Martial Marking Immortal Realm, it was completely different from the one before.

In that place, it was akin the beginning of creation. It could be said to be pitch-black, and other than the entrance behind him, he could pretty much see nothing else.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Just at that moment, countless golden light dots shot out of Chu Feng's arms like raindrops. After the golden light dots floated in the air, it made a sharp contrast with the surrounding darkness. Not only was it bright, it was also beautiful.

Finally, the golden light dots converged into four big words and were neatly lay before Chu Feng.

Fixing his eyes upon them, even Chu Feng’s gaze couldn’t help brightening up and feel his heartbeat quicken—because those four big words were:

“Earthen Taboo—Firmament Slash!”