Chapter 693 - Barely Victorious

MGA: Chapter 693 - Barely Victorious

At first, everyone felt Chu Feng was most definitely dead. However, along with the elapse of time, they couldn’t help gradually change such thoughts.

The three Mortal Taboo martial skill were extremely powerful, and the shock waves they formed were devastating; a glimpse would make one’s heart quiver from fear. However, at that instant, Chu Feng was really still in the center of the shock waves, and had really defended against three Illusory Sword Thrusts. This made everyone even more shocked.

They were Mortal Taboo martial skills. Mortal Taboo martial skills! Even though Chu Feng’s Secret Skill negated a portion of the martial skills’ power, they were still Mortal Taboo martial skills. Moreover, three rank five Martial Lords were clearly putting their full strength into the martial skills. How did Chu Feng block them with his physical body?

In a situation like that, everyone had to carefully observe Chu Feng’s state of being through Spirit power. Only then did they discover a powerful shield surrounding Chu Feng’s body. It was the shield that stopped the wild power of the Mortal Taboo martial skills.

“A Secret Skill! It’s another Secret Skill! This guy actually grasps another Secret Skill! How is this possible? What sort of chance encounter did he stumble upon to procure such a harvest?”

After confirming the reason behind Chu Feng’s ability to stop the attack, everyone was even more shocked. Secret Skills were so exceptional, yet Chu Feng actually grasped two of them. How were they supposed to not be shocked?

However, when others felt shock upon discovered Chu Feng grasped two Secret Skills, Ya Fei’s expression was much more complicated because she knew other than the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique before, as well as the Black Tortoise Armor Technique now, Chu Feng still grasped a third Secret Skill.

When things progressed up to this point, even she had to look at Chu Feng in a new perspective because his fighting strength and methods grasped truly surpassed her imagination. She had to look at him with serious eyes.

“Let me see how long you can persevere for.

“Ya Fei, Murong Wan, use your full strength. We must defeat this child.” Zhan Feng gnashed his teeth and shouted loudly. Then, he put forth all his power into the Illusory Sword Thrust, swearing to defeat Chu Feng.

As for Ya Fei and Muong Wan, naturally they didn’t dare to dally either. Gritting their teeth, they exhausted their final pieces of power. Risking their lives, they had to defeat Chu Feng Black Tortoise Armor Technique.

They had no choice but to act, because it was their final chance. It would never come again.

However, as time passed bit by bit, the power of the Illusory Sword Thrust had become weaker and weaker. The complexions of Ya Fei and the others were pale white. They were soaked in sweat, and had appearances akin to a dried out oil lamp. Yet, Chu Feng’s Black Tortoise Armor Technique did not break.

“Dammit! I do not accept thissss!!!”

Suddenly, Zhan Feng furiously howled with his head raised and shortly after, he actually put away the silver greatsword in his hand. At the same time, his Illusory Sword Technique disappeared and his entire body swayed a bit in the air, then fell downwards.

“Lord Zhan Feng!” Seeing that, Zhan Feng’s rank four Martial Lord companion hurriedly flew over and caught him. Otherwise, he would have crashed onto the ground. At that instant, he didn’t even have strength to stand up.

“Lady Ya Fei!”

“Miss Murong!”

Simultaneously, Ya Fei and Murong Wan were completely drained of strength. Like Zhan Feng, they didn’t even have the power to stand in the air and fell one after the other. They were caught by their companions and only then did they not fall onto the ground.

At that moment, looking back at Chu Feng, though his Black Tortoise Armor Technique was slightly fainter in colour, it was still activated.

Seeing that, Chun Wu and Qiu Zhu both had faces full of joy. They were elated. Chu Feng truly defeated three peak geniuses of the Immortal Execution Archipelago with his own strength. If that were to spread outside, it would definitely shake the entire Eastern Sea Region.


Just at that moment, the Black Tortoise Armor Technique abruptly dissipated. Chu Feng’s whole appearance finally emerged before the crowd as well.

However, he at present did not have too great of a countenance either. Similarly, his face was deathly-white, lacking the slightly hint of blood. In comparison to before, his entire person seemed a lot skinnier. He even seemed that he was about to fall at any moment.

It could be seen that despite successfully defending against their attacks, Chu Feng himself still paid an enormous price.

“Quick! Quickly go and kill this Wuqing! He no longer has any power, no ability to fight! Quickly kill him!” Seeing that, Zhan Feng rejoiced. He hurried commanded his companions to take care of Chu Feng. When things arrived at that point, he hated every fibre of Chu Feng’s being.

“Go, kill him!” At the same time, Ya Fei and Murong Wan also used fatigued voices to command their servants to finish Chu Feng off.

The three rank four Martial Lords were smart people so they naturally saw that Chu Feng was completely worn out and had no strength to fight.

So, after laying a Spirit Formation, surrounding Ya Fei, Murong Wan, and Zhan Feng in it, they rushed towards Chu Feng.

“Hahaha, even your masters cannot defeat me, yet you dare to be so insolent? You are truly looking to die!”

However, just as the three, with powerful might, were about to near Chu Feng, his eyes flashed with a cold glare, then boundless Spirit Formation power surged out of his body.

The purple-coloured Spirit Formation power came pouncing over with aggressiveness, akin to a demon that could engulf everything. In only an instant, it surrounded the three rank four Martial Lords.

“Crap, he still has such terrifying power!”

“Run, or else we will die!”

At that instant, the three of them were alarmed. Without even thinking, they quickly crushed their Immortal Talismans because if they didn’t do that, they felt their lives would be gone.

After doing so, radiance flickered about their bodies, then they disappeared. They were sent back to the Misty Peak.


In the instant the three of them disappeared, however, the blurry huge beast Chu Feng made from purple-coloured Spirit Formation actually disappeared like a whisper of smoke in the wind.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s body fell down as well. In the end, he fiercely crashed onto the ground. But even so, a smug smile was still formed by Chu Feng’s mouth.

“God damn, they were tricked, This guy used only an illusion.” Seeing that, Murong Wan suddenly realized what happened and quivered in anger.

“Damn, those three cowards! They were actually frightened by something like this and left us behind. When I return, I’ll take care of them.” As for Zhan Feng, he gritted his teeth in immense fury. So much it overwhelmed him, causing him to spray out of a mouthful of blood.

“Junior Wuqing!” Seeing Chu Feng fall, Chun Wu was instantly terrified. However, she could do nothing as the Spirit Formation Chu Feng laid was too powerful; she could simply not break it.

*hmm* But just at that moment, Chu Feng willed it to disappeared, and Chun Wu finally regained her freedom. She immediately came by Chu Feng’s side, and first fed him healing medicine, then worriedly asked, “Junior Wuqing, how are you? Look, I’ve gotten the Martial Marking Immortal Lotus.”

Accepting the Martial Marking Immortal Lotus from Chun Wu’s hands, Chu Feng shook his head, then said with a light smile, “Senior Chun Wu, don’t panic, I’m fine. Go release Senior Qiu Zhu. Both of you have a portion of the Martial Markings in this place. Take them as you wish.”

*hmm* Only after seeing that Chu Feng—despite languid—was fine did Chun Wu nod. She then came up to Qiu Zhu and the others, unraveling the Spirit Formation binding them.

“Junior Wuqing, luckily we have you, otherwise today those despicable people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago would have gotten their way.”

“Yeah! Junior Wuqing, I didn’t expect you to be that powerful! You truly obtained great things in this Temple of Reproduction.”

“Ahh, ‘Great favours are not repaid in words of thanks’. Junior Wuqing, we four sisters have remembered what you’ve done today. In the future, we will definitely pay you back.”

After escaping the binding, Xia Yu and Dong Xue changed their previous sinister faces and expressed their gratitude at Chu Feng with faces full of smile. Their appearances were called benignant and close, shameless and not caring about face. It was as though they had completely forgotten how they treated Chu Feng before.

Moreover, as they were speaking, they smiled pleasantly, then rose into the air and flew deeper into the Temple of Reproduction. They wanted to capture the Martial Markings flittering about deep in as well as the various Natural Oddities.

However, just at that moment, Chu Feng’s face turned cold and he loudly yelled, “If you wish to die, then go and take one!”