Chapter 692 - Undoubtedly Dead?

MGA: Chapter 692 - Undoubtedly Dead?

“Right, attack together. Don’t hide any more cards. In a time like this, if we don’t work together and remain selfish, we will allow this brat to pick up so many things for nothing.

“Right now, before us are several thousand Martial Markings! If we collect them, perhaps we can exchange them for the legendary Earthen Taboo martial skill on the Misty Peak. Are you willing to miss out on that chance?”

Zhan Feng spoke as well. His words also made Chu Feng understand why they were only planning to use Mortal Taboo martial skills now after dragging out the fight for so long.

Although they were on the same side before the face of the enemy, their interpersonal relationships were not peaceful. One could even say they were hostile with one another.

After all, besides status, as the most excellent geniuses of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, they always competed in all sorts of areas. So, unavoidably, they were innate opponents with one another.

Although Mortal Taboo martial skills were powerful, enormous backlashes would always be brought about after using them. So, they had kept on delaying its usage because they didn’t want to lose out on the ability to fight against one another for the treasures after defeating Chu Feng with Mortal Taboo martial skills.

That was also why Ya Fei, from the start, suggested the three of them to use Mortal Taboo martial skills at the same time. It was she knew why Zhan Feng and Murong Wan hadn’t used them yet.

“Fine, we attack together. Whoever doesn’t, I will have my brother fiercely give that person a lesson after leaving this place.” At that instant, Murong Wan spoke as well. As she did, she had already started.

Left hand strumming the zither, right hand using hand techniques. Boundless power coalesced continuously in her body. Her aura started to rapidly rise, and had already infinitely neared the realm of a rank six Martial Lord.

At the same time, Ya Fei’s and Zhan Feng’s eyes changed. Clenching a sword in their right hand, they used hand techniques with their left. Along with the chance that was occurring to Murong Wan, powerful aura started to coalesce towards their bodies as well. Layers and layers of faint radiance began to swirl about their bodies.

At that instant, Ya Fei’s and Zhan Feng’s power started to quickly soar as well. Moreover, it became stronger and stronger. In the end, akin to Murong Wan, they had infinitely neared the realm of a rank six Martial Lord.

“Mortal Taboo—Illusory Sword Thrust!”

Suddenly, Ya Fei shouted explosively. Quickly after, the pink longsword in her hand brimmed with light. She thrust it towards Chu Feng abruptly, and with a boom, an incomparably large white light shot out, flying straight towards Chu Feng.

The boundless white light contained power fatal to Chu Feng. Although, at present, its state was only white light, Chu Feng knew that it was really a giant sword of light. Back then, Ya Fei used this technique to defeat Yan Ruyu who had her body occupied.

“Mortal Taboo—Illusory Sword Thrust!!”

At the same time, Muong Wan and Zhan Feng shouted simultaneously. Similarly, white light shot out from their Incomplete Royal Armaments as they used the same Mortal Taboo martial skill as Ya Fei.

Their Mortal Taboo martial skills, from the start of coalescence to launch, happened in but an instant.

However, in spite of all that, Chu Feng could still see them with absolute clarity. So, at that very instant, Chu Feng had already made the counter preparations. One hand, he held his Dragon Marking Sword tightly. Even with the King level Martial power contained within the Incomplete Royal Armament, he used it to raise his fighting ability. With the other hand, he threw out three consecutive palm strikes.




When the three palm strikes emerged, three huge white tigers leapt out instant. Though their shapes were blurry, their deafening roars and horrifying might showed they were the supreme Secret Skills, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.

The White Tiger Slaughtering Technique was peerless in attack and unstoppable by any. So, when the three White Tiger Slaughtering Technique strikes came out, not to mention the bystanders, even the expressions of Ya Fei and the others who used a Mortal Taboo martial skill changed greatly.

“That’s… a Secret Skill!”

The three of them were shocked. They were no idiots, so they instantly determined that the attack Chu Feng sent was not a normal martial skill. From the knowledge they gasped, they immediately determined it was the legendary Secret Skill.

Secret Skills were things even more powerful than Mortal Taboo martial skills! Even they had none, yet Chu Feng did. Moreover, he even used it so naturally. How could they not be shocked?

However, being shocked was being shocked. They did not fall limp. Although Secret Skills were powerful, they knew that they had to grow alongside the master. At his current realm, with Chu Feng’s current strength, the power of Secret Skills could not be truly exhibited. It was simply inferior to their Mortal Taboo martial skill.




Finally, three ear-splitting explosions rang out, and horrifying shock waves swept throughout the entire palace. Even though the palace was indestructible, one could still hear creaking noises, and faint trembling.

The powerful force even shattered the air. After fragmenting, it slowly returned to normal.

“It was actually defeated?”

However, what came as a surprise to Chu Feng was that clearly his White Tiger Slaughtering Technique was very powerful, but before their Mortal Taboo martial skill, it did not occupy the slightest bit of advantage, and was defeated.

It was the first time Chu Feng’s White Tiger Slaughtering Technique was defeated by the martial skill of others. It also proved how powerful Forbidden martial skills were. Indeed, they were not something that could be discussed on an equal level with normal martial skills.

Seeing the three Illusory Sword Thrusts that had neared them, despite surprised, Chu Feng was not overly shocked. Even though Illusory Sword Thrusts defeated his White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, it had still diminished a large portion of the Illusory Sword Thrusts’ power.

As a result, the current Illusory Sword Thrusts were inferior to before, but Chu Feng still had another backup—the Black Tortoise Armor Technique.


Who would dare to hesitate in critical moments? Chu Feng almost took out all his power, used his full strength, to activate the Black Tortoise Armor Technique.

He knew after using the Mortal Taboo martial skill, Ya Fei’s and the others’ strength would be greatly decreased, and would possibly even lose the ability to fight temporarily. That would be his chance. If he could not stay alive up to that point, there was no point to anything.

Chu Feng could not care that much. Since the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique was ineffective, he had to put all he had into the Black Tortoise Armor Technique to defend against their attacks.

*BOOM* A deafening, devastating explosion rang out. As expected, their Illusory Sword Thrusts struck Chu Feng.

“Junior Wuqing!”

Chun Wu and Qiu Zhu almost called out at the same time upon seeing that. They, as World Spiritists, used Spirit power to closely observe that battle. Even though Chu Feng’s location was covered by the berserk ripples, they could still feel that he was there. Chu Feng still remained.

That meant while facing such a dangerous situation, Chu Feng didn’t choose to crush the Immortal Talisman. He did not choose to leave, and actually chose to defend.

However, one had to know that those were Mortal Taboo martial skills. Three Mortal Taboo martial skills! Almost no one felt Chu Feng could truly defend against them, and no one felt that Chu Feng could survive. If he did not choose to crush the Immortal Talisman, he would undoubtedly die.